Almighty Student - Volume 9 - Chapter 897

The danger appeared! Just entered fourth to have the danger, that team of people in Maoshan has all anchored the footsteps, Xia Tian the words regarding them ordered, was the straw to grasp, therefore positive protector has also anchored the footsteps. What's the matter?” Yang Hufa then asked. Very strong corpse air/Qi, this inside certain seal some formidable war corpse.” Xia Tian felt that corpse air/Qi is formidable, probably was trained intentionally. Killed him not to be good.” Protector very optional saying positive. No, has killed him, your consumption decides however also much, moreover this should be the big infusion of new blood place I estimated that fifth started is the world of treasure, only then the competent person can enter fifth truly.” Xia Tian shook the head. We now what to do?” Protector puzzled asking positive. Advance time careful, bumps into the corpse time cannot kill, finding the way to withdraw, otherwise the corpse air/Qi is encumbered, will have the continuous corpse to clash.” Xia Tian said. Everybody carefully.” Yang Hufa reminded. Brother, first leads everybody to find a safe place, diving quietly in the past, should some people quick be able to come, when the time comes makes them cope with the corpse, our diving quietly in the past.” Xia Tian said. Good!” Protected buddhist law positive soon admires dead Xia Tian simply. Brain of Xia Tian specially easy-to-use, their these dozens people have arrived at four, unexpectedly do not have what loss, this is the Xia Tian merit, if they hit, then can the remaining ten people be the extraordinary matter finally, moreover they affirmed that each will have very big loss, has not arrived at the genuine buried treasure to lose is so big, this obviously is not the wise action. Now they not only do not have what damage, but also almost did not have what consumption. When they formally enter fourth, protector positive worried, here corpse was really too many, wanted to mix from here a little too to be also difficult. Turns very quiet.” Xia Tian said directly that is not all corpses can see like the Great General, the majority of corpses judge the position by the breath, where has the sound of breath, where they to kill. All people have all turned very quiet. Protector from the waist positive puts out a paper symbol, threw in airborne. bo!

A guard shield appears in their surroundings. Was good, this isolates the paper symbol, can insist for five minutes, everybody walks forward, five minutes we cannot get away quickly far, must find the way to find a place to hide first.” Yang Hufa said. Em, goes to two o'clock directions.” Xia Tian said directly. Afterward all people hurry to two o'clock directions directly, they go out for two minutes, on the hearing following war cry, some people flushed obviously, but these person probably very idiots. Gets down fights. Once they have hit, that will attract nearby corpse. Quickly, the present is a good opportunity, that group of idiots helped us attract the corpse.” Xia Tian said loudly. All people go forward fast. The following war sound is getting more and more loud, obviously is the person were getting more and more, moreover these more than one entrances, suddenly, the surroundings all have broadcast the sound of fight. bo! The isolation covers the breakage. Xia Tian and the others have hidden in a dark corner, here three were surrounded by stone wall, if some people do not rush to here intentionally, then absolutely will not discover his. First few words that crisp Ah! Yang Hufa spoke. I have not fought such crisp war, can reap profits without firing a single bullet.” The second words that Yang Hufa spoke. Good play also in behind.” Xia Tian light saying. Ah! The pitiful yell sound continuously, outside war cry rises from all directions.

Really miserable Ah! Xia Tian shows a faint smile. This time third. Protector positive?” A Maoshan disciple opens the mouth to ask. Yang Hufa follows the deputy general director together, how?” Expert of famous family main rank is leading the large unit on third. Was bad, a bit faster finds way to inform to protect buddhist law positive, that deputy general director is a traitor within.” That Maoshan disciple complexion changes. Is impossible!” That gate main a little cannot believe that because Xia Tian displays with is really absolutely same. I said real, hurry up, we must relate Shangyang to protect buddhist law immediately, otherwise may leave the important matter.” That Maoshan disciple said hurriedly. That famous family main does not dare to treat it lightly: Good! We walk.” The enormous and powerful more than 100 Maoshan disciples directly to fourth hurrying, at the same time the increasing number of people entered fourth, fourth was really too big, after they got down, fell into a tangled warfare. Not only has the corpse, but also has others' sneak attack. These many people and corpse fights, have very big superiority actually, if some people sneak attack, then no longer trusted, they start to subjugate with mutually to the war. This time Han Zifeng and the others. Hits, hits, person who one crowd does not have the brain, if they mix with the Boss, certainly will always be obloquied dies.” Fourth somewhere, Han Zifeng their four conceal very covert. Your boy is actually leisurely and carefree, do not lie down, we walk, the Great General must walk probably.” Steals the day to say. Good!” Han Zifeng nodded. Afterward they moved toward the direction of corner with the big corpse directly. „It is not good, danger!” Han Zifeng shouts hurriedly, he felt terrifying corpse air/Qi.

Roar! A great roar transmits from the corner, at the same time several roars transmit from the different directions, afterward a huge form ran from inside, has fired into Han Zifeng and the others directly. Draws back!” Steals the day to shout hurriedly. But at this moment they discovered that Great General unexpectedly rushed. Bang! The Great General fought with the fists on the body of that giant corpse. The necklace on Great General neck has sent out the dark grey ray, at the same time Han Zifeng they saw inconceivable one, that giant corpse body unexpectedly in fast is withered, he has not made any revolt. Like this is little, gets down witheredly, afterward fell down. Won! Such simply won? Han Zifeng they all are inconceivable looks to the Great General, afterward they directly entered that channel, after they enter the channel, that big corpse crawled the cave, after ten minutes. Roar! That place has exuded a roar once more, full Xue resurrects. Chaotic, is really chaotic.” At this time one line of they stand in the fourth entrance. Sir? Which direction do we in walk?” Said at the back of the man of broadsword. There, the first roar sent out from there a moment ago.” The young master of that elegant bearing said.