Almighty Student - Volume 9 - Chapter 880

Legend most precious object. ??? Battle efficiency:??? shit, how is question mark.” Xia Tian continues to below looks. Legend most precious object is the treasure that Maoshan first generation founder and Witchcraft Sect first generation founder discovers together, it is said that treasure has been equal, now the Witchcraft Sect most precious object is nine revolutions of universe cauldrons, the most precious object of Maoshan is the military extremely vault of heaven stick, if the striking power of these two treasure are 10,000, then the striking power of legend most precious object is 1 million.’ Lying trough, is any thing has not written, what to be long not to write, any thing does not have, directly has given an analogy.” Xia Tian felt that very speechless, this does not make the person listen more curious. However Xia Tian was also disinclined to pay attention to that legend most precious object. His tour of this time Changbai Mountains can be said as the harvest is many, has not entered the Witchcraft Sect buried treasure, he homemade has seized dragon, but also knew the small cauldron is in the legend the Witchcraft Sect most precious object nine revolutions of universe cauldrons. Although he only mastered in a nine revolutions of universe cauldrons ability now, but this ability sufficiently made him have the ability of maintaining life. In within the body of bug has stored up over a million compounded drugs, if he has simultaneously burnt these over a million compounded drugs, then uses the left hand to erupt Finger of Consonance, that will be the how terrifying strength. Moreover he has also drunk the blood of that many coccyx beasts, but also has eaten the meat of coccyx beast. This makes his physique strengthen once more. According to him in the situation in these ancient books seeing, the Witchcraft Sect buried treasure is rich, because Witchcraft Sect a few years ago excavated the big buried treasure, moreover they because of studying to consume the material, and these years have not consumed. Therefore the Witchcraft Sect buried treasure is very rich, most at least send on compared with Maoshan resources many several folds. Moreover various ancient books and types of Buddhist musical instruments in Witchcraft Sect are also buried treasure part.

Although the past Witchcraft Sect old ancestor on said outwardly must fight to the death with Maoshan, but he knows one without nine revolutions of universe cauldrons absolutely are not the Maoshan old ancestor's match, therefore he majority of treasures all will hide intentionally, anticipated that the Witchcraft Sect posterity can stage a comeback. In the history Witchcraft Sect and Maoshan were not the first time are destroyed, but can stage a comeback each time, was because each generation of old ancestors will leave behind the treasure to the posterity. This Maoshan prepared. They must make Witchcraft Sect disappear from this world thoroughly. All snatches the Witchcraft Sect buried treasure, such overall strength of Maoshan once more will be increased, even has to dominate the world the strength. Day getting dark of gradually. To the time of embarking, after Xia Tian packed the thing, walks toward outside. When he arrives at outside, the people in Maoshan are building up, many people start to tidy up their Buddhist musical instrument and equipment, this time war is important regarding them, so long as can take the Witchcraft Sect buried treasure, their later supplies and salary will be also higher. Your boy, how comes out, did inside help me clean?” The familiar form appears in the Xia Tian side together, this person log, that makes Xia Tian help him clean the man in god standard main hall. Volume, cleaned.” Xia Tian has given back to the log the key. „Don't you go to battle?” The log looked at Xia Tian to ask, but he replied immediately: Also right, only then Expert matches to go to battle, the boy like you definitely is the strength therefore insufficiently does not have the qualifications to go to battle.” That, Senior Brother, I also go to battle.” Xia Tian awkward saying. „Do you also go to battle? Why don't you wear the equipment?” Log puzzled asking, he is also replied afterward: I knew, you definitely have not equipped, your compounded drug and supplies were given to rob by others, therefore you have not equipped.” Volume!” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head.

Your boy, ok, looks in you are in my little brother's share, gives you a maintaining life symbol.” Log cautious and solemn has put out a maintaining life symbol from the bosom. Xia Tian sees that maintaining life symbol time, the heavy line of whole face, this so-called maintaining life symbol he has seen, on these Maoshan disciples who the homicide falls has, moreover he also saw that these people have used, the function is minor. Hey, log, your boy originally in this.” At this moment, one line of six people walk toward them. These people appear, the log complexion changes. „Do you want to do?” Does? You have rested father's little girl, you also asked me to do, I gave you an opportunity, handed over compounded drug and equipment, I can put your horse.” Is one person of head stands saying that he is also an equipment, understood at a glance that is one of the going to battle people. Do not come, I warned you, I was also one of the going to battle people, if I have had an accident, you could not be inescapable.” Log vigilant looks at that several people. „Wasn't the population of this going to battle fixed, how many are many to be few how many who to care? After we kill you, only needed saying that you were killed by the beforehand North Korean, that did not have the issue.” Saying of that person coldly. Stands in log behind Xia Tian: I also calculate to be predestined friends with you, rescues your one time.” Bang! Xia Tian strikes the corona the log directly, this is in rescuing the log, in the eyes of Maoshan disciple, this time goes to battle has the face very much, moreover might obtain the treasure, however in the Xia Tian eye, is a narrow escape that they will exit. The supplies that Maoshan sends are getting fewer and fewer, this fight is living the person are less regarding Maoshan sends to have the advantage on exceed. Moreover this Witchcraft Sect buried treasure is blustery, Expert is unceasing, do not say that is ordinary disciple who their these Maoshan sends, even if their gates main cannot guarantee one can certainly live coming back. Therefore stays here is safest.

„Who are you?” The opposite that several people frown to look to Xia Tian. Puff! Kills your people.” After the Xia Tian sound falls, that six body of person but actually. After killing the person, he walked toward outside directly, but he now the deputy general director, naturally must exit earlier, but he knows that this seat terrifying was not so good to sit. However he does not care. Reason that he mixes, for they come one to collaborate from outside with the inside with Han Zifeng, if met anything to be dangerous, was good to help. Moreover Maoshan this time was to certainly make fully the preparation. Perhaps can be easier to enter the Witchcraft Sect buried treasure with them, his opportunity was when the time comes bigger. After Xia Tian left there. The form appeared in the Xia Tian position together: I know that you have certainly the problem, I must report this matter to the gate lord.” When Xia Tian arrives at the assembly point. Well! The situation is not right.” Xia Tian discovered that the surrounding person is all visiting him.