Almighty Student - Volume 9 - Chapter 887
Puff! Xia Tian has the blade to fall, cut off one to fire into their poisonous snakes directly. dāng! Suddenly had the thing to fall in the sound of ground, Xia Tian has picked up that thing directly, was one probably is the diamond and so on thing, but was not the diamond, because diamond such big, there are one-third palms to be so big. What thing?” Yang Hufa asked. Does not know that should be useful.” Xia Tian said directly. Here person were probably getting more and more.” Although Yang Hufa cannot see, but he can hear . Moreover the ghost can also help him see the surrounding diameter ten meters place. Em, I know that here definitely does not have an entrance.” Xia Tian said. They walked a while, protector unexpectedly to discover positive one have become lost, he discovered how, regardless of walk, could not find the exit / to speak. Paternal grandmother, this is compelling me!” Yang Hufa a brow wrinkle. Wait / Etc.!” Xia Tian saw that protector to get rid positive, stops hurriedly, although first is very big, but how is absolutely impossible to walk at their speeds does not walk to the end, the possible reason has one only. Eight Trigrams! They were locked in Eight Trigrams, how regardless of they transfer the turning circle circle in this Eight Trigrams. „Do you have the means?” Yang Hufa asked. I have the means that if you get rid again, definitely will make very big noise, our surrounding present people may be many, they now in agitated, perhaps on own initiative will thank us, moreover I am still suspecting a matter.” The hand of Xia Tian traces in the ground. What matter?” Protector puzzled asking positive.

You know how many this time does participate in the Witchcraft Sect buried treasure some people altogether?” Xia Tian asked. Does not know, but should not be less than 10,000 people.” Yang Hufa said. You listen to the surroundings.” Xia Tian said. Protector to close both eyes positive, hears the surrounding sound with ear. Person so will be how few, is less than 300 people, moreover I only felt the aura of three Maoshan disciples.” Yang Hufa frowns to say. If I have not guessed that wrong, this is the series labyrinth, the so-called Witchcraft Sect nine buried treasures escorted to the different directions us actually, we think that we are move in a mountain, actually we were already dispersed to the surroundings different mountains.” Xia Tian said directly. His meaning is very simple. They think that has the mountain of small cauldron is the buried treasure place, then they entered from the different entrances, but after coming, they were delivered to the different directions, is in that mountain surrounding mountain. „A why my feeling?” Protector puzzled asking positive. Art of making oneself invisible art of making oneself invisible, what here uses is the technique of art of making oneself invisible art of making oneself invisible!” Xia Tian said directly that the art of making oneself invisible art of making oneself invisible, Eight Trigrams I Ching is he most adept skill, although he to genuine art of making oneself invisible art of making oneself invisible understanding are not many, but here uses also merely is the fur of art of making oneself invisible art of making oneself invisible. „Were we away from the buried treasure to be getting more and more far?” Protector very puzzled asking positive. No, if I have not guessed that wrong, second started to have the intersection point, when the time comes we can open access in the below of nearby all mountains.” Xia Tian said that walks toward the left front directly: Follows me, we go to second.” Protected buddhist law positive followed Xia Tian directly. This Xia Tian and Yang Hufa only walked was less than five minutes. Was here.” Xia Tian saw a disc.

But doesn't here have the channel?” Protector puzzled asking positive. Has, naturally had.” That that Xia Tian will obtain a moment ago likely is the thing of diamond, patted directly on the disc. Ka! The disc separated automatically. Jumps!” Xia Tian said that they jumped directly, after jumping, the disc closed. Is oil taste, here has the flare!” Xia Tian walks toward the edge directly, then he lit the flare. Afterward he threw for has protected buddhist law a flare positive, after protector positive received the flare, the surroundings lightens. That side should be the central place.” Xia Tian took the lead to go forward directly, walked, they have selected flare, when they arrived at the hall, here is all bright, moreover at this time here had over a hundred people. Has Maoshan, has Witchcraft Sect, North Korea , some scattered public figures, the Xia Tian brothers, steal the day they. After stealing the day they looked at Xia Tian one, has not spoken, but continuation stands in the crowd. Our common enemies are the Maoshan Factions, you also saw, the Maoshan Faction planned that has all killed us, then has sole possession of the Witchcraft Sect buried treasure, if we do not join up to deal with the person in Maoshan, we can only be defeated one by one.” Witchcraft Sect Expert said directly. Em!” The surrounding person is the nod that keeps. At this time here the person in Maoshan is less than 30, and has Expert of gate main rank. Snort, comes, who feared who!” The gate of that Maoshan main is also an unyielding person, has completed the combat readiness directly, he does not want from the start with these person of peace talks.

„Did you think the person unmatched in the world of your Maoshan really? How I must have a look at you dead today but actually.” North Korean Expert coldly looked that said to the Maoshan gate lord. Has the skill to come.” He behind the person in that more than 20 Maoshan instantaneously has emitted own ghost, moreover they were also summon to fight the corpse, commanded the rank figure, can summon the person who fought the corpse all commands rank above figure. Commands the rank figure is greatly is complete Profound Grade to Profound Grade the middle strength. „To block us on this fellow? Now here has these many people, you are less than 30, even if adds on these corpses, we have the superiority, now I give you an opportunity, is without a fight, I ensure cannot kill your.” Saying that North Korean Expert disdains. Must kill kills, where so many idle talk, said again who will be the winner is uncertain.” Expert angry shouting of that famous family main rank. Thump! At this moment, a person of whole face beard flushed, what his body puts on is the clothing of North Korea, sees his time, these North Korean Expert are the excited looks of whole face. Three teacher's younger brothers!” These people also said. „The person in Maoshan, kills, but also is staring doing.” That three teacher's younger brothers is a violent temper, comes up directly to kill. Has the skill to use, even if we died, the commander-in-chief and deputy general director will also revenge to us.” That gate main spirit is to tighten, he had not noticed that crowd following Xia Tian and protector positive. Snort! I manage his anything commander-in-chief, if he dares to come this, the father has abandoned him equally.” That three teacher's younger brothers said loudly. You said that whom can abandon?” At this moment the coldly sound passed from crowd together.