Almighty Student - Volume 9 - Chapter 873

Xia Tian has gotten hold of own fist, he wishes one could directly to clash to blow away inside that fellow. Inside that fellow in doing experiment, his unexpectedly in a woman within the body cultivation little rascal of dying, under was too a moment ago difficult to see one that is he is ejecting from woman within the body the little rascal, the method cruelly, that child seems likely is not humanity. Moreover the corpse of that woman started to become stale, but Xia Tian does not know that the people in Maoshan let this woman also to maintain with any technique the blood are unimpeded. When took out that little rascal a moment ago, the blood of that woman also thoroughly stopped flowing. Hateful, failed!” In the room that crazy fellow, the right hand presents the member technique blade, cut away the head of that little rascal directly. Afterward he moved toward the second corpse. Xia Tian suppresses cannot begin by oneself. Here is Maoshan, once he began, is absolutely impossible to live departure. „Is this crazy fellow doing.” Xia Tian carefully looks to inside. That crazy fellow started to cut the second corpse, this corpse with a moment ago that exactly the same was also the woman of dying, the belly drum big, that crazy fellow has cut open the belly of this woman with the scalpel directly. After he cuts open the belly of this woman, the woman mobile blood of stopped. Then that crazy fellow hugged a baby from the belly of that woman, was not right, said that is the baby was not right, because the head of this unknown living thing was not the head of humanity. Has succeeded, finally succeeded.” That crazy fellow excited shouting. ! At this moment, a hand built on the shoulder of Xia Tian, Xia Tian immediately one startled, he looked a moment ago fascinated, has not noted behind to have the person.

Was bad, was discovered.” A Xia Tian brow wrinkle. Xia Tian wants to turn head to have a look is several people, is good to begin to kill people. „.” That person has gesticulated a peaceful hand signal with Xia Tian, then waved to Xia Tian, Xia Tian does not understand that the opposite party is any meaning, followed the opposite party directly, has arrived before long at a garden. Your boy unexpectedly dares the experiment of peeping blood Master Zu, does not want to live.” That person said directly. Saw one have not exposed, Xia Tian relaxed. I told you, the experiment of peeping blood Master Zu must by the heavy fine, you , if not think that I told the law enforcement elder, you must accept my condition.” That person said directly. Hearing the opposite party must put forward the condition, Xia Tian has instead felt relieved, he did not fear that the opposite party has not requested, once because has the request, that is easy to do, if the opposite party has not requested, under Xia Tian instead must prepare Assassins. Senior Brother please say.” Saying of Xia Tian face smiling face. Em, I thought that your boy is good, although is not old, but also calculates to be obedient, this, you help me do the point to live, then this time matter wrote off, I will not say with anybody absolutely.” That Maoshan disciple said directly. Senior Brother you early said that helping you work that is my being honored, even if no this time matter, so long as Senior Brother you spoke a few words, I certainly will also go.” Xia Tian strikes one's chest to say. Em, your boy, is really good, do you name?” The disciple in that Maoshan asked. My name was Tashita!” Xia Tian cannot say own name directly, if the opposite party has listened. Good, I remembered your name, I called the log, if later some people bullied you, looked for me, when your age, Senior Brother gave you to introduce Senior Sister again greatly, made your well crisp!” The log thinks that Xia Tian is obedient, later also serves certainly a need, therefore saying of his simply very atmosphere. In Maoshan, the battle is very ordinary matter, person who does not have the skill not to have the backer, Tiantian will be bullied.

Really many thanks Senior Brother, later Senior Brother had anything to tell that said freely.” Xia Tian pretends is very excited appearance. The Maoshan disciples are too many, did not know mutually is very normal. Em.” After the log nodded, threw to a Xia Tian key directly: This month is I am responsible for cleaning the god standard main hall, although there usually nobody goes, but if my one month one time does not clean, definitely will be recorded by the entrance recording instrument, has troubled when the time comes, therefore was responsible for helping me clean by you for these days, I live in No. 107 palace, you have the matter to look for me.” God standard main hall! Hears these four characters time, Xia Tian knows, the place that oneself must find perhaps had found, is really you wear out iron shoes in hunting round, must come not to be all time-consuming. Where however he does not know the god standard main hall. Senior Brother, where is the god standard main hall at?” Although Xia Tian fear exposition, but he must ask, if the opposite party discovered that any clue, he immediately gets rid to kill the opposite party. Yo!” The log ponders looks to Xia Tian: Cannot look, your boy is so lazy, a god standard main hall has not gone, you I am fiercer than your Senior Brother, I have also gone to several times, looked that your teacher requests not to be lax to you, my teacher requests us, every month must go in one time, are least in must treat the foot three double-hour, but we do not go.” He he, my this is not quite lazy.” Xia Tian said hurriedly. Walks forward, near the right hand the smallest that house is the entrance.” The log said. Thanked Senior Brother.” Saying of Xia Tian face smiling face. Em, goes, cleans cleanly, do not think that nobody looks your you are loaf.” The log reminder said. Xia Tian one hear of nobody look that has felt relieved, moreover he listens to the log the meaning, god standard main hall almost nobody goes, even if their masters forces to request, they are not willing to go. This was easy to do.

He likes nobody, because nobody time he can very optional did to destroy. Senior Brother, I walked.” Xia Tian said goodbye to the log. Em, goes!” The log sees the form that Xia Tian leaves, the ridicule smiles: Helps me work, but also thanked me, it seems like it was a fellow of few going out.” The people in Maoshan are lazy! Very lazy! Their any work do not want to do. Even if sweeps the floor in their eyes is also very difficult work, therefore these strength strong people, will subdue some little brothers generally, when they work, arranges the little brother to do. These little brothers cannot dare, but they will not go generally, but bullies these nobody is covering the person. Xia Tian now is happy. If not the log tells him, he could not have thought that really entrance unexpectedly of Maoshan Buddhist scriptures pavilion is a smallest house, he walked less than five minutes to find this house, then after he entered the room, entered the room later left side to have stone gate, above writes the tool two characters. Front is stone wall, the stone wall place above writes four large characters god standard main hall