Almighty Student - Volume 9 - Chapter 874

Found. Xia Tian finally found the Buddhist scriptures pavilion in Maoshan. Although the name listens more aggressive, is called the god standard main hall, but in fact and so-called Shaolin Buddhist scriptures pavilion was a thing, was deposits the ancient book the place, Xia Tian has not worried, but opened nearby stone gate. Took inside tool, said is the tool, is actually the broom and cleaning rag. Broom and cleaning rag so are clean, understood at a glance that the beforehand these people are also deceive, not true has cleaned.” Xia Tian has taken up a broom and a cleaning rag. Image point that installs also to install, if the coming in person, he also well explained. After good thing, he has shoved open stone gate. Is so big!” Just entered in the god standard main hall Xia Tian to be shocked, here minimum thousand square meters, moreover is the books, various types of books had, from bamboo to book paper. Here should build in some cave, because here is stone wall, the bookshelf also builds with stone wall, side also has the stone table and Stone Deng. On each platoon has the serial number. In each book also has the serial number, this does not mix the book lane for the convenience. Here does not illuminate with candle, but with the light bulb, the light bulb is bright, Xia Tian comes in the beforehand here lamp to be bright, in other words here lamp is 24 hours is shining. Xia Tian had already discovered that Maoshan sends to have the electricity everywhere, although Xia Tian does not know that actually Maoshan generates electricity with anything, but here really has the electricity. Moreover Maoshan here construction is not the ordinary construction worker can construct.

Which since looks?” Xia Tian little walks toward inside. Here has the Maoshan technique, the imperial ghost technique, the architecture, the mountain massif structure and so on each rows has many books. shit, does Maoshan is do, practices the book these many of architecture and mountain massif structure.” Xia Tian really does not know how should describe person who Maoshan sends. However he saw a row of interesting book quickly. Is the Maoshan biography! Interesting, was this.” Xia Tian the book that was called Maoshan to pass on took from the bookshelf that. This Maoshan biography is paper qualitative, but paper already somewhat yellow, should be some years, when Xia Tian opens the first page of books, above writes Maoshan 37 th Ren ancestor. Originally is the Maoshan old ancestors writes, it seems like should be able a little way.” Xia Tian opens book the second page, the second page of book writes the origin that Maoshan is sending, with similar that Han Zifeng said. Then is each generation of Maoshan old ancestors life story. These life stories mostly are boasted that Xia Tian has not gone to look, but turned directly behind, the rear wrote was the 30 th Maoshan old ancestor's fact. „The 37 th Maoshan old ancestor, he is not the person who Maoshan sends, before 18 -year-old he cultivation in Witchcraft Sect, he since childhood is an orphan, is the master adopts his, his master has been very good to him, until him that year, he almost died in the hand of his master 18-year-old, at that time he knows, reason that his master so is good to him, gives him all cultivation materials, every day was eaten ginseng ganoderma lucidum treasure like this by him, actually on is to swallow him.”Fosters to swallow the treasure him, this is very weird cultivation method, when he knows all these, he escaped from Witchcraft Sect, When flees Witchcraft Sect, he suffered the interception, his all skills are his master teach, wants to escape from his master hand is almost impossible, moreover his master to catch him, transferred a Witchcraft Sect gate person, at that time his master in Witchcraft Sect was the gate main rank. ”

He walked several in Gate of Death, but he clenches teeth stiffly ran away from Witchcraft Sect, after he runs away, the arm had been cut one, a leg was also broken.” Afterward was he masters in Maoshan has saved him, although he was not good to him in the masters in Maoshan, but the masters in his Maoshan have not thought must kill him.” To take revenge, he every day cultivation two, one 20 hours, one four hours.” After 100 years of cultivation, he sat Maoshan old ancestor position finally, he masters before Maoshan told him at the point of death, must carry forward Maoshan. Master in his very grateful Maoshan. However he wants to revenge, is he in the Witchcraft Sect master, now turned into the Witchcraft Sect old ancestor, in other words he wants to revenge, must make war with Witchcraft Sect. He for this war, three Xiatianchi deep water, took out the innumerable treasures from Tianchi, but also found pursued cultivation method of soul. Also 100 years, this Maoshan has prepared for 100 years. The war of Witchcraft Sect and Maoshan started. This war has continued for one month, he and he have exhausted all skills in the Witchcraft Sect master, finally he cut to kill his master personally. This is the current Maoshan old ancestor's legendary life. This Maoshan old ancestor unexpectedly already over 200 years old.” Xia Tian surprised saying, he first time heard that some people can live over 200 years old. This Maoshan old ancestor's one, to put it bluntly is also only the boast, has not written the faulty stroke in handwriting in his life, but only writes his legend, but the name of here person has brought to the attention of Xia Tian.

The blood is old! Here said that reason that Maoshan sends can defeat Witchcraft Sect, 50% merit are this blood are old. Reason that pursues the soul master can cultivate successfully , is the blood old monster merit, moreover here has also recorded a matter, that is the Hushan god beast, actually although here has not recorded the Hushan god beast is anything, but here had one. Said that Hushan god beast is blood old strangely studies. Blood is old, the log said a moment ago, that odd person who I peep what blood Master Zu called, it seems like, that person was the blood is old, was the outcome that he studied what? Is the Hushan god beast.” Xia Tian has remembered at that time the thing of that blood old monster research. He feels familiar. Now he wants to understand finally. Originally that blood old monster has been studying the Hushan god beast. Moreover this research needs to consume enormously, the success ratio is low, that blood old monster will train a large quantities of woman each time, the young woman who these women just died, cultivates the little rascal with their bodies, if this little rascal were defeated, directly has killed, if successful, that was the Hushan god beast in legend. The Maoshan old ancestors old monster trust the blood, the blood always blames the status in Maoshan even to protect buddhist law the Yin-Yang is higher , the strength is immeasurably deep. Kid, you peeped in my out of the door a moment ago probably.” At this moment, together as if devil the sound presents in Xia Tian.