Almighty Student - Volume 9 - Chapter 889
Young! The age of this person should be similar to Xia Tian. He thinks one were considered as on is the talent in talent, is front the male strength is not absolutely weaker than him anything . Moreover the method is also very formidable, the method of hiding, the way of escaping. Xia Tian does not believe this person, only then escapes and hides these two Kungfu. „Are you big this year?” This is first few words that Xia Tian asked. 18!” The opposite party answered. After they meet first few words unexpectedly to be so quiet, probably is chatting the daily family activity to be the same, asked that you were big this year, another replied 18, sounded more like in blind date is the same. However what is a pity is they are the men, most can only the beginning point base sentiment. Your strength is good!” Xia Tian looked that said to the opposite party. You are also good, Xia Tian!” The men said directly. When hears own name, a Xia Tian brow wrinkle, opposite party unexpectedly knows that his name, this little was also too scary, he thinks one hidden was very good, moreover he mixed in the team of Maoshan. But opposite party unexpectedly knows own name. murderous aura! In the body of Xia Tian revealed murderous aura instantaneously, he must kill this person, otherwise his status has exposed . Moreover the opposite party was really too mysterious, since the opposite party knew his name. That showed that opposite party opposite party noted him is not a day two days.

Others said that you are the first under Heaven talent, will also substitute for your father Xia Tianlong in the future, becomes one of the China four big Expert, but I do not believe that my name is the corrupt wolf, I think, only then I can be joined to first under Heaven talent title.” The corrupt wolf is the name of this youth, he at this time a face provocation looks at Xia Tian. Then is fight between a talents. Talent and talent. It seems like you are many to my understanding.” Xia Tian looked that said to the corrupt wolf. My three years old pick a book, then ate meal to catch have swallowed compounded drug, overnight turned into Yellow Grade Expert, afterward my cultivation getting up running free with the current, lacked anything to come anything, I am only Profound Grade greatly am now complete, my 15 years old were the Profound Grade late stage strengths, that year can kill Earth Grade Expert, I have looked up you, I know that you were also Profound Grade late stage, your opportunity were just many, is considered as on is the big destiny person, therefore you obtained many treasures, relied on these treasures, you can the left hand strike Insta-kill Earth Grade Expert, but I guess that you used this. Incurs definitely also has the limit, I said is right?” The corrupt wolf ponders looks to Xia Tian. Three years old turn into Yellow Grade Expert, 15 years old cut to kill Earth Grade Expert, this possibly said that is the talent? This simply is the super talent in talent. Moreover he truly is the big destiny person, walks the aisle to be tripped by the thing can step into the cultivation path, then eats meal to have food stuck in the throat can swallow compounded drug, moreover his cultivation speed is so fast, definitely obtained many treasures. This person was envied by the heaven simply. You said right, really has the limit!” Xia Tian light saying. I know that you are also the big destiny person, but compares with my destiny, your destiny was not anything, was doomed to be able by my crush.” Very the corrupt wolf disdains looks that Xia Tian continues saying: Your treasures of these year of acquisitions will also turn my, probably is I walks to throw down picks to be the same, this is my big destiny is the result, you now are the treasure that delivers.” „? Do you have self-confidently can certainly kill me?” Xia Tian doubts looks to corrupt wolf. That is natural, you in my eyes also are just the fellow who delivers the treasure.” Corrupt wolf self-confident saying, he thinks that he has the person of big destiny asylum, since Xia Tian can overtake him, that proof is the big destiny is helping him, Xia Tian comes just to deliver the treasure to him. Destiny type of thing cannot see not to trace, but the destiny actually really exists, simplest buys the lottery ticket, some people bought five not to have for a lifetime, some people only bought one time are 5 million. This can only say that is the second person destiny adds the body.

Even also has many people at the enterprise, in life running free with the current, because of destiny. But the big destiny is that type inborn is the destiny adds the person of body, the corrupt wolf obviously is this person, walks can be tripped by the rare book, the eating meal compounded drug enters the mouth, sleeps heavenly to fall the meat pie. This person was added the person of body by the big destiny. Which he arrives follows the treasure and opportunity. He is a God's favored one. However Xia Tian did not fear, because he is the person of going against heaven's will, he must have a look at his child of this going against heaven's will to win opposite party God's favored one. But actually the person who I must have a look at your this big destiny actually has any skill.” Xia Tian within the body presented unprecedented war intent, when this war intent probably was initially Wei Guang disciple Chen azure facing him appears. Only then bumps into itself to think at heart evenly matched talent level Expert will appear. Now Xia Tian is so, he thinks that the corrupt wolf is the talent and big destiny . Moreover the age and he also differs not many, this person is his powerful enemy, this time must well fights with this corrupt wolf. Fights intent! He he, good!” Corrupt wolf unexpectedly with superior looked that the manner of lower position was speaking. Xia Tian lifts oneself right hand directly double refers to! Finger of Consonance Second Layer! The right hand of Xia Tian double refers to ejects instantaneously, a giant finger empty shade pounded to the corrupt wolf. Bang!

Pointed at empty shade pounding without bias and without favor on the body of corrupt wolf. Went well?” Xia Tian has not thought that such simply has hit, such near distance, although is the right hand, but can also injure to the opposite party. However he discovered immediately the situation is not right, because the finger empty shade pounds , on opposite party, seems the putty enters the sea, vanished without a trace, vanished thoroughly, his Inner Strength manifestation unexpectedly such simply vanished. Your this skill?” Very the corrupt wolf disdains looked that said to Xia Tian. He stands there one moves has not moved, the attack probably did not have any little function to be the same to him. Whiz! The body of Xia Tian vanished in same place, afterward the right hand double referred to selecting directly to the corrupt wolf, the Finger of Consonance fingering was very mysterious, studied acupoint of person, moreover any angle can hit. Bang! The corrupt wolf right hand congealing fist, hit directly to Xia Tian, such scene Xia Tian has seen over a hundred chapters, he had the sufficient experience, saw only his right hand double to refer to circles to below slightly, direct in corrupt wolf the place of wrist|skill. The strength of this point opposite party will directly certainly disperse. This technique he is skilled, does not know that used many to return. Bang! When Xia Tian thinks he has downloaded to the Fang Li quantity, hit vigorously directly above his chest, hit to fly his whole person.