Almighty Student - Volume 9 - Chapter 895

In the Maoshan old ancestor's threw hand note to the blood was old: Oneself have a look!” After the blood old receives a note, strangely looked: That person?” Right, the previous time notified Jiang Hai City had the information that person of ambush sent, it can be said that accurate incomparable.” The Maoshan old ancestors have not reproven the blood old monster meaning. This time is my fault, I have not thought that his unexpectedly is mixes.” The blood old has grasped fist strangely. Xia Tian, Xia Tianlong son, is he.” Maoshan old ancestor light saying. Was the homicide my son.” Strangely what the blood old said is the Hushan god beast diamond, at that time the Hushan god beast diamond died time flies into a rage, but he has not thought that personal enemy unexpectedly is that Maoshan disciple who he favors. His unexpectedly also seals own personal enemy as the deputy general director of this fight, thinks that here he must be irritated simply. Own unexpectedly also leads own personal enemy to go to the dwelling place, gives him the compounded drug, gave back to his super to control the soul technique. Hateful, was too hateful.” The blood old has gotten hold of own fist strangely. First leaves anxiously the vitality, here has gotten so far as another news, passes from the dwelling place, in the dwelling place all compounded drugs all vanished into thin air.” Maoshan old ancestor light saying. What? The compounded drug all lost, is North Korean Expert does?” Blood old monster puzzled looks to the Maoshan old ancestor. No, my Zha Guo, has entered the dwelling place, only then two people, a person is you, another person with the boy who you go in together.” Maoshan old ancestor light saying. Is impossible, that many compounded drugs he is impossible to carry off, moreover comes out the warning has not sounded.” Blood old monster deeping frown, whole face inconceivable saying. Anything is impossible, nine revolutions of universe cauldrons can the info clerk compounded drug.” Maoshan Lao Zu said.

Nine revolutions of universe cauldrons? How possible? That is the Witchcraft Sect most precious object.” Blood old monster doubts looks to the Maoshan old ancestor. Right, however remembers, you are No. 2 figure of Maoshan, do not regard anything is impossible, can the info clerk compounded drug, only then nine revolutions of universe cauldron things.” The Maoshan old ancestors teach said. „The trouble that I hold I solve.” The blood old has gotten hold of own fist strangely. Careful, these compounded drugs I can not care, but you cannot have an accident absolutely, the boy is a little weird, I have sent for informing to protect buddhist law first positive.” Maoshan Lao Zu said. I must solve him personally.” Saying of blood old monster whole face hate, he does not have to think one year to year hit the wild goose, finally was been blind by the wild goose calligraphy stroke. He is angry now, is very angry, he has a dream cannot think own foot softly by a young fellow planning, has made him all make for no reason all compounded drugs, moreover oneself have given back to the position of this deputy general director, super controls the soul technique. The Maoshan old ancestors are also angry, if trades to be others, he already got rid to kill people directly, even if will be the person of main rank he will also kill, what this misdemeanor will be the blood is old, he cannot do, the blood will always blame with him is brothers, and has helped he very big busy, in the past he entered Maoshan, if were not the blood is old, he died has not known how many returned. Therefore he pledged, regardless of the blood old has done any wrong thing strangely, he will not investigate. But the blood old monster also knows that the Maoshan old ancestor's temperament, he naturally knows the importance of this matter, if the Maoshan old ancestors obloquied at this time he one, he can also accept reluctantly, but Maoshan old ancestor a few words did not say that he really did not have the means to forgive itself. The Maoshan old ancestors more such treat him, his exceed cannot forgive itself, he planned that he solves this matter. Xia Tian, your unexpectedly dares to play me, I want you dead.” The blood old tidied up all later to hurry to the mountain strangely directly. The anger of blood old monster whole face, his present mood missed the extreme, he wants to kill people now. In Witchcraft Sect buried treasure three.

Protector positive, when this thing gave your gift.” Xia Tian gave the brown ganoderma lucidum has protected buddhist law positive, Yang Hufa saw the brown ganoderma lucidum in Xia Tian hand to stare slightly, by the Xia Tian status, he definitely does not need to hand over the brown ganoderma lucidum. Gives me? This is not good, after all this is you snatches.” Yang Hufa shook the head. What has not to be good, did you forget? We are the brothers.” Xia Tian gave the brown ganoderma lucidum directly has protected buddhist law positive. Good , your words, I guarantee also your big ritual.” Yang Hufa strikes one's chest the guarantee to say. Protector positive, the deputy general director, front discovers large quantities of corpses.” The people in Maoshan come to report. Killed was not good.” Protector positive said directly. Cannot kill, how regardless to kill cannot kill.” The people in Maoshan said. Can't kill?” Yang Hufa a brow wrinkle, takes the lead to walk toward front afterward directly, when he sees the corpse both hands also eject, penetrated that corpse directly, the corpse but actually. However afterward, that corpse has stood. Flesh and blood fuses. Pursues the soul master!” Xia Tian and protector positive also said that afterward they have looked at each other one. Brother Tian also know that pursues the soul master?” Yang Hufa looked that asked to Xia Tian. Em, listening to the blood gentleman to say.” Xia Tian nodded.

„, Also is right, you mix with the blood gentleman, naturally knows that pursued the soul master.” Yang Hufa nodded. Now may trouble.” Xia Tian deeps frown, although he has to cope to pursue the means of soul, but may be unusable now, will otherwise protector positive will certainly get suspicious. Passes through, even if pursues the soul master unable rapidly to restore, let alone here these fellows are just the half-finished products.” Yang Hufa looked, here pursuing soul master does not end the full page, but is the half-finished product, the past Maoshan and Witchcraft Sect war, were pursue the soul master to win the Witchcraft Sect disciple, if Witchcraft Sect also studied to pursue the soul master at that time, then they possibly will not lose that miserably. Looks here half-finished product, protector positive understood, if they were late attack ten years eight years, perhaps Witchcraft Sect also really studied to pursue the soul master to come. All people have tailed, do not fall behind.” Xia Tian mediated to protect buddhist law them directly forward to clash positive, in the Xia Tian hand [gold/metal] Dao leads the way, these corpse gathering, will not have protected buddhist law positive also greatly open gather greatly. Their successful leadership under passed through, if at this time is not Xia Tian and protector positive, Maoshan here dozens individuals can live finally passing through absolutely not over ten. Good fragrant flavor.” Xia Tian smells gang of Qi Xiang suddenly, very fragrant flavor, Xia Tian has not smelled such fragrant thing. Non- important news!” Protector positive shouts loudly. Bang! Body of Xia Tian but actually.