Almighty Student - Volume 9 - Chapter 898

This they combine look like very strange, because enters the fourth person now, has hired oneself any organization, or dozens people form a team. However they have two people. These two people moved toward have stolen the cave that the day they entered a moment ago. The position that they walk is very remote, has not alarmed the surrounding person, has not alarmed the surrounding corpse. Here should some people go in a moment ago, the big corpse of that guard should be solved.” Zhuge Wanglang light saying, he moved toward that position directly. Sir, that aura truly was very a moment ago weak, but why does not know, now he stiffens.” Hongwu said directly. This they combined are Hongwu and Zhuge Wanglang. „, Was busy at work in vain.” Zhuge Wanglang depressed saying. He thinks can fish in troubled waters to mix, but he has not thought that this corpse unexpectedly can also resurrect, this simply was too inconceivable, killed big corpse unexpectedly resurrected. Sir, we now what to do?” Hongwu looked that asked to Zhuge Wanglang, he anything listens to Zhuge Wanglang now. Hongwu, can you hit the opposite that big corpse?” Zhuge Wanglang looked that asked to Hongwu. Can Ah! Hongwu very optional saying. shit, why can you early not say that I am still thinking in this matter of fishing in troubled waters, early knows you can be victorious, we go in earlier well.” Zhuge Wanglang despises looked to Hongwu. You have not asked me.” Hongwu very innocent saying. Cannot master you, I run away you also to run away each time, my suspicious you are also suspicious, actually you obviously are Expert.” Zhuge Wanglang has treated with Hongwu in the same place is very long. Because I listen your, you make me run away that definitely reasonable.” Hongwu serious saying. Good, you have won, in the past killed that big corpse to me.” Zhuge Wanglang said directly that he simply must collapse now, actually this time wanted attractive Hongwu to have any skill. I am a lonely wild wolf.” Hongwu has pulled out behind broadsword directly.

Afterward he has aimed at the big corpse the broadsword directly. Loves invincible blade skill.” Hongwu direct blade divided. Puff! The big corpse was separated from the middle by the blade of Hongwu directly. I force a grass, is so fierce.” Zhuge Wanglang dumbfounded looks at Hongwu. Sir, solved.” Hongwu patted has clapped to say. Hongwu, Expert of what rank were you?” Zhuge Wanglang whole face inconceivable looks at Hongwu to ask. I do not know that I am different from them, what I study loves invincible blade skill.” Hongwu said directly. Loves invincible blade skill really? What Kungfu is this? How haven't I heard?” Zhuge Wanglang looked asked puzzled to Hongwu. My master is person of the real love, he always stream of people tears secretly, he to I biggest instruction is, a person cries, loves really invincibly.” Hongwu said directly. The heavy line of Zhuge Wanglang whole face. He thought that this to Master and Disciple simply was too Top Grade. Walks!” Zhuge Wanglang light saying, they also entered fifth afterward. This time Xia Tian and the others are still hiding there, the sound that outside fights vanished gradually, although these corpses are many, the person who however gets down is also very many, they started to walk toward the big corpse of guarding a gate. Walks, we also mix, but do not approach.” Xia Tian said. Afterward these dozens people directly to depending on their recent entrance walk, they listen to the Xia Tian words very much, they know , if not Xia Tian, they are either dead or wounded, especially these strength low points people. They not only have not died now, but also has not received any wound.

Wait / Etc., three o'clock directions, right stone wall.” Xia Tian said suddenly. Bang! Protected buddhist law positive pats directly above stone wall. Ka! stone wall opened slowly. Over a hundred Rank 3 compounded drugs place in people at present. Sees these Rank 3 compounded drugs time, not to mention they were happy. Finally saw the compounded drug. Their usual salary are very low, these compounded drugs regarding them are the most precious objects. Brother, apportions the following these brothers, they are not easy, the old ancestor when the time comes will not care about this buried treasure.” Xia Tian said directly. Good, listens your.” Protected buddhist law to divide to more than 30 brothers the compounded drug positive directly. Thanks protector positive, thanks the deputy general director.” These people are grateful to Xia Tian. Their is recording good of Xia Tian at heart, Xia Tian is buying the hearts of the people now, he knows that these people will certainly have in a big way use, because these people followed him, feels a heartfelt admiration to him. Thanks Tian the deputy general director.” Yang Hufa said. When they walked 45, the Xia Tian vision looks once more to stone wall: Brother, two o'clock directions, right stone wall.” Bang! Racket that Yang Hufa makes an effort on stone wall.

Ka! On stone wall presented a buried treasure. 30 Rank 5 compounded drugs, see these compounded drugs time, all people at present are one bright, this unexpectedly is the Rank 5 compounded drug, sees the Rank 5 compounded drug time, positive protector also slightly stares, here was fourth, unexpectedly has the Rank 5 compounded drug. Brother, in this how so many treasures, now these Rank 5 compounded drugs what to do?” Yang Hufa looked that asked to Xia Tian. Rank 5 compounded drug, although is good, but brothers this was also all the way laborious, the gate advocates ten, other 20 apportion the brothers, has not divided the brother who arrives at not to need to worry, I pledged that certainly helps everybody make up, if everybody trusts me, don't, because assigns unevenly at heart disgruntled.” Xia Tian looked that said to the people. Deputy general director, you felt relieved that we believe you, I do not want, to apportion other people first.” Immediately saying of some people of atmosphere. Great.” Xia Tian said. Deputy general director, I do not want first.” Hears Xia Tian to commend that person, everybody also starts to raise hand in abundance, they trust Xia Tian, because Xia Tian is very good to everybody. Was good, has sufficed, thanks everybody to my trust.” Xia Tian said. Was good, matter of assignment such has decided that since Tian the deputy general directors said that everybody do not have any doubt, if could not find, I comply to give everybody to make up.” Protector positive said directly. Guarantee that some have protector positive, everybody butt buffer. Meanwhile, fourth. Gate lord, they should also on fourth, we a bit faster find the way to find protector them positive, waited to find has protected buddhist law us quite to reveal the deputy general director positive the status, will otherwise then have the catastrophe.” The special envoy in that Maoshan said hurriedly. Gate lord, front discovered probably protector them positive.” A Maoshan disciple reported.