Almighty Student - Volume 9 - Chapter 896
Yang Hufa goes forward to grasp Xia Tian hurriedly. Afterward he put out vial compounded drug to put in the Xia Tian mouth from the waist. ! Xia Tian coughed lightly two. You awoke!” Yang Hufa looked that said to Xia Tian. I was poisoned.” The first feeling of Xia Tian was the autointoxication, he felt now own whole body was incapable, four limbs worn out and aching. Em, is sad crisp cool breeze.” Yang Hufa nodded. Now was miserable, the strength that I move did not have.” Xia Tian depressed saying, he presented a sense of crisis now, if some people start to him now, he must die without doubt. „Under relax, I have given you to take the antidote, after two double-hour, you were all right.” Yang Hufa said that looks to behind person: Opens folds the sedan chair, lifts the field direction to go forward, you favored to me, what if Commander Tian took the post of me to kill you.” Yang Hufa looks that the surrounding these Maoshan disciples warned. Many thanks brothers.” Xia Tian can only think highly with the word of praise now has protected buddhist law positive, because protector positive now is his straw to grasp, if Yang Hufa no matter he, he must die without doubt. Brothers' which words, you and I are brothers, you have to be difficult I to be certain fully.” Yang Hufa strikes one's chest the guarantee to say. Afterward they continue to enter, they had rushed to the endless corpse position a moment ago, now they also arrived at the third central place. Wait / Etc.!” Xia Tian shouts suddenly. Brother, how? Is uncomfortable?” Yang Hufa kind asking. Front has the flavor of blood.” Xia Tian said. Blood?” Yang Hufa a brow wrinkle, he knows that the Xia Tian skill is big, was injured has been able to help them prospect the situation.

Front fights, everybody, diving secretly in the past, had to fight carefully has the treasure, do not miss the treasure.” Xia Tian said loudly. Good!” Yang Hufa nodded, afterward the advance of their cautious and solemn, after walking for probably five minutes, they really saw has two groups of people to fight, at this time the people in Maoshan admired Xia Tian. From is so far, his unexpectedly can also discover. Stops!” Xia Tian shouts hurriedly. How?” Yang Hufa looks to Xia Tian, now Yang Hufa felt that Xia Tian is the backbone in his heart is the same, has any matter to need to ask Xia Tian. Brother, the treasure I had found the position, person but who front fights, the strength is not weak, if puts together us not to be cost-effective hardly, I have a plan.” Xia Tian looked that toward the sun protector to say. What plans?” Yang Hufa asked. Here has two branch road junctions, we enter another branch road junction first, after we walked for five minutes, you get rid the directions of 11 o'clock, snatches the treasure, do not prolong contact, snatches to pursue us.” Xia Tian said directly. Good!” Yang Hufa thought that Xia Tian this is a great idea. Brothers were careful that I will make them complete mechanism, waits for these people to pursue, cleans up.” Xia Tian said directly that afterward these disciples in Maoshan lifted into another channel Xia Tian. Positive protector stands there is waiting, has not spoken, person Expert over a hundred people that front fought . Moreover the strengths of these people are not weak, where can such already intrude the third person strength naturally is weak to does not go. After five minutes! Whiz! Protector positive sends out instantaneously, his whole person disappeared in same place, afterward he has fired into 11 o'clock directions directly. Puff! The treasure is the thousand years ginsengs, he does not have the slight hesitation, snatched directly, then turns the head to run.

„It is not good, the treasure was snatched by others.” Some people discovered. These people toward the sun protector to pursue directly, the speed of but positive protector was too fast, moreover these people had killed to get angry a moment ago, was very suddenly difficult to stop, finally be only dozens pursued personally to has protected buddhist law positive. Quick, protector to pursue positive. Start.” Xia Tian light saying. These Maoshan disciple line start mechanism, behind pursued the quickest more than ten people killed instantaneously, their following people stopped the footsteps, does not dare to pursue again. Brother, turned over to you.” Yang Hufa threw the thousand years ginsengs to Xia Tian. „It is not good, this is you snatches, how can I want?” The Xia Tian rejection said. „Do you look down upon the brothers I? If not your plan, we will want to snatch ginseng definitely dying many people, can say that your merit will be biggest, moreover you happen to need it now.” Yang Hufa said that cuts open ginseng directly, places the mouth of Xia Tian: Ginseng, once cuts open, in ten minutes will download inside spiritual energy, if you do not eat, spoiled.” Thanked!” Xia Tian nodded, he knows that protector this positive is compelling him to eat, in also his favour. Xia Tian not shyly, ate the ginseng directly, after eating up the ginseng, although his strength has not recovered, but he can feel that the change of own body, the whole body is warm, moreover Inner Strength instantaneously suddenly to increase. Profound Grade is greatly complete! Broke through. Xia Tian finally broke through, now he already cultivation to Profound Grade greatly complete Realm. He does not have to think own unexpectedly such quickly broke through, this breakthrough made him feel relieved to the following matter, the strength in ginseng was too big, helped him arrive at Profound Grade to be greatly complete directly. The tour of this time Witchcraft Sect buried treasure, Xia Tian can be said as the harvest is many, they only enters to the present to third, but he obtained these many treasures now. Feels how is it?” Yang Hufa asked.

Is very good!” Xia Tian nodded. That is good, we a bit faster look for the fourth entrance.” Protector positive said directly. Did not need to look, we arrived.” Xia Tian said directly. To?” Yang Hufa looked in the surroundings. To, you walked five steps to left front, the left hand pushes on stone wall.” Xia Tian said. Protected buddhist law to forward positive directly five steps, then the left hand has pushed above the wall directly. Bang! stone wall moved, there stone wall opens directly, jumped the downward channel to appear, Yang Hufa looked excitedly to Xia Tian: How you know that here will have the channel?” I, although the body cannot move, however my look is good, the place of that bulge is the side, natural stone wall is absolutely impossible such side.” Xia Tian answered. It seems like your function is that big.” Yang Hufa said. Cannot work as an idler.” Xia Tian needs to protect buddhist law them to protect now positive, naturally cannot a matter not do. Walks!” Yang Hufa takes the lead to walk toward below, when they just entered to fourth felt that the cold wind is intermittent, positive protector this Maoshan Expert to feel that intense cold wind. Has the danger!” Xia Tian shouts hurriedly.