Almighty Student - Volume 9 - Chapter 893

Peacock plume! The thing that Xia Tian takes is the peacock plume. When Xia Tian takes the peacock plume, corrupt wolf at present one bright, he felt that his big destiny came, although he is indefinite, but he has heard, but this goods Top Grade. Peacock plume, hopes that you can like!” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Really is the peacock plume.” On the face of corrupt wolf one happy, he thinks that this is own big destiny, was ascends the sky and delivers him the treasure, Xia Tian was the person who that delivered the treasure. Peacock plume! This is the treasure in legend, although he has not known that the peacock plume is useful, but peacock plume name to listen to make him feel excitedly. Right, is peacock plume!” Xia Tian light saying. Ha Ha Ha Ha corrupt wolf excited laughing said: Really is the day helps me, has not thought luck good time keeps off cannot block.” Xia Tian coldly looked at a corrupt wolf, afterward his thought started to control the peacock plume, the peacock plume starts to launch, the blue light shining in all directions, will covet the wolf to surround directly. Shaolin Unique Skill: Jinzhongzhao. The corrupt wolf wants to use Inner Strength manifestation to block the peacock plume, but he has made a mistake, the peacock plume true attack is not external, but intrinsic, the spiritual attack, the blue ray penetrated Jinzhongzhao instantaneously. What?” The complexion of corrupt wolf changes, afterward wants to escape, but he discovered that one by blue ray surrounding, this blue ray was really too many, he absolutely did not have the place to hide. Eight Trigrams mirror! The corrupt wolf right hand has put out a palm of the hand big mirror from the bosom directly, this mirror is the Eight Trigrams appearance. Attract!

Flash, surrounding blue light all by the Eight Trigrams mirror absorbing. unexpectedly is it!” Xia Tian finally understands actually now own Inner Strength manifestation had been absorbed by any thing, is this Eight Trigrams mirror, the Spirit Tool Eight Trigrams mirror. The corrupt wolf looked to the Xia Tian ridicule smiles: This was your final card in a hand, the Spirit Tool peacock plume, was really extraordinary, this treasure unexpectedly will also get so far as by you.” unexpectedly was all absorbed.” Xia Tian received the peacock plume directly, peacock plume already not any function. Snort!” Corrupt wolf cold snort: Peacock plume, although is also most precious object, but how he and Eight Trigrams mirror can compare, although the Eight Trigrams mirror in my hand is only half, it that but ends the full page is Advanced Spirit Tool.” Advanced Spirit Tool?” Xia Tian doubts looks to corrupt wolf. It seems like you know are really few, Spirit Tool altogether can be divided into four ranks, is preliminary, Intermediate and Advanced, as well as super of highest rank.” The corrupt wolf as if did not worry to fight with Xia Tian. He thinks that Xia Tian has put out peacock plume grade of most precious object, that has put out the final card in a hand. Present Xia Tian is no matter what its sheep of butchering. Really is the treasure, no wonder you can such be proud, two Spirit Tool, false Spirit Tool, moreover Advanced Spirit Tool below standard, and is skilled in that many Shaolin Unique Skill, will use three Inner Strength manifestation, but also so is fierce, extraordinary, was really too extraordinary.” Xia Tian looked that said to the corrupt wolf. Snort, now knew, so long as you handed over your glove, [gold/metal] Dao, the peacock plume, I can forgive your life in addition.” The corrupt wolf disdains light snort. Xia Tian has not spoken, but has lifted the left hand. You have forgotten a very serious matter probably.” Xia Tian light saying. What matter?” Corrupt wolf vigilant looks at Xia Tian, because Xia Tian lifts the left hand now, he knows that now the left hand of Xia Tian was fierce. You have also looked.” The left hand of Xia Tian has formed a strange posture, five fingers and make three.

Seizes dragon! When the corrupt wolf sees Xia Tian the hand signal, deeps frown, he remembers that this hand signal, was initially Insta-kill Earth Grade Expert that hand signal, but he does not think Xia Tian to be able long-term usage twice this skill. But he person of big destiny, his anything matter and treasure has seen, he knows that the stronger treasure limit is bigger. It looks like his Eight Trigrams mirror is the same, although seems the might is formidable, can absorb Inner Strength manifestation, but the Eight Trigrams mirror in his hand is just seconds, is incomplete, therefore he needs to train the Eight Trigrams mirror by his essence and blood, this can let the Eight Trigrams mirror position present ability. Do not bluster, I do not believe that the similar ability you can use two.” Corrupt wolf coldly looks to Xia Tian. Eight Trigrams mirror, although is good, but supports by own essence and blood is not good.” Xia Tian said that he had seen with X-Ray Vision a moment ago, unexpectedly of Eight Trigrams mirror has the bloodstain, this certificate corrupt wolf is training the Eight Trigrams mirror with own essence and blood, this can increase him and Eight Trigrams mirrors relation between. But with essence and blood training, that is needs to restore. Before Xia Tian, is having doubts, by the destiny and treasure of corrupt wolf, how possibly not to have cultivation to the present to Earth Grade, Xia Tian does not believe is because does not have the heart of Expert to cause. The heart of Expert. Many Profound Grade greatly complete person its life is unable to break through to Earth Grade finally because of the heart of this Expert, does not have the broken then vertical thoughts, how also possibly to achieve Earth Grade. However the corrupt wolf may absolutely not be this person. He gets up continuously running free with the current from small cultivation, his goal is to turn into the China four big Expert that ranks. Reason that he these years had not broken through Earth Grade, are because he sought after the might of Eight Trigrams mirror, he only then the use essence and blood can make the Eight Trigrams mirror play the maximum might, but sacrificed the opportunity of also temporarily breaking through. You know were too many, I want you dead!” The corrupt wolf attacked directly to Xia Tian. The corrupt wolf received the Eight Trigrams mirror, afterward his both hands simultaneously stretched out two fingers, this finger is more like Xia Tian Finger of Consonance, but Xia Tian the discovery is not immediately right.

Because the finger of corrupt wolf has the strength. Shaolin: The diamond refers to vigorously. Also is Inner Strength manifestation, this is fourth Inner Strength manifestation that he uses, moreover is Kungfu of Shaolin. Finger of Consonance Second Layer! The vigorous diamond of a giant finger empty shade and opposite party referred to hitting in one. Bang! What Xia Tian use is the right hand, therefore presented to counter-balance. Corrupt wolf both hands waved the Spirit Tool nunchakus once more, was Shaolin Unique Skill Jinzhongzhao, this corrupt wolf started the active threat, he wants to kill Xia Tian with Jinzhongzhao directly. Seizes dragon! The left hand of Xia Tian attacked directly to the corrupt wolf. Between two tattoos on his arm has connected a straight line, this time he has burnt 200,000 Rank 1 compounded drugs, these 200,000 compounded drug Xia Tian use loves dearly. Even if previous time massacred Earth Grade Expert he also merely to burn 100,000 Rank 1 compounded drugs.