Almighty Student - Volume 9 - Chapter 892

The left hand of Xia Tian double refers to lifts instantaneously! dāng! Gripped, his left hand double refers to the stick that gripped directly has created an incident tigerishly. Might so formidable stick. Can fully the quarrying a mountain crack stone. However like this by two fingers of Xia Tian gripping, this was also too terrifying. What?” Corrupt wolf surprised looks at Xia Tian. He has a dream cannot think that his stick unexpectedly was gripped by the two fingers of opposite party, this was also too terrifying, he had heard fierce of Finger of Consonance before, but he has not thought of Finger of Consonance unexpectedly fiercely to this degree. Her diamond stick can grip. I said damn!” Xia Tian angry shouting, his form disappeared in afterward same place. Bang! A Xia Tian foot has kicked him directly. Whose today what I must make you have a look at TM is the waste.” In the Xia Tian right hand presented a [gold/metal] blade, the [gold/metal] blade flies directly to the corrupt wolf, its speed is fast. Sees only golden light flashes to dodge. „It is not good!” The corrupt wolf vision dodges, he directly stick horizontally in front. dāng! The spark four shoot. What?” On the face of corrupt wolf has written all over inconceivable, because on his false Spirit Tool stick unexpectedly presented the opening. That is false Spirit Tool, unexpectedly will be pounded the opening by the opposite party, thus it can be seen the outcome on opposite party hand is the weapon of any rank, is Spirit Tool, thinks of here, he was more excited. He knows that perhaps will have the weapon of Spirit Tool rank by the Xia Tian luck.

You probably is a deaf person, I said that damn.” The [gold/metal] blade in Xia Tian right hand flung to fly directly. Bang! This corrupt wolf does not dare to meet hardly, on surrounding stone wall is the Xia Tian slash. Hateful, this is any weapon, unexpectedly so is fierce.” The body of corrupt wolf fast is dodging, he knows, if continues to meet hardly, false Spirit Tool in his hand damaged. Hits? What to run? Weren't you a moment ago very good B?” Xia Tian shouts loudly. Now the aspect turned over thoroughly, the corrupt wolf shouted to Xia Tian a moment ago that now turns into Xia Tian to shout to the corrupt wolf, they are the talent in talent, the card in a hand emerge one after another incessantly. This is the true talent. The talent in talent. Hateful, Xia Tian should not be rampant, I will certainly kill you, your Spirit Tool also certainly is my.” Corrupt wolf angry shouting, he brandished the stick to pursue Xia Tian there a moment ago. However now starts to be pursued by Xia Tian is hitting. Runs away, any talent, any big destiny, is the nonsense.” Xia Tian [gold/metal] Dao keeps is dancing in the air. You court death!” The corrupt wolf had been enraged thoroughly, he most repugnant is Xia Tian looks down upon him, because he is the talent, needs others to acknowledge, especially Xia Tian this person. He most hopes that hears is Xia Tian quart he is fierce, praised him is the talent. He thinks coped with the Xia Tian use stick law to be OK, but has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly has put out [gold/metal] Dao. Xia Tian does not have to explain that [gold/metal] Dao is not Spirit Tool, since the corrupt wolf is willing to say is Spirit Tool, that Xia Tian does not need to explain anything, after all this can also cause certain burden at heart to the corrupt wolf. ! The [gold/metal] blade and Gold Thread in Xia Tian hand will covet the wolf to surround directly. The corrupt wolf has no place to go. Corrupt wolf time has not run away, but was in both hands presented a pair of nunchakus, the nunchakus created an incident tigerishly, the might was very powerful.

Shaolin Unique Skill: Jinzhongzhao iron blouse. Ding-dong dāng! The Xia Tian [gold/metal] blade hits , on Jinzhongzhao the spark four shoot, has not penetrated. Gold blade unexpectedly kept off outside. Spirit Tool!” Xia Tian has taken back own [gold/metal] blade. This war was too really inconceivable, Xia Tian thought inconceivable, he has not seen so is suitable for the person of day, his unexpectedly met 70 two Unique Skill. Moreover such a congress they are the card in a hand emerge one after another incessantly. Two Spirit Tool, false Spirit Tool. Then just had the war, opposite party unexpectedly has put out these many treasures, even if Xia Tian a little thinks the heart startled, Earth Grade Expert can obtain a false Spirit Tool that is very happy matter, obtains Spirit Tool, that is much happier. But corrupt wolf Profound Grade greatly complete person, unexpectedly such one will use four types of Shaolin Unique Skill, two Spirit Tool and false Spirit Tool. Moreover Jinzhongzhao that this Spirit Tool uses, forms a clock around the corrupt wolf body , the Inner Strength manifestation clock. Also is Inner Strength manifestation. The third Inner Strength manifestation skill. Xia Tian felt terroristly, person unexpectedly met three Inner Strength manifestation. Your this anomaly, unexpectedly will use three Inner Strength manifestation.” Xia Tian [gold/metal] Daoshou, he fought also really to use energy with this abnormal fellow. Xia Tian, this is between you and me the disparity.” The corrupt wolf disdains looked that said to Xia Tian. He sees in the Xia Tian eye finally surprisedly, he likes Xia Tian this look very much, this look seems very crisp. What nonsense isn't Jinzhongzhao, the tortoiseshell?” The body of Xia Tian has made a very strange posture directly, this posture seems is not the posture of person, but is a posture of animal. But both hands of Xia Tian have shown a posture of eagle claw.

Copes with the turtle, naturally wanted the eagle to get rid. Snort, studies the hawk, interesting.” The corrupt wolf opens the mouth to say directly. Xia Tian flushes away to the corrupt wolf directly, the second impact must start, what this corrupt wolf use is Spirit Tool, but what Xia Tian use is an eagle claw, seizes dragon, although the might is big, when uses needs formidable Inner Strength to take the foundation. Usually uses to consume very in a big way. Therefore undergoes his ponder, found out this set of eagle claw, eagle claw has usually used the might, although was smaller, but coped with this tortoiseshell actually appropriate advantage. Bang! Attack that Xia Tian eagle claw keeps outside of Jinzhongzhao, the air current that but Jinzhongzhao forms was too strong, therefore he has not gone well. However the Xia Tian eagle claw is joined to his Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step may be called the attack of invincible, all-around non- blind spot. Bang! Bang! Bang! Their attacks emerge one after another incessantly, Xia Tian wants to give to discard this tortoiseshell directly, but he actually cannot accomplish. The might of this tortoiseshell was too big. Xia Tian, haven't you selected the strong skill?” Saying that the corrupt wolf disdains. Competition between Xia Tian and corrupt wolves is very simple, is mutually is competing the card in a hand, looked that whose card in a hand are many, looked whose card in a hand is fierce. Xia Tian thinks own card in a hand has sufficed many, but corrupt wolf unexpectedly can also with obtaining these many cards in a hand, he has not wanted to play now with the corrupt wolf, this corrupt wolf treasure was really too many, this time must all seize directly. These treasures he considered the gift that corrupt wolf sent. The Xia Tian right hand has put out a feather from the bosom directly.