Almighty Student - Volume 9 - Chapter 875
Earnest time that Xia Tian looks, he has after death broadcast the gloomy terrifying sound, does not need to turn head also to know that was. The blood is old. The experiment odd person of that being as deep as a well, in the Xia Tian mind has thought fast, he decides not to begin, he does not know that actually this blood old is strange is any strength, if gets rid rashly, if hit is miserable. Even if can hit definitely also will have alarmed Expert of Maoshan. This blood old monster person, but the Maoshan old ancestors most trust, is not definitely good to cope, once has killed him, the Maoshan old ancestors definitely know when the time comes Xia Tian must die without doubt. Therefore Xia Tian knows one cannot begin. Blood Master Zu.” Xia Tian disguises the startled appearance to look that blood is old. Boy, whose disciple are you?” The blood old asked strangely, but blood old monster just asked that he again said: Ok, Maoshan that many people, you said I did not know, whose disciple no matter you are, from now on you will be my person, I will happen to lack one to start, will follow me.” Blood Master Zu, this.” Xia Tian does not want to pester with such fellow together. „Doesn't your boy want?” Blood old monster vision one cold, then both eyes stubbornly is staring at Xia Tian: You , if not want, I must kill you.” The blood old monster body revealed murderous aura, murderous aura covered Xia Tian in instantaneously. Master Zu, I agreed!” Xia Tian said hurriedly. Em, follows me, I very long have not seen the Yang spirit such abundant boy.” Blood old monster satisfaction looks at Xia Tian, he has taken a book on the bookshelf, afterward walks toward outside. Xia Tian also has to follow.

They walked a meeting, returned to the blood old monster that laboratory, he peeped outside a moment ago, now after coming, he knows here terroristly. He is dealing with a devil simply. This fellow was too terrifying. In this room is such terrifying, the corpse, the dissection . Moreover the corpse of here unexpectedly Tianchi water monster also has continually, in all directions dissection unusual is disgusting. The Xia Tian vision looked at one in the surroundings. Before here thing him, has not heard. Boy, digs to me his heart.” The blood old has referred to a corpse strangely, said that is the corpse is not right, because he is also living . Moreover the body wears the clothes of Maoshan disciple. Live people! The blood old makes him dig strangely the heart of live person. Also is gawking doing?” Blood old monster expression ice-cold looks at Xia Tian. Xia Tian has to begin, his hand has the blade to fall, directly the heart of that Maoshan disciple digging, still has then given the blood to be old in the heart of beat that. Comes with me!” The blood old said strangely walks when toward inside directly, arrives at inside that room, Xia Tian completely is shocked. In this room is in the blood old monster mouth that so-called successful test piece.

The child in this room, body is growing the bodies of different biology, moreover they were placed in the jar, was being soaked by the unclear liquid. Over a hundred such monsters. Boy, in this, although over a hundred successful test pieces, but can only live finally is the genuine Hushan god beast, if in this can have one to live successfully, that is representing the success, if two, that represents the luck to be very good.” The blood old monster seemed not worried that Xia Tian knows these secrets are the same. „Do you want to kill me?” Xia Tian frowns to look that is old to the blood, he knows the opposite party, once makes him know certain secret times, that represented him dead, because only then the deceased person can keep the secret. Your boy smartly was a little excessive, you did not fear that I have killed you now?” Strangely the blood old ponders looks at Xia Tian. Must kill kills.” Xia Tian very optional saying. Well, your boy unexpectedly also a little strength of spirit.” Blood old monster surprised looks at Xia Tian: Was good, so long as you do not anger me, I will not kill you, comes with me, this heart does not eat to here these fellows, but is in that treasure.” The blood old opened a door of secret room strangely. Xia Tian followed him, afterward Xia Tian sees a transparent human baby, reason that said that he is transparent , because Xia Tian in the situation, in not using the X-Ray Vision eye, can see the blood vessel and internal organs of this baby unexpectedly. Ate to him this heart.” Blood old monster light saying. Xia Tian has placed the front of transparent baby that heart, that transparent baby opens the big mouth instantaneously, swallows that heart directly, then he has closed the mouth once more, the entire process, he has not opened the eye. What kind, is the feeling is mysterious, this is the fellow is in my life the most successful test piece, although I have not been able to make him regain consciousness now, once he regained consciousness, he will be the fiercest Hushan god beast.” Blood old monster whole face excited saying, he usually is a person does the experiment, side nobody, this makes him feel that own success nobody can share. Therefore outside he goes to catch some disciples in Maoshan frequently, own success said that listens to them, but these disciples are unable to share his joy, because on the faces of these disciples, only then frightened.

His expression dissatisfaction very over these disciples, therefore he feeds this super Hushan god beast with the hearts of these disciples. Quite fierce, how do you achieve?” On the face of Xia Tian does not have any startled, but is the doubts looked that old said to the blood strangely. „The female who I used the cloudy year cloudy moon/month cloudy day birth as the vessel, then put in within the body the gene of deep pond water monster, after 1111 days of cultivations, made it be born finally successfully.” Blood old monster excited saying. „Do I think him probably just am a half-finished product?” Xia Tian looked that old asked to the blood strangely. I like you more and more, your unexpectedly had with my same talent, I think nobody can look, has not thought that your unexpectedly can also visit him is just a half-finished product.” Blood old monster very satisfied looks at Xia Tian. A Xia Tian face heavy line, so long as now is a normal person looks, this kid has not formed, otherwise already can bring. He had been cultivated for ten years, but he has never opened the eye in the ten years, the first person who the Hushan god beast will take orders after them opens eye sees, I had been waiting for he opens eyes, but he appears upside down in has not opened the eye.” The blood old spoke of shaking the head that here kept strangely. Master Zu, you also said a moment ago, he cultivates with the gene of deep pond water monster, can he bump into the water of Tianchi to regain consciousness?” Xia Tian looked that old asked to the blood strangely. Hears the Xia Tian words old, the blood monster at present one bright. Goes the dwelling place with me.”