Almighty Student - Volume 9 - Chapter 888

When hears this familiar sound, on Maoshan all disciple faces simultaneously one happy, because this sound simply was too familiar. Protector positive. This is the sound that protector positive. At this time they as if grabbed the straw to grasp to be the same, when they turned the head, discovered that protector with deputy general director unexpectedly positive, their were happier, protector the deputy general director positive, that was absolute Expert. They one, oneself and the others on absolute safety. =. When hears sound that protector positive, all people all shifted the vision have approached him and Xia Tian. Boss!” On Han Zifeng and other faces one happy. They finally saw Xia Tian, but they have not gone forward to greet directly, because Xia Tian is moving toward Maoshan disciple there now. Protector positive, deputy general director.” These Maoshan disciple respectful saying. Deputy general director. These person of unexpectedly called Xia Tian for the deputy general director, this was the high position, they think mixed to play was small the role, but they have not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly turned into the deputy general director. This is the absolute top digit. The deputy general director, as the name suggests is under one person above ten thousand people. These North Korean Expert hear this name time, stares slightly, they fought with Maoshan were very long, naturally knows that protector is Expert of any rank, moreover unexpectedly that protector also had the deputy general director. Snort!” Although that three teacher's younger brothers a little have also knit the brows, cold snort but who he is not convinced. Was you said that must teach me was right?” Protector coldly positive sees three teacher's younger brothers to that North Korea. His vision ice-cold, the surrounding person felt versatilely an intense pressure, this is protector the rank Expert, even if ordinary Earth Grade Expert, he can also strike to kill, thus it can be seen, his strength actually how fearful. Said is you, I managed you am anything protector, see me same to die.” That three teacher's younger brother extremely arrogant saying of North Korea, although he had also heard the people who protector the rank are Expert, but he will not think his strength compared with protector the difference. Courts death!” Protected buddhist law for quite a while positive aggrievedly.

Xia Tian did not make him begin, is as far as possible low-key, now he low key has sufficed. Who is he? Positive protector that Maoshan sends, he works does not use the low key, especially faces these North Korean Expert time, he wanted to begin. North Korea these year and their Maoshan little has not fought. This time he must give North Korea a Expert profound lesson. ! The body that protector positive has shot directly, the speed that that three teacher's younger brothers of goal opposite party, he projects is quick . Moreover the strength is big, the surrounding air has sent out a fulmination. The intense imposing manner has exaggerated the surrounding all people. Snort!” That three teacher's younger brother cold snort of North Korea, the right foot has trod in the ground, the surroundings formed giant air current, the right hand five fingers have exploded to shoot directly. Among them imposing manner all very formidable. Bang! Collides after together, they battle. Earth Grade late stage. They all are Earth Grade late stage Expert, fights, they entered the tangled warfare pattern, the fight of Earth Grade Expert is very terrifying, especially Earth Grade late stage Expert, if status of Earth Grade Expert in world is the nobilities, then Earth Grade late stage Expert is figure of crown prince rank. Quite fierce, is this collision between Earth Grade Expert? Too terrifying, attack is not each time inferior to a shell.” Should continue Earth Grade, this was also too terrifying, among them the attack probably is the bomb is the same in the explosion.” Stands in figure of food chain most peak worthily, was too strong.” The surrounding person says with emotion, simultaneously them is also thinking that snatches the Witchcraft Sect buried treasure with these people together, they will have how possibly the opportunity, these Witchcraft Sect buried treasures were also too terrifying a point.

Xia Tian also deep has shocked, although he Insta-kill Earth Grade Initial Stage Expert, but that is uses the combustion compounded drug to achieve, now he experiences the strength that has protected buddhist law positive with own eyes, knows that anything is the true terrifying. Bang! At this moment, the ground raised suddenly slowly. On this ground is suspending a transparent cover, sees this cover time, all person all vision looked to cover inside thing, the treasure appeared, the genuine treasure appeared finally, saw the flash of treasure. Kill! The surrounding person all killed to that cover. The brown ganoderma lucidum, is the brown ganoderma lucidum, the ganoderma lucidum be only over 500 years components can turn brown. Once after turning is brown, possibly has the effect of bringing back to life, this majorities are to boast, but the function of brown ganoderma lucidum is many, moreover can call absolutely is the most precious object. Increases dozens years of Inner Strength is an issue does not have. Puff! When all people all fire into that cover, the surroundings have ignited the smog suddenly! The Xia Tian X-Ray Vision eye opens instantaneously, he saw a shadow shuttles back and forth in the smog, took away the brown ganoderma lucidum in cover directly. „It is not good! Some people snatch the treasure, you help to protect buddhist law here positive, I pursue.” Xia Tian orders to say to behind Maoshan disciples that afterward he pursues directly to that shadow. Yes, deputy general director.” These person of respectful saying. Hateful, tracked a moment ago our should be you.” Xia Tian pursued directly, this time has locked the opposite party, will not make him escape absolutely easily, especially sees the brown ganoderma lucidum time, this thing can increase the person Inner Strength treasure. How Xia Tian possibly misses, now he most lacks is the strength. Can contend with the Wei Guang their Expert strengths, all any method and goods that can increase the strength, he will not let off, the speed of opposite party is quick, however the Xia Tian speed is faster. Besides Bai Yu, Xia Tian does not think that whose speed can also be faster than him.

Finger of Consonance Second Layer! Bang! The right hand of Xia Tian double refers to ejects directly. Whiz! The body of opposite party dodges, evades easily. Hateful, the status of this fellow was too strange, such near distance unexpectedly can evade.” Xia Tian pursues once more, he does not believe this person to be able from his hand to escape. Whiz! The body of opposite party dodges once more, unexpectedly and Xia Tian have spread out. Snort!” How I will make you escape. Xia Tian cold snort, the right foot has made an effort to step in the ground afterward. Flickers the body technique! Bang! The body of Xia Tian appears in the side of opposite party instantaneously, a foot extracts. The body of opposite party pounded directly above the wall. This time I thought that which you also toward run away.” Xia Tian coldly looks to that shadow, at this time the appearance of this shadow finally presented in the Xia Tian front, but on the face of Xia Tian was also more inconceivable.