Almighty Student - Volume 9 - Chapter 883

He knows that this time he must get rid, moreover he must win, the attractiveness that but must win, that many eyes visit him, everybody thinks that he was Expert that the blood old invited strangely, if Xia Tian performance ordinary of too, that will expose now. The people in Maoshan refused to accept him, he did not put out strength that nobody to take him. His following road is also difficult to walk. He must deter these people now. Let these people unable to see his true strength, how to frighten? That is Insta-kill. One move of defeat enemy can look like very good B, like this others can be shocked, but Xia Tian is only a Profound Grade late stage person, the opposite clashes is actually Earth Grade Expert. Profound Grade late stage wants Insta-kill Earth Grade Expert, this without doubt in dream of a fool. Only if he uses the peacock plume, but the peacock plume is his maintaining life weapon, will not arrive at the crucial time he is will not take to use absolutely, said again now a peacock plume release exposes. All these look like probably are impossible is the same. However currently Xia Tian had a new ability. The combustion compounded drug changes into own strength, a huge strength enters in his body instantaneously, the left hand of Xia Tian moved, his left hand has formed a strange posture, five fingers transform three. Seizes dragon! Saw that North Korean killed the Xia Tian front, he has thought one will certainly succeed, because of such near distance, even if were Earth Grade Expert of Maoshan is impossible to run away. Ka! The finger of Xia Tian pinched the shoulder of that North Korea instantaneously, afterward vigorously him directly above nearby wall. Puff! Body of that Earth Grade Expert on such was pounded by several thousand jin (0.5 kg) strength above the stone, the function of strength mutual, this is just like to have several thousand jin (0.5 kg) stone to pound to be the same from side.

Covered with blood. That North Korean Expert directly pounded covered with blood, could not see clearly including the person. Shock! Has saying that Xia Tian the has really shocked, presented all people to be shaken by him, his side protector positive also slightly stares, although protector positive can also carry on Insta-kill to this person, but cannot cause Xia Tian such to cause a stir absolutely. Xia Tian sat there has closed both eyes. The following matter did not use him. Good. Quite fierce, no wonder the blood teacher's younger brother makes him sit this position.” I also offended him a moment ago, unexpectedly must begin to him, his unexpectedly is so fierce, if at that time were not the Hushan god beast, perhaps I died.” Deputy general director rank, this is his true strength.” The surrounding these people were inconceivable of whole face, the Xia Tian strength really have all shocked, making the person seem that inconceivable, move of Insta-kill Earth Grade Expert, this was a legend, but he was all of a sudden the smashing that Earth Grade Expert pounded. An entire corpse looks to disappear. The person who the Xia Tian strength not only sends Maoshan shaking, these North Korean Expert also had been given to shake by him. Withdraw!” These North Korean Expert had shouted removes, then starts retreating of entire aspect. The person who Maoshan sends also follows up a victory with hot pursuit. This fight is the Maoshan Faction suffered a loss, because they were sneak attacked, finally North Korean Expert escapes was pursued is hitting, therefore loses most North Koreans actually finally.

However the loss that Maoshan sends are also many, died more than 50 people, has injured more than 70 people. North Korean Expert died more than 170 people, because they escape, therefore the injured these people cannot escape finally , the person by Maoshan was killed. A hard-pressed enemy should not be pursued too far , to continue to go forward.” Protector positive shouts loudly. The person who Maoshan sends continues to go forward, they must go to the Witchcraft Sect buried treasure the position, this Witchcraft Sect buried treasure opens them to win, moreover other people will also enter the buried treasure, when the time comes, they only needed to see the person to kill are good. Another side, Maoshan entrance! These North Korean Expert becomes an official after Expert of Maoshan sneak attacked Maoshan, but they have encountered the blockade that is hard to imagine, Expert that Maoshan leaves behind are more . Moreover the person who Maoshan sends does not plan to let off these North Koreans probably. For North Korea this time can destroy completely the Maoshan Faction, it can be said that Expert completely leaves, they set out Expert of nation to exterminate the Maoshan Faction. But the Maoshan Faction contends with all Expert of North Korea by a strength directly. Now the people in North Korea have been divided into three parts, part attacks the entrance of Maoshan, part blocks the person in Maoshan, the remaining parts enter the Witchcraft Sect buried treasure. Planning of North Korea is good, they think that the arrangements in own these three aspects are perfect. However the fact is this. Part 1 the person suffered the intense counter-attack, protector cloudy leads personally, has brought the indelible attack to these North Korean Expert, the person casualty who these attack the Maoshan entrance are innumerable, now they are still escaping. Part 2 blocks the team of Maoshan, was frightened by Xia Tian one move, other people are also running away of breaknecking. Part 3 the person has not entered the buried treasure to the present. Chaotic! In entire Changbai Mountains very chaotic.

The Witchcraft Sect person, the archaeologist, tomb raider, the door small faction, the North Korean, the person in Maoshan, the Xia Tian person, these people are not peaceful, a few words disagreement has hit. Greedy. Greedy being doomed makes the person degenerate. Thinks that person may is then must with the minute of buried treasure person, these people start to sneak attack, assassination. In brief they have not entered the Witchcraft Sect buried treasure, started to massacre mutually. This time Han Zifeng and the others. Snort, these idiots, have not gone in start.” Han Zifeng cold snort. Child peak, where is the entrance at?” Steals the day to ask. Entrance everywhere is so long as saw that the place entered was right, but the entrance was different, mechanism with was different, after going, is certainly careful, the Witchcraft Sect buried treasure and outside difference, including any insect was not the ordinary insect, was very likely brings poisonously, might have other mechanism, in brief with tightening my line, I will use the soul to clear the way.” Han Zifeng light saying. Em, careful, we try not to worry, after all Xia Tian has not come.” Steals the day to nod to say. Relax, the Boss will definitely not have the matter.” Han Zifeng self-confident saying. The present Xia Tian that is elated with success, he person by Maoshan was being lifted, moreover these people in Maoshan respect him, thinks that he is super Expert that the blood old invited strangely. Protector positive, front quickly to entrance.” A famous family main report said. Em.” Yang Hufa nodded to continue saying: Goes to two gate hosts to take the squad opening, sees the person to kill, a living witness does not remain.”