Almighty Student - Volume 9 - Chapter 876

Dwelling place! Hears these two character times, Xia Tian felt one were hits really transports greatly. He just started still to think that actually the treasure of Maoshan hid where, him knew now, unexpectedly also had dwelling place place, at the scale of Maoshan, the treasure compounded drug in dwelling place possibly to be how few. The blood old monster has not gone to pay attention to Xia Tian, but is the look of whole face anticipation. The dwelling place in north, Xia Tian and blood old monster walked more than double-hour to arrive at the position of dwelling place, arrived at the dwelling place entrance time. Blood teacher's younger brother.” Earth Grade Expert respectful saying. Em!” The blood old nodded strangely, afterward must walk toward inside. Teacher's younger brother, he.” That Earth Grade Expert with pointing at has referred to Xia Tian, he is guards Earth Grade Expert of dwelling place, the dwelling place, but heavy, the average person does not permit, even if Maoshan distributes every month, merely is each disciple ordinary compounded drug. The jurisdiction of Maoshan to compounded drug is very strict, does not permit any mistake, otherwise Earth Grade Expert also will be punished. The blood old can any place in Maoshan open access strangely, including Maoshan old ancestor the place of cultivation, in entire Maoshan, only then he has this qualifications, the Yin-Yang protector is not good. However now the blood old must lead a person to enter the dwelling place strangely, this little issue. If this accidentally has any situation, he was really not good to explain. He is the disciple who I receive newly, place that later I can go, he can also go.” Blood old monster cold snort walks toward the dwelling place directly, Xia Tian followed directly. Earth Grade Expert of that guarding a gate hears the blood old monster words , can only allow to pass, has the blood old to support in any case strangely, he does not dare to be what kind of Xia Tian, moreover is the accident sentiment, also there is a blood always to blame above to go against, he does not need to worry that the master will blame. The dwelling place, as the name suggests, is deposits the compounded drug the place. Compounded drug can be divided into nine levels in Maoshan, Rank 1 is the lowest grade compounded drug, is the salary that you can lead every month, nine levels highest, but the entire Maoshan does not have over eight levels compounded drugs now, highest is seven levels, this seven levels of compounded drug only remaining, only then I have the qualifications use with the Maoshan old ancestors, the remaining six levels of compounded drugs only then the Yin-Yang protector has the qualifications use, but also has the limit, the Rank 5 compounded drug is the Expert use of gate main rank, one year can only use one.” What the blood old is strangely patient is the Xia Tian explanation said that he as if really very much appreciates Xia Tian. Em.” Xia Tian nodded.

„In I go to look for a thing, you select the compounded drug that some can use outside, remember, can only take below Rank 5, moreover cannot over five, the entrance have the recording instrument, if you with, will have been discovered by the recording instrument, when the time comes is I cannot preserve you.” Blood old monster reminder said. Thanks Master Zu!” Xia Tian said hurriedly. Here dwelling place is very big . Moreover the compounded drugs of different rank deposit in the different places separately. Ka! The blood old opened mechanism strangely, then he entered in stone gate. Xia Tian started to stroll directly. Has saying that here compounded drug also is really many terrors, especially these Rank 1 compounded drugs, in the giant tank of corner, completely are, cannot see the boundary. At least also has hundreds of thousands. Afterward Xia Tian looked in the surroundings. dāng! At this moment, the small cauldron in Xia Tian pocket fell the ground suddenly, the brow of Xia Tian immediately a wrinkle, he felt a moment ago the small cauldron was falls probably intentionally. ! At this moment, Xia Tian saw has let this whole life most shocking one. Absorption! Small cauldron unexpectedly has all attracted these compounded drugs, is the small cauldron, only then two fingers are so big, its unexpectedly has all attracted here over a million compounded drugs, saw that such scene may have a scare Xia Tian. In dwelling place compounded drug unexpectedly all was attracted by the small cauldron within five seconds.

This was also too terrifying. Has gone bad, these many compounded drugs were attracted, I exit to be scanned, what to do this may Ah! Xia Tian innermost feelings anxious saying, he not be worried by the blood old monster discovery actually. Because small cauldron strange very much, his unexpectedly only absorbs the compounded drug, does not absorb the jar, therefore the jars of these depositing compounded drugs are still placing in that so long as examined intentionally will not discover anything. Small cauldron, small cauldron, usually could not look that you have anything to affect, now unexpectedly suction the compounded drug, although I also want here compounded drug, but had an accident I to die accidentally to enjoy.” Xia Tian depressed saying. Ok, puts together one!” Xia Tian can only clench teeth, he took five jars of Rank 4 compounded drugs in the surroundings casually, places the bosom. The blood always blamed being very long. Xia Tian has been waiting for outside, his present mood is very disturbed, he has decided that once were discovered that under his drinking the blood of Hushan god beast diamond, turns into the Vampire pattern, escaping that then breaknecks. This time he also gained in any case in a big way, these many compounded drugs, simply were developed, moreover Rank 5 and six levels of compounded drugs also had, that was treasure that only then Earth Grade Expert can want to use. Moreover is Earth Grade Expert one year also can only enjoy one. But now, small cauldron unexpectedly has all absorbed the compounded drug in this room, these Rank 5 and six levels of compounded drugs all have also absorbed, but Xia Tian looked, here not that seven levels of compounded drugs. Ka! stone gate opened. The blood always blamed to walk from inside. Walks!” After looking at Xia Tian, said. Xia Tian this time mood is disturbed, he turns toward the exit / to speak the direction to walk directly, more than 20 steps distances are several kilometers road equally are probably difficult to walk regarding him, his fist has gotten hold, in the right hand grabs one to be loaded with the small jar of special blood. Is the blood of diamond, so long as has anything to change suddenly, he immediately drinks up the blood in jar, then escapes directly.

When he gets to the entrance, his heart has hung on the throat. ! The gate has made a sound, when gate loud that moment, that Earth Grade of entrance guards ran over instantaneously. The Xia Tian complexion changes, he has prepared beginning. This scores, I it also make a sound with seven levels of compounded drugs.” The blood old monster trampled a foot to the gate directly. Master Zu, you frightened me to jump, seven levels of compounded drugs it naturally loud.” That Earth Grade guard relaxed. Xia Tian also relaxed. His hand lifted a moment ago, just about to prepares to drink these blood, finally the blood old monster spoke. Provoked the father, the father has opened it.” Blood old monster cold snort. Teacher's younger brother, no, you opened it, how I also guarded the door.” Earth Grade guards advises to say hurriedly. ! A shadow flashes through. What person?”