Almighty Student - Volume 9 - Chapter 878
Is the water monster, this god beast is not really simple, the unexpectedly water monster moved continually alarms.” The blood old monster vision looks to Tianchi, afterward he loosens the right hand, a racket in ground, ten coffins from ground slowly crawls. After these ten coffins open, Xia Tian discovered that inside is not the corpse, but is these failure products of blood old monster research. The animal head person, lives is being the number of people beast body and so on monster. That ten monsters old keep off blood directly strangely behind. The Xia Tian present body cannot move, what to do he is worrying, has not thought that the blood old monster has blocked this water monster for him, this water monster wants Freshman time compared with the coccyx beast, horse's head Dragon Shen, the fish tail. The body of this monster seems is very uncoordinated. Good pain, actually this small insect is any thing, so to be how painful, moreover my body was lulled by it.” Xia Tian deeps frown, looks to own left hand, at this time he sits on the ground, looks from his angle that probably was looking that Tianchi water monster is the same. The blood old looked at Xia Tian strangely, thinks that he was scared, therefore has not said anything. The blood old is strange is swallowing that god beast. His time to not train Hushan god beast, but is swallowing the god beast that this just enlarged ones vision, at this time this god beast essence and blood is flowing in blood old monster within the body, this is his true goal. Has trained these many years, he had this opportunity finally. He is transforming his gene. The blood old monster is a crazy scientist, he has studied these many years, the marriage of water monster and humanity, moreover there are to pursue the soul master, he studies these things the ultimate goals is for transforms himself. He thinks that the human body of person is very frail, therefore he must be turned by his gene destroys the hardest defenses. 200 years, must succeed finally.” Blood old monster excited saying. He humanity, the god beast and pursues the merit collection of soul in one, that is his body, he must not be turned by himself the body of dying, absolute Expert. Xia Tian has also discovered the blood old monster change, but he does not have the thoughts to pay attention to the blood always to blame now, because his oneself is also having the change, after that small insect has drunk up his blood, is sneaking in his meat, Xia Tian looks at his little permeating own skin helplessly.

A half hour passed by. Xia Tian felt that own body physical fitness moved, that small insect has disappeared, on his left arm presented tattoos, is the appearance of that small insect, but wanted on big compared with before. If carefully looks, but also really a little imposing manner. The words that however carefully does not look, will think mark of Xia Tian on the arm an insect. moda foka, father in any case is also the solemn seven feet son, if makes others know that on the arm has insect tattoos, that may lose face.” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought, when his standing up slowly. The blood old monster has also opened both eyes, at this time his god beast in hand turned into the dry corpse. Blood Qi in within the body all vanished, only remaining skinny. When they stand up, that with water monster hurried retreat that the corpse fought, on the face has been being full of the frightened look. God beast bloodlines really can suppress this ordinary water monster, solely is the imposing manner can retreat in fear it.” Blood old monster satisfied nod, but he had not discovered that although that water monster is the panic-stricken appearance, but the vision looks is not he, but is his behind Xia Tian. Puff passes! The water monster escaped directly. Is very good!” The blood old thinks strangely was own imposing manner ran away in fear the water monster, was satisfied, afterward he fished out a blade to throw from the waist to Xia Tian: Divides my head with the blade, must make an effort.” Master Zu, this.” Xia Tian a little hesitates, he does not understand that the blood old monster is any goal. Makes you chop, you chop, again rubbish, I have killed you.” Blood old monster cloudy and cold looks to Xia Tian. Paternal grandmother, this is you make me chop.” The blade of Xia Tian right hand cuts directly to the blood is old, at this moment, he discovered that the blood old monster body had some change probably. Puff!

Broke out. Blood old monster body unexpectedly was broken out by him directly. This also saw.” Xia Tian surprised looks that the broken out blood is old, but he has discovered a very serious issue. Broken out blood old monster unexpectedly has not bled. Afterward saw only the blood always to blame that broken out body heals slowly. shit, pursues the soul master.” Xia Tian understood finally, the blood old monster also is really a crazy scientist, his unexpectedly also turned into own body pursued that physique of soul. Divides my one time again.” The blood old looked said strangely to Xia Tian. The Xia Tian right hand grasps the blade, divided once more to the blood old monster body. dāng! The blade broke, the blade in Xia Tian hand chopped in the blood always blames that moment to be cut off directly. Two shapes. Sees such situation, Xia Tian stares slightly. This has subverted simply his cognition, although before he, had heard some crazy scientists can carry on the gene modification the body of humanity, but he has not thought that this matter unexpectedly can succeed. Moreover the world last present must perform the head cut surgery. This matter, in the Xia Tian eye is most inconceivable, but these matters actually really exist. He sees now, is such situation.

Pursues the soul master, was very inconceivable thing. Xia Tian has done to understand, so-called pursuing soul master, but is the spirit body, the true entity, their entities have not been change generally, to poison people's minds. This gene modification simply was too fierce. His unexpectedly turned into his body the gene absorption of god beast. Even if the body of Xia Tian stronger compared with the average man, but a bullet can also infiltrate his within the body with ease. But the blood always blamed the present shape being different, he under this shape, absolutely was invulnerable. Ha Ha Ha Ha, I succeeded.” Blood old monster excited laughing. Before looked that the report of television said some people transplanted the marrow, transplanted the kidney, transplanted the brain, transplanted the heart, even the recent news added that must transplant the head, these in the medicine domain are the extraordinary matters, but these matters compared with the blood old monster technology, were weakly explode simply.” Xia Tian dull looks that the blood is old, innermost feelings secretly thought. Boy, was you have given me the inspiration, I must grant you well, went back with me, I gave you to select the good thing.” Blood old monster excited looks at Xia Tian, his unexpectedly has not thought can make the god beast enlarge ones vision with the water of Tianchi. They walk toward the entrance. When they arrive at the entrance, heard inside fighting sound. The person of guarding a gate looked that was blood always blames, opened the front door directly. Good opportunity, to run away.” That several North Korean Expert saw that front door was opened, must flee directly to outside. The direction blood that they escape always blames with the Xia Tian position.