Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 103 - Chapter 10258
Lower-ranking Official knows the crime, Lower-ranking Official knows the crime, asking the Sir to forgive, asking the Sir to forgive!” writing cloud abdicates to kowtow mashes up garlic, he knows that now what's the matter, a Wu law must cope to celebrate in the city these Great Clan unexpectedly, but Chen Clan and relationship of Yang family/home is placed in there, he gave the Chen Clan person to act as an agent Three Mountains City, this will let planning of Wu law, appears some unknowable changed calculate, he really fears now, if Wu law real investigation, he may really probably be hapless.

A Wu law look at writing cloud abdicates open the mouth and said: Now this officer gives you opportunity, writing cloud abdicates, Cavalry that your leads time, should be your Three Mountains City Elite, if, when this officer copes with various Great Clan, you can lead your Cavalry, initiates attack to various Great Clan armies , helping this officer eradicate the malignant tumor, that officer not only will not punish you, will also guarantee your get promoted, after various Great Clan eradicate, celebrated capital city here to be possible on the has plenty position spatial coming out, when the time comes in these position, had your one certainly, can you be willing?” writing cloud abdicated one hear of Wu laws saying that his heart one put down, he kowtowed said: Lower-ranking Official to want hastily, Lower-ranking Official wanted, Sir, the Three Mountains City there matter, was the Lower-ranking Official mistake, Lower-ranking Official wants immediately returned to Three Mountains City there, making others take over Three Mountains City the power of City God.” Idiot, you, if does that now, that isn't tells Chen Clan on equal to, the here surface has the matter? If Chen Clan told Yang the family/home this matter, making Yang the family/home detect that the intention of this officer, that will bring the big variable, this matter you did not need to manage, this officer had the arrangement, your these days on honest staying in military compound, waited for this officer's order is being, if you dare to disclose sound of the wind/rumor, when executed the entire clan.” Wu law one hear of writing Yun's out of it proposition, the immediately air/Qi results in cursed. writing cloud abdicated one hear of Wu laws saying that his quickly said: "Yes, was Lower-ranking Official is inconsiderate, asking the Sir to forgive. ” writing cloud abdicates is actually not a stupid person, but just by a Wu law frightening, lost the mind/square inch, will therefore say such turns the words to come, after he said these words, has regretted. A Wu law beckons with the hand said: "All right, to get up. ” writing cloud abdicated to comply with one, stood, later to Wu law gave a salute said: Sir, the Lower-ranking Official also matter wanted to report, about Chen Clan.” Speaking of here he looked at a Wu law, sees a Wu law to nod, his then open the mouth and said: Sir, Three Mountains City there General thanks Blood Slaughter Sect Sect Master, with is very near, heard that they who Chen Clan walks also some people arrive now celebrated capital city here, moreover probably also has the relation with Yang the family/home, this Blood Slaughter Sect is one Sect that Lower Realm ascend comes up, their strengths return correct/pretty good, because Sect Master has Magical Artifact, can bring person ascend, therefore they are entire ascend, they now with are very near, one, but the Sir who Yang the family/home walks takes an action, this Blood Slaughter Sect, feared that will become a variable, please the Sir make the plan early.” writing cloud abdicates a little, he who also just thought has known Blood Slaughter Sect matter, he is worried about Wu law don’t know, therefore directly Blood Slaughter Sect selling, him only wants to display in front of a Wu law now, making a Wu law to own impression new face a little, regarding betraying who, he does not care. A Wu law looked at writing cloud to abdicate one, then coldly snorted, later said solemnly: Waits for you to report, anything, Blood Slaughter Sect had turned to this officer late, now they are taking the written order of this officer, prepares to take over Three Mountains City at any time, sits down.”

writing cloud and vermilion Yizhen listened to a Wu law saying that his body all shook, later trembling sat, they have not thought, Blood Slaughter Sect has turned to a Wu law unexpectedly, moreover had a written order of Wu law, prepared to take over Three Mountains City at any time, no wonder Wu Yifa said that he has the arrangement, his arrangement should be this. A Wu law look at writing cloud abdicates two people, then open the mouth and said: You two stayed in the military compound over the two days, if some people pay a visit you, you see also not visit, especially Chen Clan is celebrating the capital city here person, they will have is possible to pay a visit you, you must see, if you will not see them, will instead attend the meeting to cause their suspicions, but you must remember, if you dare to reveal the least bit rumor, you died, not only you died, your family members also died.” Two people does not dare to continue talking, Wu law then open the mouth and said: „This officer presented secret Zhi of immortal courtyard, must eradicate various Great Clan, had the support of immortal courtyard, you should understand, these Great Clan be is impossible have what odds of success, reason that wants the secret action, for does not create the too big stir, therefore you must be careful a little, cannot show the flaw.” Two people should be hastily, a Wu law beckons with the hand said: "All right, to get down. ” Two people complied with one hastily, along with retreat had/left study room, when two people withdrew from study room, Breeze such a blows, two people then feel cool, originally on them by perspiration soaking. Two people fought a cold war, later they looked at one mutually, two people have not opened the mouth, but walks toward the mansion outside with the servant, they directly are the back doors that walks, then entered the Transmission Formation yard, happen to there one team of White Tiger ride appears , they ride with that team of White Tiger, together went to the military compound. Military compound that they go, is a originally in the city military compound, but now the army in military compound, as Liu Xiangrong went to battle, therefore this camp emptied, now they move into here, this camp is permanent camp, therefore has the house, two people moved in the room of old high-ranking military officer directly, the condition of this room is very correct/pretty good, and has study room.

Two people entered abdicated the arranged to writing cloud in the room, then sent non-commissioned officer that served, this entered study room, entered study room, writing cloud abdicates immediately release Magic, lived in the entire room cover, later his then complexion ugly look at vermilion Yizhen said: „a Jane|treasure, previous you saw the prefectural city Sirs time time, can the prefectural city Sirs say these?” vermilion Yizhen complexion also very difficult looked, he shakes the head said: not to have, completely no, previous prefectural city Sir although asked that whom we must give to act as an agent Three Mountains City, I also said Chen Clan, on his face also has the smile, with today, but completely different, if the prefectural city Sir a little discontented meaning, I have told the Sir you, we do not need to give Chen Clan Three Mountains City.” writing cloud abdicates to nod, he believes that vermilion Yizhen will not deceive him, then does not have to his advantage, just a Wu law ignition did not send to him, thought of here, writing cloud abdicates cannot help but sits on the chair, later sighed said: really not to think to vermilion Yizhen lightly, the prefectural city Sirs must begin to these Great Clan unexpectedly, moreover matter sound of the wind/rumor a little has not spread, seeming like these these Great Clan feared that time was really must be hapless.” vermilion Yizhen smiled bitterly, then said solemnly: These Great Clan how my don’t know, but is actually a little certain, Chen Clan ended, the Blood Slaughter Sect strength I am know that their strengths are not worse than Three Mountains City, now we Three Mountains City Elite bringing here, they wanted to take over Three Mountains City, that was really easy, do not say that he also had the written order of prefectural city Sir, when the time comes person not rebel that in Three Mountains City, if they dare rebel, that they to fear that was on really dies to decide.” writing cloud abdicates to nod, later open the mouth and said: Yes, Three Mountains City will certainly fall to Blood Slaughter Sect in hand, really has not thought that this Blood Slaughter Sect unexpectedly not making a sound turned to the prefectural city Sir, the movement unexpectedly is quicker than one step us, you said, the Three Mountains City there information, can be the Blood Slaughter Sect person passes to the prefectural city Sirs?” vermilion Yizhen shakes the head said: this really is not uncertain, Blood Slaughter Sect just ascend to Immortal Realm didn't have long time, their also is impossible too turned to the prefectural city Sir early, should be the nearest/recent matter, the prefectural city Sirs should also be nearest/recent then contact with Blood Slaughter Sect, must know that beforehand Blood Slaughter Sect is celebrating capital city here, but the reputation does not reveal, I think that should sell the grain to be related with this twice, the prefectural city Sirs through selling the grain then noticed Blood Slaughter Sect, he only needed to send, knows that what's the matter, he is sending people to contact when the time comes with Blood Slaughter Sect, the Blood Slaughter Sect person nature on knows, what this/should made. Choice.”

writing cloud abdicates to nod, later his let out a long breath said: these is also time score a lucky hits, the prefectural city Sirs summon to celebrate capital city here us, to us, not necessarily is not a good matter, if we keep Three Mountains City there, that feared that even participates in the qualifications of this matter not having, now we participated in this matter, so long as we render meritorious service, we are celebrating the capital city here government position is not low, this to us was the good matter.” vermilion Yizhen listened to writing cloud to abdicate said, he first gawked, later was actually two eyes shined, then he nods said: correct/pretty good, Sir, these to us, was time opportunity, the prefectural city Sirs had truly said that this matter became time, certainly will be celebrating capital city here to arrange a position to the Sir, so long as this matter became time, then we were also trusted aide of prefectural city Sir, if after all really said, what we have not made huge mistake, reason that we were acted as an agent Three Mountains City by Chen Clan, was because the plan of don’t know prefectural city Sir., Therefore this is not what wrong, so long as our time can help the prefectural city Sir, then the prefectural city Sirs will certainly regard us for trusted aide, will certainly not lower to the officer position of big time person.” Speaking of here he stopped, then open the mouth and said: Prefectural city Sirs said that his these copes with various Great Clan time, presented the immortal courtyard's order, that also in other words, is the immortal courtyard life prefectural city Sirs does that so long as the prefectural city Sirs completed this matter, he is Great Contribution one, later will certainly rise high, but if the prefectural city Sirs rose high, our these are his trusted aide people, later also has opportunity to follow to rise high, this to us, may absolutely be the good matter.” writing cloud abdicates to nod, later open the mouth and said: correct/pretty good that correct/pretty good, you said that I also think that therefore this opportunity, we want capture time, yellow uses up us to be able to trust, but if it is necessary, over the two days, we must with yellow use up to ventilate, must guarantee that he will certainly listen at the appointed time our, like this we can in this war, the display do to use.” vermilion Yizhen also nods, he also thought it is necessary to do that.