Almighty Student - Volume 9 - Chapter 886

Some unexpectedly people dare to pat his shoulder. Also called him for the brothers. Who is he? One of two big protector Maoshan sends, one of the best B people, he can call for brothers' person, that is the strength very formidable person, for example Xia Tian such single-handed Insta-kill Earth Grade Expert. But currently unexpectedly has a stranger to call him for the brothers. Xia Tian saw that protector the complexion to be pale positive, knows that the matter is not good, he holds on to the hand that has protected buddhist law positive hurriedly, then looks to that person: Excuse me, our two do not need.” Did not need.” That person said that finds other people directly again. „Do you block me to do?” Yang Hufa discontented saying. You are so fierce, gets rid the surrounding person to note our two, wooden show in Lin, the wind must destroy it, will have when the time comes many people to stare at our two, does not help the motion.” Xia Tian answered. I all killed them.” Yang Hufa angry saying. Often do not kill, sometimes the ant can also the tripping elephant, not despise these small roles, they are one by one corrupt, under the greedy desire, they often can display the unexpected ability.” Xia Tian answered. You meant that these people do have big using?” Protector positive puzzled looks to Xia Tian. „Have you thought the Witchcraft Sect old ancestor leaves behind the buried treasure time is what mood, he can not know that the people in our Maoshan will come? If Maoshan turns out in full strength, that also who can block? He cups one hand in the other across the chest to give Maoshan to send the Witchcraft Sect buried treasure to be the same.” Xia Tian said. This we have also studied, therefore we must catch the Witchcraft Sect person, moreover we have also looked for some ancient books, had discovered the clue of some buried treasures, this time made fully the preparation.” Yang Hufa answered. Walks, met our two to infiltrate in a Witchcraft Sect team to be easy to do.” Xia Tian said directly. The first front door there, but goes to the present also nobody, the surroundings gathered dozens individuals, these people mutually are forming cliques, but also some person or running list.

Person who careful point these walk alone, they are not strength formidable, has the special method.” The Xia Tian reminder said. „, One group is small.” Saying that Yang Hufa disdains, but he has the capital of disdaining, because he is one of two big protector Maoshan sends, Expert in Expert, can enter his discernment perhaps also super Expert that only then these of Xia Tian and North Korea have not gotten rid. Careful, perhaps who can be cloudy your.” Xia Tian said that walks toward front directly, his front is a front door, this front door is the stone makes, the surroundings do not have any mechanism, wants to go from this gate, must shove open stone gate directly. Some people had tried a moment ago, this stone gate was too heavy, 2-3 individuals could not shove open. When Xia Tian arrives at the gate front, attracted the attention of surrounding these people. „Does he want to do? Will not want to push the door, the idiot, we had tried a moment ago, is less than five people not to shove open that leafed door.” „A person wants to push the door, insane, moreover perhaps behind the gate has anything, perhaps crossbow arrow to him, when he has shoved open, the crossbow arrow directly shoots through his throat.” Not to mention the matter of crossbow arrow , he if can shove open, I eat to fly in circles directly.” Surroundings these people very disdain looks to Xia Tian. Xia Tian has not spoken, his left hand has shown a very strange posture, five fingers change into three, three fingers probably are Dragon Claw are the same, buckled directly above stone gate. Seizes dragon. Ka! stone gate moved, stone gate unexpectedly moved. A Xia Tian person has shoved open stone gate, and has only used a left hand, after Xia Tian shoves open stone gate, he turned head to look at man in a crowd: You did not say me a moment ago, if can shove open, you do eat to fly in circles? Now can go, if not chummy, I can give you to prepare.”

Everybody also heard the words that man spoke a moment ago. The people many are like watching the fun, although they do not believe a moment ago a Xia Tian person can open the door, but currently had newly lively, they naturally must gather up collect. „Do you want the live transmission to eat to fly in circles? My this also has, I ensure is absolutely chummy.” Eats, was not a moment ago said was very unyielding? How now not to dare.” „It is not right, have not made, that person has gone.” When they sexually harassed that to say when must eat the person who flew in circles, suddenly some people said that everybody looked to stone gate, they discovered that shoved open stone gate that man really to disappear a moment ago, that represented him has certainly gone. If before them , many taboos, then all did not have at this time. Because some people advanced. Moreover person common failing, that is they thinks the opportunity of advanced going to is big, certainly can obtain the good treasure, therefore they directly fast flushed, wants to pursue. „Didn't you let my low key a moment ago?” Protector puzzled asking positive. I discovered that here is not only then this gate, wastes the time too not to be really worthwhile with them here.” Xia Tian answered. After they come, has not worried to go forward, because here pitch-dark, protector a flashlight that turned on has carried positive, has illuminated the photo in the surroundings, but he discovered that could not see clearly, because periphery all was the fog. Did not need to illuminate, surroundings all were the fog, even if were the flashlight also illuminates less than beyond one meter.” Xia Tian said directly. !

Yang Hufa the right hand wields, a ghost appeared: With tightening me.” „!” Xia Tian has the X-Ray Vision eye, here darkness and mist cannot baffle his, but positive protector now, since stands to guide on own initiative, avoid he was also idle. Careful, here has poisonous snake!” Yang Hufa said hurriedly. The mist in darkness, in addition poisonous snake sneak attack. This first will have many people killed, but wants through first, only if there is special ability or the ghost leads the way, this is representing besides the people in Witchcraft Sect and Maoshan, other people are impossible to pass. Naturally, means. Is hires oneself the Witchcraft Sect person, making the Witchcraft Sect person guide. Hires oneself Maoshan is impossible, because Maoshan sees the person to kill, they impossible to have guided to these people, only if they catch several completing the order form the person of Maoshan, then forces him to guide. This is the Witchcraft Sect old ancestor's first move. Here lets these person of choices is hires oneself the Witchcraft Sect person, catches the person in Maoshan, these two result any Witchcraft Sect people are advantageous. „It is not good, has the sound!” Protected buddhist law positive has stopped the footsteps suddenly.