Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 101 - Chapter 10044

Liu all open the mouth and said: Young Master, we had discussed before, through the army, conducts the propaganda, through the army, must lead everyone together leave information to pass on you, the army in the 5 Realms here position is very high, is propagandized by them, the effect will be better a little, in fact also truly is this, after the propaganda of army, the 5 Realms people knows now, Young Master you must lead everyone, pursues Everlasting Grand Dao, therefore no one opposed, opposite everyone appears excited, is willing then your together to walk.” The people also all nod, to be honest, such result, is they have not thought that they have not really thought that the 5 Realms here person, really did not oppose unexpectedly, this makes them very curious, later they conducted to investigate, this discover, in 5 Realms here, Zhao Hai also has the huge reputation, the 5 Realms here person, to Zhao Hai worship, is adding on these these information to pass on by the army, this by the 5 Realms here person, easy acceptance, therefore 5 Realms here person, really very easy on accepting this matter. Zhao Hai slightly smiled, nods correct/pretty good that later said: makes, this breakthrough point looking is very good, correct/pretty good, these days, I have been conducting the design of formation very much, before I also gave you to order, making you prepare the some talisman article, what kind of? Preparation how?” Before Zhao Hai, has issued such order, but this orders him actually to have some regrets, because he had not said Runes of preparation jumbo size at that time, but in his these formation of this design, Runes of jumbo size must use well, even if they manufactured some not to gather the size Runes, still no big deal. Liu all open the mouth and said: Young Master, because you had not said that before must use the jumbo size Runes, but I think, you must establish formation, certainly for refining 5 Realms here, then these formation sizes certainly small, Runes that therefore we manufacture, all has according to us, biggest completely inch Runes of manufactures, Young Master you look?” Zhao Hai one hear of Liu all said, cannot help but laughs said: "OK, to be good, your decision very good, formation that this time must construct, truly is very big, Runes size also very big that needs, nearly our existing Runes most jumbo sizes manufacture, is nothing issue, correct/pretty good, you manage matter most Old Daoist. ” Liu all holds the fist in the other hand to Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai laughs, others also all smiled, later Zhao Hai on look at people said: this time, I truly wants refining 5 Realms, bringing everyone together to walk, but preparation, what I want refining is 6 Realms, underground Space must calculate, but all these actions, must be divided two steps, first step is 5 Realms unify/unified, underground Space although also to call one, but said strictly, he belongs to purgatory, therefore he does not calculate, but other 5 Realms, currently although has Space formation to be connected, is actually. Separated, I prepared first step first 5 Realms to unify/unified, then in conducting refining, like this will be easier in refining.” The people all complied with one, Zhao Hai then open the mouth and said: here has various size formation lists, formation of various sizes, must use many, all wrote on this, after you took away, first preparing, here was each a batch, the unify/unified 5 Realms law formation diagram paper, specific wants various formation to place what position, above also marked, Gourde, you took away research, first found the position, then levelled, processed, after Runes manufactured, immediately established formation.” The people all complied with one, Zhao Hai looked at people one eyes, then open the mouth and said: Mulk? Did Mulk come?” The people looked at one mutually, has not seen Mulk, but at this time Wood open the mouth and said: Master, Mulk in steel, in oneself Laboratory, don’t know has been busy at anything.”

Zhao Hai one hear of Wood said, nods said: is I gives Mulk's order, thing that he manufactures, very heavy wants to us, do not disturb him, if he needs what thing, full power provides to him, ok, arrives at here today, prepares.” The people complied with one, later all stood, walks outward, Zhao Hai open the mouth and said: Xiang'er, Ellis, you two stay behind, then some time, my is possible must close up, has anything to put through you, therefore you keep side me.” Xiang'er and Ellis complied with one, they are the Zhao Hai maidservants, therefore keeps the Zhao Hai side, naturally is nothing issue. After other person leave, Zhao Hai on returned to own room, his room was very big, Zhao Hai lets Xiang'er and Ellis, the place that oneself find went, but he was actually returned to oneself bedroom, his bedroom was very big, inside also small quiet room, Zhao Hai was to go to quiet room to close up. When Zhao Hai closes up, Liu all they have started to prepare to establish the formation matter, each of them has the different divisions of work, entire military armor Empire all moved, first is the those talisman article, is grasping the time manufacture, before was don’t know needs many Runes, now they had known, naturally must start to manufacture. Moreover Liu all they returns discover, the material that these runes uses is different, some Runes need to manufacture with Blockhead, having the some talisman article actually needs some special Stonehead/stone, light/only manufactures the Runes material, they need to prepare some time, therefore entire military armor Empire was busy. After Zhao Hai meets third day, Mulk sought an interview Zhao Hai, Xiang'er looked at Mulk to seek an interview, his immediately notified Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai after hearing Mulk came, immediately to living room here, Mulk is waiting for Zhao Hai in living room here, saw Zhao Hai, his immediately saluted to Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai nods, later open the mouth and said: did “How is it? do well? ” Zhao Hai said naturally is spreads out the celestial sphere, Zhao Hai makes Mulk in spreading out the celestial sphere installs that special Transmission Formation, he knows that Mulk this time looks for him, certainly was also said that this matter, these Transmission Formation have installed evidently.

Really, Mulk comes for this matter, one hear of Zhao Hai asked, his immediately open the mouth and said: "Yes, is good, Young Master you look. ” Said that his hand moves, put out one to spread out the celestial sphere directly, now this spreads out on the foundation in celestial sphere, added one layer, above were also many formation, this made this spread out the celestial sphere seems like more attractive. Xiang'er and Ellis or the first time see to spread out the celestial sphere, two people very curious look at this somewhat mysterious, actually appears complex incomparable thing, Zhao Hai carefully looked at one this to spread out the celestial sphere, later paid attention with spiritual force, looked at this operation that spread out the celestial sphere was whether normal, was quick his discover, this normalcy that very spread out the celestial sphere to operate, does not have any issue. Zhao Hai cannot help but nods, later he put out a blueprint, then to Mulk said: Mulk, this is spreads out the celestial sphere network the design paper, you take away, immediately spreading out the celestial sphere network establishing, Gourde they are still waiting for the those talisman article now, without the official start establishes formation, you using these days, making Gourde they full power coordinate you, must within the shortest time, spreading out the celestial sphere network establishes to me.” Mulk received the Zhao Hai blueprint, complied with one, Zhao Hai nodded, later open the mouth and said: This spreads out the celestial sphere to manufacture is not easy, but can before you make machine that came, with spreading out the celestial sphere is coordinating the use, such effect is possible will be better, these machines you can manufacture some, but on machine, must install this special Transmission Formation, regarding spreading out the main ball of celestial sphere, I prepares to install him on this Spaceship, your networks constructed, first in the various Realm independent operation some time, after a period of time, I entire 5 Realms unify/unified, then in them continually in together.” Mulk complied with one, Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand, Mulk to Zhao Hai gave a salute, then turn around leave, after Xiang'er and Ellis Mulk to packing off, returned to the Zhao Hai side, Zhao Hai moved, puts out two to spread out the celestial sphere, put on the table, later open the mouth and said: These two spread out the celestial sphere, you give Liu Quanhe Gourde to send to them.” Said that and put out two jade slip, these two jade slip spreads out the application method of celestial sphere to two people said:, you also give Liu all them to send, go.” Two people complied with one, a person takes one to spread out celestial sphere leave. After their leave, Zhao Hai walking in all directions on Spaceship, finally he arrived at Spaceship cab there, but cab there has suspended many thing, put was very full, moreover now Linda not in command(er) Spaceship, cab here, only then some ordinary pilots, they see Zhao Hai, immediately stands to salute to Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai nods, later open the mouth and said: "All right, you are busy your, I put some thing on here, the people all complied with one, later was busy at own matter in there, but Zhao Hai actually found the position of cab directly, that big redundant celestial sphere putting there.

After spreading out the celestial sphere puts away, Zhao Hai looked at person one in cab, then open the mouth and said: Your handle head matter all processes, then can leave, I conduct transform to here, does not need to worry, tomorrow this petreatment.” These soldiers complied with one, Zhao Hai nodded, this leave cab. These soldier although curious that thing are anything, but Zhao Hai had not said, they had not asked that when continuously Zhao Hai leave, they then discussed ; first, to spreading out celestial sphere very curious, two wants to know, what transform Zhao Hai must conduct to Spaceship, but they also guessed, simultaneously the work of their in hand has not actually stopped. They remember order of Zhao Hai, before tomorrow, wants the handle head matter to process to be good, this to them, is not the big matter, now has not fought any, therefore they on matter many, has not actually processed on hand very much easily, before tomorrow, can the handle head matter process absolutely. But Zhao Hai at this time, actually arrived in the Spaceship deck, he stands in the Spaceship bow, the look at following scenery, now Spaceship stops in purgatory here, but the purgatory here nearest/recent scenery also had some changes.