Almighty Student - Volume 9 - Chapter 884

Slaughtered starts. Maoshan sent to launch finally slaughters truly. The so-called Witchcraft Sect buried treasure, is a mountain in hills, but the entrance is reaches as high as dozens, this was the Witchcraft Sect old ancestor's cleverness in trivial matters, he knows that the Witchcraft Sect disciple wanted to obtain the buried treasure is not an easy matter. Now scene of this country divided into rival baronies he already expected. If only then an entrance, the people in Maoshan also can definitely find, when the time comes they only need to put some Expert on the entrance, that Witchcraft Sect remaining strength was impossible to enter in the buried treasure. Therefore the entrances are one of the Witchcraft Sect buried treasure characteristics. Finally arrived.” Xia Tian opening both eyes slowly, look up to the symbol of that small cauldron, the cauldron mouth is the entrance. The person who this nearby Maoshan sends definitely has usually not done a bit less, but they had not discovered any related buried treasure the entrance, even if this entrance position they also has come now. This was mysterious location of Witchcraft Sect. The Witchcraft Sect old ancestor specially opens the time of decides as 20 years later buried treasure, he believes after 20 years, the Witchcraft Sect remaining strength definitely can also in strong Freshman some, moreover after these twenty years time, knows that the Witchcraft Sect buried treasure the population will also increase. Actually like present here these people, the person who these profit also during the computation of Witchcraft Sect old ancestor. People were many, the hindrance that Maoshan is impossible to ride roughshod killed. That this small cauldron as if artificially portrays, but this is stone wall, completely natural stone wall, but before this entrance, does not have, only will then appear today. This entrance should be main entrance, otherwise is impossible to be so big.” The Xia Tian vision is taking a fast look around in the surroundings, this entrance height five meters, the width ten meters, around this entrance had many scattered people at this time. Kill!

The first response that Maoshan sends kills. A five people of squad, a ten people of brigade, starts to launch the endless slaughter, these people want to take a look in side, then the person who behind sends with Maoshan goes, but they have not thought that the Maoshan Faction said hits hits. Sees the person to kill! „Were the people in Maoshan insane? Their this is compelling everybody jointly to resist them.” Hateful, the father stands you also to kill in side.” You dare to kill my brother, I have killed you.” Going all out that surroundings these people go all out, running away of running away, was the people in Maoshan were too many, the person of going all out were few, was only the flash, presented the overwhelming victory. Pursuit. The people in Maoshan start pursuit wantonly. The war finally started. The principal force continues to go forward, after entering cave, the inside jet black piece, the people in Maoshan lit the flare, is carrying on the road and difficult to walk in exploration cave in the cave, but Xia Tian with Yang Hufa same not from sedan chair. Brother, one will have definitely the tough battle to hit, you may be prepared.” Protector light saying positive. Brother! Protected buddhist law positive has traded the name to Xia Tian, called Xia Tian for the brothers directly, this showed that he has approved Xia Tian, now Xia Tian can treat as an equal with him, must know that Yang Hufa in the status and status in Maoshan may be very high.

In the Maoshan Faction, status highest is the Maoshan old ancestor, next is the blood is old, is the Yin-Yang protector. Actually the Yin-Yang protector with the blood old monster is the same generation of person, but they compare the respect blood to be old, now protector positive calls Xia Tian for the brothers directly, this also always blamed them on behalf of Xia Tian with the blood is a person of rank. If before , everybody has not been convinced to Xia Tian, thinks that Xia Tian is one is small, the luck good to sit this position, but now was completely different, Xia Tian that obtained everybody's approval a moment ago. Everybody also saw the Xia Tian skill. Xia Tian single-handed Insta-kill Earth Grade Expert skill deep gave to shock them, this also made them approve the Xia Tian strength. Doesn't have you?” Xia Tian very optional saying. He knows that he earned the respect of these people. I do not fear anything actually, these fellows in North Korea I have also fought, true fierce few, but I was afraid them to ambush here, if had any condition, you may probably get rid to help, after all these were the elite juniors who our Maoshan sent.” Protector positive very politely said with Xia Tian. That is natural.” Xia Tian nodded, reason that he knows the opposite party such respects to him, because of his strength, is powerful, this that he displayed a moment ago bumps into North Korean Expert, protector positive does not need to be worried. He is confident to his strength, but his double fist also difficult enemy four. Had the Xia Tian help, he felt relieved. Em, after waiting, I asked you to drink, my has collected several bottles of over a hundred years of nice wines.” Yang Hufa tries to get close with Xia Tian. Hundred years of nice wine? That sentiment may really be good.” Xia Tian excited saying. Looked that the brothers also love the person of liquor, after waiting, looks old cloudy drinks together, the old cloudy alcohol capacity is I have seen well.” Reason that Yang Hufa with such happy is because the Xia Tian strength that Xia Tian chatted was very strong.

If one will have any condition, Xia Tian will certainly get rid to help. My alcohol capacity continuously also good, after that goes back, drinks the cloudy brother to drink.” Xia Tian is also the smalltalk. Has to admire the Xia Tian courage and wisdom and luck. He thinks only needs to mix, when a young disciple has been OK, but he now not only became the deputy general director, but can also protector to be on intimate terms with the Yin-Yang, turned into the captain all of a sudden. Protector positive, inside has sound to pass on.” Expert of famous family main rank said. Divides forces!, Six Earth Grade Expert various belt 100 people kill to me, except for the Witchcraft Sect person other entire kills, the Witchcraft Sect person hits remnantly.” Protected buddhist law positive has directly issued the order, said, he looked to Xia Tian: Brother, what do you have to propose?” After under protector positive ends the order, asked that opinion of Xia Tian, this gives fully the Xia Tian face, after all Xia Tian was only the deputy general director. I thought that can continue to divide forces, person who this time comes the Witchcraft Sect buried treasure, majority is the scattered armies, they have not formed the scale now, has not united, if our large unit sweeps directly, can only be forces them to unite resists us together, therefore we were divided into ten people of one team to be OK, naturally, distance between each squads was unable to be too far, like this had the situation also to support fast.” The Xia Tian direct proposition said. Xia Tian said that they considered for Han Zifeng, if has bumped into hundred people of teams all of a sudden, they are not good to cope, but if there is teams of ten people, they can win with ease. Em?” Yang Hufa a brow wrinkle.