Almighty Student - Volume 9 - Chapter 891

Weapon unexpectedly of corrupt wolf use will distort, dagger unexpectedly turned into the stick directly. This in others opinion how inconceivable, however looked like in Xia Tian usually, because corrupt wolf use, but false Spirit Tool, false Spirit Tool had own function, looked like the fire dragon dagger has the hot attribute to be the same. The weapon function in corrupt wolf hand distorts. Xia Tian has put on the silk glove directly, since he had discovered fierce of corrupt wolf, that naturally cannot preserve. Silk glove. After both hands have put on the silk glove, Xia Tian has completed the combat readiness. This is the collision of talent and talent. Two have the big destiny person positive showdown. Come, Xia Tian, who making me have a look at our two to match, when China four big Expert.” In within the body of corrupt wolf also emerged to fight intent intensely, China four big Expert now only remaining three, a vacancy, then this vacancy was they want. In the world that many Expert and talents are staring at this position. However this quota also merely is only one, the especially corrupt wolf, he wants this position, he thinks, only then can be considered as is in the world first talent, but front Xia Tian. Actually is he biggest enemy, in his heart that biggest enemy is Xia Tian. In his eyes can have Xia Tian with person who he contends with, he does not pay attention to these so-called Expert, Yang Hufa such person he does not pay attention, although protector positive is very fierce. However he believes that wants to him time, he will certainly surmount protector positive. Protector space that this whole life can rise to be also limited positive, this is the disparity between talent and average person. Although they may rise to certain altitude, but after arriving at that altitude, only then the true talent and person diligently can break through to that highest Realm. He thinks that can achieve the highest Realm person, only then he and front the Xia Tian. So-called China four big Expert perhaps Xia Tianlong that also only then died is most likely to achieve that Realm, but Xia Tianlong died after all, his talent is high, strength, he is also same is double fist difficult enemy four.

Corrupt wolf, you are doomed only become the stepping-stone on my life line of advance.” Saying of Xia Tian coldly, his left hand double referred to direct alignment the corrupt wolf, the genuine war finally started. Is that move? Is useless to me.” Corrupt wolf coldly looks to Xia Tian. Right?” Corners of the mouth of Xia Tian slightly one slanting. Finger of Consonance Second Layer! A giant finger empty shade hit has approached the corrupt wolf. Vigorously diamond fist! The corrupt wolf sees Xia Tian to use this move, he immediately has used vigorously the diamond fist, Inner Strength manifestation, a moment ago he was also so relaxed neutralize Xia Tian left hand Inner Strength manifestation. Snort, similar style to me useless.” Saying that the corrupt wolf disdains. Whiz! Flickers the body technique! Right?” Xia Tian double referred to direct in the corrupt wolf. Bang! This finger will covet wolf to hit to fly directly, because Xia Tian presents in the corrupt wolf, direction that therefore the corrupt wolf flies, is the direction that the Finger of Consonance remaining strength flies. Puff! Vanished once more, Xia Tian attack unexpectedly has not injured him. Snort, I also think that you have any special skill, now looks like you are also mediocre.” Very Xia Tian disdains looks to the corrupt wolf, he thinks the corrupt wolf has any extraordinary skill, now looks like also mediocre. Do not think that you sneak attack successfully can be so wild.” The corrupt wolf felt own unexpectedly was despised by Xia Tian.

No, the corrupt wolf, you underestimated me, I think your neutralize my Inner Strength manifestation skill was own, but can look from the matter, your body had one to be able the neutralize Inner Strength manifestation treasure.” Xia Tian said. unexpectedly was seen through by you.” Corrupt wolf coldly looks to Xia Tian, murderous aura, his within the body erupted unprecedented murderous aura. This truly is a treasure, is his card in a hand, but now card in a hand unexpectedly by Xia Tian seeing through, this made him probably kill Xia Tian, because this matter, once passed on, he may be dangerous. Is Spirit Tool!” Xia Tian light saying. You know were too many.” The voice of corrupt wolf just fell, the stick in his right hand has brandished. Creates an incident tigerishly! Shaolin Unique Skill: diamond stick. The stick might in corrupt wolf hand is very powerful, the body of Xia Tian hides, the stick hits on stone wall, stone directly hit smashing on stone wall. Very strong stick law!” Body unceasing dodging of Xia Tian, the stick law of opposite party is fierce. Moreover worthily is Shaolin Unique Skill, might is also very big. Shaolin since the ancient times is firm representative. Is strong! Therefore he uses the stick law the time might so to be formidable. Kungfu of Shaolin, this corrupt wolf from just started to the present use is Shaolin Kungfu, what he picks is Shaolin 70 two Unique Skill?” Xia Tian innermost feelings doubts, this fellow as if really meets 70 two Unique Skill of Shaolin to be the same, moreover each same very skillful. Bang! Xia Tian surrounding stone wall was coveted wolf to open the flower. The stick law might of corrupt wolf is getting bigger and bigger, more hits is fiercer.

Xia Tian Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step dodges fast, his Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step opens completely, the stick law might of corrupt wolf is getting bigger and bigger, the speed is also getting more and more fast, but Xia Tian can shunt. Hateful, Xia Tian, are you a turtle? Will only run away.” Corrupt wolf angry looks to Xia Tian. Bang! Inner Strength manifestation! Inner Strength manifestation of corrupt wolf unexpectedly use stick law, he is just the Profound Grade late stage person, but unexpectedly can use two Inner Strength manifestation, ordinary Earth Grade Expert will use Inner Strength manifestation already very extraordinary. However such time of meeting, his unexpectedly used two Inner Strength manifestation. Vigorously diamond fist and diamond stick. Two Inner Strength manifestation. Even if Xia Tian also merely only meets Finger of Consonance this Inner Strength manifestation. Flickers the body technique! Bang! Xia Tian fled the attack range instantaneously, if at this time here situation made the bystander know, that must die surprisedly, the person fights of two Profound Grade, unexpectedly was the use that Inner Strength manifestation kept . Moreover the unexpectedly also person used two Inner Strength manifestation. Xia Tian, your waste, I underestimated, has the skill you not to run away.” The corrupt wolf is stimulating Xia Tian with the words, his stick law hits is so good, but he has not thought that Xia Tian speed unexpectedly is so quick, he cannot overtake Xia Tian. Xia Tian coldly looks to corrupt wolf, he most hated others saying that he was the waste, small time, he frequently was bullied, will bully other people to scold him each time is the waste. Mahler desert, your TM is the waste.” Xia Tian gives a loud shout.