Almighty Student - Volume 9 - Chapter 872

Hears some people to shout itself, Xia Tian has completed the combat readiness, he does not have to think one have not waited to submerge must expose. A bit faster comes up, protector to inform all people to go back, if you went back late to be possible unable to go.” That person also shouted one. Shouted!” Xia Tian long expiration, he knows that own this has not exposed: Came!” Xia Tian stands up hurriedly, walks toward that person, but he had not gained ground, the fear opposite party sees the clue, that person has not looked at Xia Tian, but leads to walk directly forward, at this time in this team had eight people. Basic goes to speak with Xia Tian on nobody, nobody talked anything, before long, saw three people of completing the order form, that person was also called that three people, Xia Tian then relaxed. Originally these eight people temporarily convened. Just started him to be also worried can one too special be suspected there, but looked like is really he has considered thoroughly now, these people were 2-3 individual to become Bang. Therefore nobody pays attention to him radically. They had walked for one hour, before arriving at the gate of Maoshan, now their on this team had more than 40 people. shit, unexpectedly also has the security check gate!” Xia Tian looks when the front person enters entrance inside says with emotion, this science and technology was also too developed, but he used X-Ray Vision to see one also on loose this tone, this security check gate swept was on him that number and route plate, so long as wore the number and route plate, will not have the issue. ! Xia Tian successful has submerged in Maoshan. After entering Maoshan inside, Xia Tian discovered that these people walk in the different directions, here probably is a Tientai same place, diameter about 50 Dataizi, among the platforms is a statue of carved stone. The entrance left side has a giant basin, Xia Tian sees the basin the time, shows a faint smile. Hushan god beast! In that two basin Hushan god beasts and these Tianchi water monsters are exactly the same.

Which direction should I go to?” A Xia Tian brow wrinkle, looks to the surroundings that finally he can only walk a direction casually, the stone bridge, the surrounding channel is a stone bridge, makes the stone bridge between this type of mountain and mountain. This was too simply inconceivable. „Do the people in Maoshan achieve? They are fly in circles blue graduation?” Xia Tian walks on the stone bridge discovered that these stone bridges are firm, the construction craftsmanship be more than outside these general contractors. Those who most make Xia Tian puzzled is, such high mountain, the tower crane or the excavator, cannot come up. Actually their these stone bridges how build? After walking for more than ten minutes, Xia Tian discovered that originally all roads can come, here is the genuine Maoshan Faction, only then in the fairy story has the large amount gate that to appear in Xia Tian at present. Here construction comparison restores the old, but actually gives people a feeling of immortal variant. No one is able to imagine, here unexpectedly is different. The first feeling of Xia Tian is big! The second feeling is the style! sect Men who Maoshan sends is very big, here house is several hundred, in front of him is a giant main hall, flowers and plants that the surroundings are some revolving. Afterward periphery also has three entrances. Writes east separately, the west, north! Not south. The position that in other words Xia Tian stands now should be difficult, enters here Xia Tian to know that Maoshan actually big, everywhere is the person, moreover they are also bustling about their matter.

„East side first goes to have a look!” Xia Tian goes ahead, when he enters the east side, he saw has played the practice grounds, the developing practice grounds in Maoshan and others' developing practice grounds were different, here developing practice grounds everywhere were the ghost and wild animal. Looked quickly that is azure rainbow Senior Brother is controlling the soul!” At this moment Xia Tian person to developing practice grounds there runs. Xia Tian also followed. On the present developing practice grounds, the charming threatening men, this man is very graceful, Xia Tian also has to acknowledge that the commander-in-chief of this man is next to he is also little. At this time this azure rainbow Senior Brother person controls seven souls, these seven souls are making the different movements, in other words he diverts attention seven. Although Han Zifeng can also control five ghosts. However his ghost is the free attack or maintains the same forms of defensive action. Front azure rainbow Senior Brother is different, his unexpectedly in seven uses wholeheartedly. Quite fierce, if this fellow grows, certainly is very terrifying.” Xia Tian has not continued to see a play, but walks toward inside, he strolled east this for one hour, the day wanted black, here majority was cultivation uses, but has been divided into the primary field, Intermediate field and Advanced field. One is the forest, Xia Tian has not gone, what that forest leads to is where he does not know that moreover some entrance people of that forest the hand, are prevent some people of strengths to astray. The person who the day getting dark of gradually, outside took a walk is also fewer and fewer, Xia Tian starts to walk toward the west. Just entered the west, Xia Tian is at present one bright, because the west had the garden, in the garden all was various Qi rare grass, these herbal medicines are the day after tomorrow cultivate, continued to meet him to discover some upscale houses thoroughly. Whiz! A Xia Tian tip of the toe point, direct best room! Oh! Ah!

In the room has heard some strange cries. Xia Tian takes up a piece of tile in room to look to below that sees only in the room male two females to carry on one to fight handata-titleo-hand the war at this time, that man Dragon Xier phoenixes, are powerful. Master Ah!, makes an effort.” Hears the words of that two female, Xia Tian is clear, originally this is Master and Disciple. „It is not good, cannot look, proper business.” A Xia Tian tip of the toe point, walks toward behind directly, exceed is thorough to inside, Xia Tian discovers here exceed erosion, everywhere in men of tampering with. Their some are more covert, some directly are even carrying on under the big crowd of people. As if to seek the stimulation is ordinary. Fellow unexpectedly such erosion of this group of Maoshan.” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head, he thinks that Maoshan is a very sacred place, here should be pure, but after coming, he discovered that completely is not such in imagination. Actually was Xia Tian misunderstands. The people in Maoshan almost isolate with outside, they do not let descend the mountain casually, in other words they did not have other matter to do besides cultivation, the only entertainment was the men is carrying on this most direct collision. Well!” A Xia Tian sudden brow revolution, he smelled the flavor of blood, afterward dives directly to that side, arrives the room that the blood taste spread, Xia Tian pierces the window paper to look to inside. When he sees inside matter, has gotten hold of the fist: I damn.”