Almighty Student - Volume 9 - Chapter 871

At first these North Koreans also very have a headache with the corpse direct war. They do not think that the following these fellows can support them, they only needed these fellows to help to process the ghost on the line. But they suddenly saw a form ran over from behind. This form is very fierce. Gets rid, has overthrown more than ten corpses, these North Koreans are afraid are affected, hurried retreat. At this moment, the left hand of that form has made a very strange posture, this hand signal seems very monster, afterward his hand held a corpse directly, after holding that corpse. Bang! He started with that corpse directly the weapon, started to brandish, corpse that these were pounded cannot stand. One minute. The fight ended. Not only these North Koreans were shocked, the people in Maoshan also all were shocked. Blocks him!” The gate main complexion of Maoshan changes. At this moment, the hand signal of that form appears again. The gate of Maoshan main has not waited to respond that by that hand holding, how regardless of he revolts is unable to be separated from that hand. Bang! The Great General fought with the fists on the Maoshan gate main face, the entire head directly hit smashing, the brain fluid and blood mixed together. Draw back!

After the Great General goes well, his fast retreat. The rapidness that comes, draws back also quick. At this time Xia Tian their there was near the end, these ghosts had almost all been seized by them, although also remaining some, but Xia Tian did not plan to grasp, biggest that several were taken a moment ago also by him! The people in Maoshan noticed that the gate main dies, on faces has been full of the fear, but they continue to use to work miracles such skill. Walks!” Xia Tian saw the Great General to come back, waved directly. They retreated. Although these North Koreans do not know that actually a moment ago that shadow was, but they noticed that the opposite party corpse regiment and gate advocated Expert dead, they started to carry on the general attack directly. Setter Xia Tian of this war they ran to be very far now. Your several go to that side of Maoshan to find a safe place, I plan to go to Maoshan to have a look!” Xia Tian looked that to stealing the day their several said. Boss, Maoshan is not good.” Han Zifeng said hurriedly. All right, I have this!” Xia Tian has put out a number and route plate, above writes big Mao Word: Were not many from time that the Witchcraft Sect buried treasure opens, you a bit faster have absorbed the ghost, has the Great General and steals the day to protect you, you do not need to be worried about anything, then after the buried treasure opens, you find the way to go, I definitely had the means to find you.” Boss was careful.” Han Zifeng said. Em.” Xia Tian nodded, afterward he started the go it alone. He knows that their several walk, in the same place words besides fighting to get a bargain any advantage not to have . Moreover the information that knows is also Han Zifeng there only that these information are almost equal to not having. Therefore Xia Tian plans to submerge in Maoshan. Found the book collection pavilion in Maoshan, then understood more matters, but Maoshan the Ancient inheritance, inside ancient book definitely had.

The tourists on Changbai Mountains have soon made insanely, but the person in final scenic area fears to have an accident, seeks the country to help, the special police officers came, the person who after all here travels were too many, 100,000 people, if these people have an accident, then regarding country, disaster that but is unable to imagine. Although these people have not seen the Tianchi water monster finally, but after they leave, the legend of Tianchi water monster also stranger, if a person said that everybody possibly thinks is boasting, ten people, 100 individuals, 10,000 individuals, 100,000 individuals did say together? Everybody heard that sound. Moreover finally Changbai Mountains also dispersed them. This showed that perhaps there really has the Tianchi water monster. When the dispersal crowd, in crowd had many person hiding of quietly, few people directly entered the track. They just started to mix in crowd, but looked that the crowd must be scattered, therefore they can only find the way to hide first. In Maoshan. Protected buddhist law the Sir, the people of branch suffered the blockade, the request assistance!” A famous family main report said. Cannot support, there has the deep pond water monster, supports can only increase the casualties, no one can guarantee that actually the deep pond water monster when will get rid, moreover now all shallow pond water monsters were also alarmed, they by the roar of deep pond water monster frightening, they You Cuan, is not in all directions good to be massacred by them.” Yang Hufa said. What to do do I send outside patrol leader?” That famous family lord asked. Calls them to return to the mountain, then shuts tightly the entrance, before 8 : 00 pm, no one permits.” Yang Hufa orders to say. Yes!” That famous family lord said. Han Zifeng wantonly is swallowing these ghosts with Zhong Chuhong now, they also felt that now this probably in having a dream to be the same, this was just like a person of being short of money hundred million to be suddenly same. This is also not 5 million issues, with 5 million was unable to describe Han Zifeng and Zhong Chuhong's present mood. They already excited was serious.

The Great General and steals the day they to defend outside. Steals the day idles the safe time to the Great General spoke two words, but the Great General does not respond him, finally he also can only look silently, but did not speak, they and imperators walked. To the present actually however he could not have looked at the Great General is what kind of person. The people of Maoshan Branch after losing gate main, they retreat in defeat again and again, moreover big corpse and ghost also casualty completely. The person of that allied armies looks to win, that probably took the stimulant to be the same, bullied the person is they most loves the dry matter. This time Xia Tian has worn clothes of one set of Maoshan, then hangs the number and route plate on the waist, he knew the position of Maoshan, therefore he walks toward Maoshan directly, arrived here time he discovered that here Tianchi that side is more peaceful. Tianchi should also be divides waters, here waters also only then own King, therefore the deep pond water monster of that side does not dare to come dissolutely.” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought, he stands near Tianchi, has washed washing the hands, then puts out that small jar. Carefully looked! This small insect besides the long special point, did not have other any special places probably. Ok, in the book collection pavilion that goes to Maoshan to send has a look first, perhaps can also find the related this little thing the material.” Xia Tian directly that small bottled. Hey! Does.” At this moment, Xia Tian behind suddenly some people shout.