Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 101 - Chapter 10045

Xiang'er and Ellis's silent appears in Zhao Hai behind, two people to Zhao Hai gave a salute said: Young Master, spreading out the celestial sphere delivered to Liu Quanhe Gourde's in hand, jade slip also gave them.” Two people said, on peaceful standing in Zhao Hai behind, they are the Zhao Hai maidservant, Zhao Hai in there, they should in there, this was at the normal matter. Zhao Hai nods, later open the mouth and said: That spreads out the celestial sphere, is thing that Mulk makes, he has incomparably powerful computation energy, can help us handle many things, I prepare in 5 Realms here, builds a huge redundant celestial sphere network, this spreads out the celestial sphere network, can help us the entire military armor Empire complete even/including in together, even later this network, can penetrate into the aspects that people live, after this, was explaining to you, this is spreads out the application method of celestial sphere and does to use, you find the time to look under one.” Said that Zhao Hai put out a piece jade slip to give Xiang'er, Xiang'er immediately received. After he receives jade slip, Zhao Hai then open the mouth and said: I put one to spread out the celestial sphere in this Spaceship cab, that spreads out the celestial sphere is entire will spread out the celestial sphere network the core, later there is possible wanted give you to go to control, therefore you must learn/study well.” Two people complied with one hastily. Zhao Hai nods, later looked at following scenery one, then open the mouth and said: „The purgatory here scenery also changed attractive, before the here all almost all black, staying was long in here, would giving people the one type of very depressing feeling, now was good, now here is seemingly more attractive.” Truly is this, but now the purgatory here color was richer, the grass changed azure, the tree changed green, the flower became colorful, seemed like normal Interface, Zhao Hai liked such world, colorful, wanted much better compared with the monotonous black. Xiang'er is smiling said: „, since making a connection with other 4 Realms Trans-Realm Transmission Formation, the here color changed, now seems like, is normal Interface.” Xiang'er follows earliest the Zhao Hai person, he knows the Zhao Hai character, therefore spoke with Zhao Hai time, was very optional. Zhao Hai nods, then open the mouth and said: This is good, like this we had confidence that gave refining here, right, nearest/recent 5 Realms situation how? The life of my refer to people.” Zhao Hai regarding 5 Realms here, the life of these average people, is very curious, 5 Realms here all can practice now, he believe the life of people also but therefore some occur changes, practiced after all, the life span of person will lengthen, this will have certain impact on 5 Realms. Xiang'er is smiling said: to be very good, very good, although this we started the fight to Insect Race time, has some effects on people, but is not very well big in the influence, therefore to also no issue, the life of people actually steady, eats, with, all promoted much, moreover with the application of Transmission Formation, people exchanged also facilitated, this by each region's business, was also obtained huge develop(ment), all was very good, Young Master did not need to be worried.” Zhao Hai nods, then his slightly smiled, then said solemnly: Good, all normal good, cannot because of our wars, let everyone the hard times, that is our is not right, ok, went back, tomorrow I must conduct transform to Spaceship, after transform, but must conduct some training to originally these pilots, this was also very troublesome.”

Xiang'er and Ellis complied with one, with Zhao Hai together returned to room, after room, Zhao Hai arrived at own in the room to rest, but Xiang'er and Ellis, actually started to study the content on jade slip, they must learn/study this application method of spreading out the celestial sphere was good. Xiang'er searched into spiritual force jade slip, the immediately/on horseback lord saw jade slip inside thing, after seeing clearly the content in jade slip, Xiang'er cannot help but dumbfounded, how he has not thought, this spread out the celestial sphere unexpectedly to handle so many things, this was really not as she expected, simultaneously her also understand, why Zhao Hai such attaching great importance to this spread out the celestial sphere. Is good to use jade slip to study, very simple, so long as spiritual force the content in jade slip, duplicated in own brain to be OK, the entire process was very quick, when later you in slowly digested the content in jade slip in own brain also and that's the end, therefore quick of Xiang'er learn/study. After thing in jade slip learned/studied, Xiang'er on let out a long breath, opened the eye, looked at one to stand in nearby Ellis, then she gave Ellis jade slip, is smiling said: to you, really has not thought, this spreads out the celestial sphere unexpectedly so fiercely, after having studied, knew.” Ellis not polite, nods, complied with one, received jade slip, searched own spiritual force directly, some little time, she then puts down jade slip, later his look at Xiang'er said: „did this spread out the celestial sphere is also fierce? Shows Young Master to make us learn/study strangely.” Xiang'er nods, later open the mouth and said: Alright, we are comprehend one well, Young Master did not say, spread out the main ball of celestial sphere to place Spaceship here, later by our control, we, if control were not good, that may lose face, I went to the room.” Ellis also complied with one, followed the room, two people felt, must well comprehend one application method of spreading out the celestial sphere, such strong thing, if they did not use well, that may be a criminal. Next morning, Zhao Hai has had the breakfast, arrived at cab there, cab there all people, is waiting for Zhao Hai, saw Zhao Hai to come, their immediately saluted to Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai nods, later said: wind to present Captain Spaceship is white, did the on the ship matter process?” Wind white immediately said: returns to the Young Master words, has processed, invited Young Master feel relieved.” This wind comes out from Strange Warrior World there white/in vain, moreover Strange Warrior World there old person, was earliest he is Divine Machine Battalion, therefore he also called Young Master Zhao Hai, he was also Zhao Hai servant.

Zhao Hai nods, later lost a piece jade slip to the wind was white, windward white said: this you took away, learn/study well, is leading everyone leave, today I must conduct transform to here, went.” Wind white Ying, was leading people leave later, but Zhao Hai actually stands in the cab, these thing in look at cab. Zhao Hai thinks, the decision retains these thing in cab, if later really has what issue, wants to drive artificially, naturally, he must add some thing in the cab, but these thing, must with spreading out the celestial sphere is connected good, in other words, later on this Spaceship, even no one, so long as spreading out the celestial sphere orders, then spread out the celestial sphere to be able own driving this Spaceship. However after this need transform completes, is good, thinks of here, Zhao Hai moves, immediately had several Runes to fly in the cab, after that Runes fell to the ground, immediately turned into the a talisman article table, seemed like in other Runes tables with cab to be no different. The so-called Runes table, is actually some formation that control Spaceship uses, but these formation, all carve on the table, therefore called the Runes table, when Spaceship normal operation, formation on these runes table, will turn into projection, floated on the table, is coming control by these soldiers. these runes table that Zhao Hai increases, is actually some signal Transmission, for the those talisman article table with spreading out the celestial sphere in together, spread out the celestial sphere to be able continually like this control Spaceship, naturally, this did not mean that these pilot soldiers had not used, conversely, the Zhao Hai preparation made them learn/study some, what kind of through spreading out the celestial sphere, better control Spaceship, although Spaceship can the completely automatic operation, but kept some pilots is very necessary. Xiang'er and Ellis want to come to the cab with Zhao Hai today, but Zhao Hai had not agreed, what kind of use derivation ball two people are still studying now, the Zhao Hai preparation give them the several days time to make them learn/study, therefore his oneself came, conducts transform to here. After Zhao Hai completes here transform, Zhao Hai then let out a long breath, he looked at this cab one later, nods, must know here to be possible, not only a simple cab, later here will become, will give people a hard time the center of derivation ball network, therefore the work of here will be a lot, these originally pilots, must be engaged in the work in this aspects with the lingering fear. Thinks that here Zhao Hai on leave the cab, he gave the wind to go in vain the letter/believes later directly, enabling wind white/in vain them to take over the cab again, enabling the wind white/in vain also to study, what kind of through spreading out the celestial sphere drove Spaceship. The wind has studied the content in jade slip white/in vain, knows that spreads out the celestial sphere is what thing, has how powerful, therefore he appears excited, immediately complied with one, later is getting the original these soldiers, took over the cab.

But Zhao Hai was actually returned to own room, he must start to close up, because there is spread out the celestial sphere, he can calculate many thing now, for example various formation, various Formation Set, these can be used to fight, during the fight, can display big Might, these thing, he must calculate well to be good. Any one type of Cultivation Method, one type of Magic, is impossible is the baseless imagination, he needs to undergo the innumerable experiments to be good, only then after the experiment, showed that this Cultivation Method truly is the effect, moreover does not have too big side effect, then this Cultivation Method spreading slowly will open, Magic is also the same, Magic has big Might, at causes sometimes, has any untoward effect, use time, has many to the consumption of person big, needs how long to be able release, these to be very important. If not understand these, then regarding cultivator, is very dangerous, low level cultivator, if don’t know these, when with the person battle, must use high level Magic, but his energy, being insufficient makes him use these high level Magic, he may on the danger, light, then Magic does not have means release to come, finally was defeated by the enemy, Magic that if he uses is very dangerous Magic, he will have is possible to be given the suck dry by Magic, will not do well own poor life to by Magic finally continually, therefore Cultivation Method will also be good, Magic will also be good, wants research. New Cultivation Method or Magic, absolutely are not a simple matter. Recommendation metropolis big god old uses/gives new book: