Almighty Student - Volume 9 - Chapter 879

Teacher's younger brother was careful.” Expert of these main ranks saw that several North Korean Expert fire into on the blood old monster time face to be startled. Each of them sees the blood old to begin strangely. If the blood old did not have what skill words to go bad strangely, once the blood old had an accident strangely, that Maoshan old ancestor flew certainly into a rage. Good opportunity, near body.” That several North Korean Expert see near body blood old monster time, on face immediately one happy, they the person with Maoshan have fought these many years, naturally knows Maoshan Expert skill. After person near body of Maoshan, the human body is frail, moreover does not have what fierce defensive measure, this is the weakness of person of Maoshan, if person of near body Maoshan is also formidable enough, that was the monstruous talent is simply same. Even if Maoshan Expert of main rank also merely has some methods of maintaining life. At this time they have killed the blood old monster front. Three people. Altogether three North Korean Expert good blood old kill strangely. Xia Tian sees blood old monster hand signal, knows that he must begin. Do not injure Master Zu.” Xia Tian ran up to the blood old monster front directly. In an instant that three people of attack must project on the body of Xia Tian, at this moment. Roar! A huge ghost appears before the body of Xia Tian, the ghost hits directly to that three North Korean Expert, that ghost is very strong, kept off in their three directly, although blocked, however these Expert of Maoshan overtook. Bang! Bang! Bang! The encirclement, more than 20 Earth Grade Expert add on the Hushan god beast, flickered to interrupt the four limbs of that three North Korean Expert. Starts very decisively. Ah! Ah! Ah! Three pitiful yells send out from that three North Korean Expert mouth.

The Xia Tian then careful sizing up blood old monster ghost, he before old strangely should have his ghost in the suspicion blood, he is No. 2 figure of Maoshan, not to control how possibly the soul technique. What Xia Tian has not thought that what others use is the soul of person, he uses is actually the soul of water monster. These Expert of Maoshan also by blood old monster skill shaking. You listened to me, after this boy, was my person, tonight fight, makes him be the vice director.” The blood old monster said directly. Hears the blood old monster words, all people were all shocked. Can be able to see from the Xia Tian clothes wear, he is just an ordinary disciple in Maoshan. However now his unexpectedly all of a sudden became tonight the deputy general director of war. This is the super cow B position. Tonight that many Expert send out together, commander-in-chief is positive protector, under him is these Earth Grade Expert and Maoshan disciple. In other words. Besides positive protector, Xia Tian was the highest captain, these Earth Grade Expert must listen to his words. Really has not flushed in vain.” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought, he knows a moment ago the blood old monster will definitely not have the matter, therefore he clashes to be this good person, such blood old monster thinks that this young baby moral behavior is good. Can stand in the most critical moment in own front. The blood old monster has not thought that all these during the plan of Xia Tian. Xia Tian wants always to blame this to get so far as an advantage in the blood, but he has not thought that blood old monster unexpectedly is so good to deceive, has given the given name of this deputy general director directly, he was an official all of a sudden. This time sneaking was really too successful. Not only had not been discovered by anybody, but also he also knew these many secrets, the compounded drug that but also sends Maoshan has stolen away, although the compounded drug had been all taken by the small insect, but he made the Maoshan Faction lose a big pen after all. Now unexpectedly also became the deputy general director.

This regarding the tour of this Witchcraft Sect buried treasure, he had the confidence. Xia Tian came back a moment ago discovered that small cauldron unexpectedly also vanished, afterward he looked quite a while had discovered that small cauldron unexpectedly also turned into his tattoos, appears in the place of his wrist|skill. After returning to the laboratory, blood old monster threw to a Xia Tian book directly:: This gives you, gets down the rest, my also a little matter.” Thanks Master Zu.” Xia Tian said hurriedly. Xia Tian looked at a book title super to control soul technique. Good thing.” Xia Tian understands that brings thing of super these two characters absolutely is being the good thing. Although he does not catch cold to this type of thing, but after taking , can Han Zifeng and Zhong Chuhong, this controlled the soul technique to be the blood old monster use a moment ago, when he used these main were also inconceivable of whole face. This had proven this super controls the person of soul technique meeting not to be many. figure of gate main rank does not have qualifications cultivation. However these are not, the change of left hand he who Xia Tian cares most cares about. He does not have what good place, does not have own restroom, therefore he simply returned to the god standard main hall. After entering god standard main hall inside, Xia Tian starts to turn looks for the related Witchcraft Sect record. Looked for a half hour, Xia Tian had found a related Witchcraft Sect book, after he book opened, the whole person directly was shocked, because the Witchcraft Sect first page was drawing Xia Tian that small cauldron. Badge! The Witchcraft Sect representative badge is that small cauldron. Xia Tian turns hurriedly to behind. Turned more than ten pages, he finally found the material of this small cauldron. Nine revolutions of universe cauldrons, the Witchcraft Sect most precious object, loses.’

Was it.” Xia Tian carefully looks to below. Ability: The combustion external force uses( only to know taking advantage of oneself temporarily can combustion compounded drug), other functions are unlucky.’ Combustion compounded drug!” Xia Tian sees here time at present one bright, he just wants to experiment, finally he has thought immediately all compounded drugs by that small insect eating, on tattoos to their left arm have hit several fists immediately. His dozen, on that small insect tattoos presented Gold Thread directly, Gold Thread connects in the small cauldron directly. Afterward in the Xia Tian mind presented 100 Rank 1 compounded drugs to flow at the scene in small cauldron. Well, what situation is this? In the legend does in regard?” Xia Tian discovered one can definitely induce to the relation between small insects and small cauldrons: That is tries combustion compounded drug is anything feels.” The idea of Xia Tian just appeared. Bang! The compounded drug in small cauldron directly explodes, a pure strength flows in the left hand of Xia Tian. Finger of Consonance! Xia Tian double referred to direct above the wall. Bang! A pinhole appeared on wall. Is so fierce.” Xia Tian just using the Finger of Consonance technique that strength gathered a moment ago above double refers, he has not added any strength, but is point gently. But such gently a point, unexpectedly directly has left behind a pinhole on the wall. Xia Tian continues to behind of book turns. Legend most precious object.”