Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 103 - Chapter 10259
In the small building living room in Zhao old-established shop, sitting of Zhao Hai face calm in there, thanks Yubao, Yao Jianxing, the wind merit, thunder Ding, the iron uncle, Black Tiger, their these is the Blood Slaughter Sect disciple person, face excited sitting in there, Zhao Hai looks at people eyes, slightly smiled said: today called here to come everyone, was wants to see everyone, now celebrates capital city here to want the occur important matter, I worried that here will have problems, therefore came personally, I came naturally to have no alternative but to see everyone, what if everyone had words to say, on by all means. Said to me, said.”

The people looked at one mutually, all shakes the head, Zhao Hai look at their appearances, cannot help but slightly smiled, he knows that these person of is possible is a little afraid, he does not care, slightly smiled said: "OK, in any case I for a short time, not will leave, everyone, if really had anything to say that can tell me momentarily, I mainly say to everyone today, celebrated capital city here is possible to want the occur matter. ” Speaking of here, Zhao Hai stopped, then he turned the head to look at thanks Yubao one eyes, then to thanks Yubao said: thanks Yubao, what matter you may celebrating capital city here wants occur, said to everyone?” thanks Yubao shakes the head said: to return to the Sect Master words hastily, but also no, this matter is important, before obtaining Sect Master your order, I will not say this matter.” thanks Yubao very clear, this matter, was really time too big, before being under the accurate order of Zhao Hai, he does not dare to tell the people this matter. Zhao Hai nods, later his said solemnly: Without saying also well, I told everyone one personally, actually the matter was also very simple, nothing but was the contest for power, celebrated various capital city here Great Clan to occupy for many years, complicate, they extend the hand to have celebrated in the capital city various trades and occupations, can say, they were this celebrate capital city true controller.” Speaking of here, Zhao Hai stopped, later he looked at people one eyes, then open the mouth and said: However a City God Wu law, he is City God, he naturally does not hope, in own in the city, has itself not to have the means control strength, even Ling Jia the strength above oneself , his power will be restrained in that case, therefore he wants to counter-attack, although don’t know is true or false, but a Wu law in giving the order of our Blood Slaughter Sect actually wrote, he presented the immortal courtyard's order to cope with various Great Clan, I want at this matter, his is possible not to dare saying that he perhaps really presented the immortal courtyard's order, was courageous. Begins to various Great Clan.” thanks Yubao has known this information arrives fortunately, but others don’t know this information, therefore one hear of Zhao Hai said, they all held breath a cold air, they know finally why Zhao Hai will say, celebrated capital city here to have big matter occur, they, even if were not in the locally born celebration capital city the person, is still celebrating capital city here life for a long time, their very clear, various Great Clan are celebrating the capital city here influence in a big way, because of knowing, therefore they will be startled.

If various Great Clan really have the conflict with City God, that entire celebrates the capital city to the chaos not be possible, no matter that side wins, will celebrate the capital city to suffer the loss of difficult imagination, will say like Zhao Hai, this matter is possible will involve more people, will not do well will affect entire celebrates the capital city. Before Zhao Hai look at people said: „, Wu law City God, sent people to contact with us, Wu law City God said that must make us help his together cope with various Great Clan, our Blood Slaughter Sect main duty was control Three Mountains City, so long as our control Three Mountains City, then after this matter, he will appoint me as Three Mountains City City God, actually this appointment, was that a matter, in we have not had no consideration for face before the immortal courtyard, with legitimate status control Three Mountains City, to us, was good very much, therefore I on complying, when Wu law City God started. Time, our Blood Slaughter Sect will dispatch troops, control Three Mountains City, but Three Mountains City there does not need me to worry, what I compare the worry celebrates the capital city here situation.” Celebrates capital city here, is center of the mansion, we need celebrate capital city here to leave leeway the manpower, this can better is in control of the Immortal Realm trend, naturally, now our Blood Slaughter Sect, is a City God department, therefore we must guarantee, City God the time can succeed, therefore I came personally, regarding Three Mountains City there, simply does not need to be worried, we can take momentarily, in fact now we three huge mountain outside Three Mountains City, have all taken, but no one knows that now, naturally, we do not want to make others know.” Matter that your these days must handle, prepares, one, but celebrates capital city here to cause trouble, all staff, must remove to Nan'an Work place there immediately, right, speaking of here, I wants to ask, Nan'an Work place there control how, can use for us when the time comes, even if cannot use for us, so long as they can be obedient when the time comes, does not come out to disturb, that was still OK, my request also is really not too high.” Speaking of here, Zhao Hai looked at several people of one, the wind merit and thunder decides to stand hastily, Zhao Hai look at their appearances, beckon with the hand said: to sit down to say with a smile, sat down to say was OK, I, just celebrated capital city here, regarding celebrating the capital city here situation, was not understood very much, celebrated the capital city here specific matter, all was you do, therefore I want to listen to your reports to be OK, did not use that anxiously, come, who said.” Wind merit said solemnly: Sect Master, that by me said that now the Nan'an Work place there temple attendant in charge of incense and ceremonies, is I decides two people with the thunder, this is our two in the authorities status, but iron uncle in Nan'an Work place there, opened the thoroughfare shipping agency, this shipping agency, to us, was very important, was the important means of our control Nan'an Work place, now Nan'an Work place there some old person, the Nan'an Work place there some quite prestigious person, has become our Blood Slaughter Sect Peripheral Disciples, we also our Blood Slaughter Sect most foundation amended the practice method. Taught them, can guarantee that they to our Blood Slaughter Sect were absolutely loyal, but had them, our equal to was control entire Nan'an Work place, after all some thorn heads of Nan'an Work place here originally, by us eliminating, them did not have the means to live in Nan'an Work place here, therefore we can guarantee now, entire Nan'an Work place, will listen to our orders.”

Zhao Hai nods, then said: "OK, is good, can achieve this little, is very great, this matter, is touchstone time, can have a look at the Nan'an Work place there person, what attitude to us is, is the sincerity listens to our words, if they are the sincerity listens to us, we can slowly all attracts them receives our Blood Slaughter Sect, turns into our Blood Slaughter Sect disciple, if not good, forget about it, only chooses the absorption that these can absorb, other on Alright. ” The wind merit, thunder Ding, the iron uncle, all complied with one, Zhao Hai then open the mouth and said: Your these days returned to Nan'an Work place, must conduct to prepare, the daily necessities, food and clothing using, must prepare some, this turbulence, don’t know will continue how long time, can celebrate capital city here to have the tremendous impact, therefore we must make some preparations ahead of time.” The people all nod, Zhao Hai then open the mouth and said: Except for Nan'an Work place, is celebrating capital city here, we have other person, person who is willing to listen to our orders?” Zhao Hai this saying to be to thanks Yubao asked that he wants to know, celebrates capital city here, now many Blood Slaughter Sect disciple. thanks Yubao nods said: is Sect Master , some cart drivers, some are layman, some are the people of broker, they with our some relationship, some are our Blood Slaughter Sect Peripheral Disciples, besides these people, was the pier there boatman, but currently Nan'an Work place there has our person protections, pier there on the ship, some people protected, Sect Master does not need to be worried.” Zhao Hai nods said: you to be ready in Nan'an Work place there and that's the end, one, but has matter occur, Nan'an Work place there also has Yongkang Work place here, we must defend, our people, can make them evade the calamity to these two work places, this matter, I will make Zhen Lao act time, I do not act, even if I act, by present appearance appears , I do not want to make others know my status.” thanks Yubao they have not thought, all nods, complied with one, only with Zhen Lao, somewhat strange looked at Zhao Hai one, but he has not spoken, Zhao Hai had not explained to him, but is said solemnly: these days first do not inform these people ahead of time, in order to avoid disclosed sound of the wind/rumor, if this information really leaked out, that unlucky may not only we, even is possible will affect entire celebrates the situation in capital city.”

The people complied with one, Zhao Hai said solemnly: "All right, you go back, this matter, you must arrange time, remembered, cannot make this information leak out absolutely, if the Nan'an Work place there person asked that why you must save these thing, you said, some people wanted these thing, therefore you prepared. ” thanks Yubao they nods. Zhao Hai beckons with the hand said: "All right, to get down. ” Several people all complied with one, later stood, to Zhao Hai gave a salute, then withdrew from the room, in the room was only left over Zhao Hai and Zhen Lao, Zhao Hai looked at Zhen Lao said: Zhen Lao to find it strange, I celebrated capital city here, originally plans make a move, moreover planned to shine the muscle, let celebrate the capital city here person to know fierce of our Blood Slaughter Sect, after why to here, actually suddenly changed the mind, did not plan that made others know my status?” Zhen Lao nods, then said solemnly: What discover does Sect Master have? Therefore didn't prepare direct make a move? Direct will make a move Blood Slaughter Sect bring troublesome some to us?” Zhen Lao followed Zhao Hai also for a long time, he knew about Zhao Hai very, he knows the Zhao Hai suddenly change idea, had certainly the reason, therefore he will say. Zhao Hai slightly smiled said: you understand me, today our two when celebrate capital city here to stroll, my discover a very strange matter, that celebrates capital city here construction very strange, especially the conditions between City God government offices and other market, appear very strange, don’t know do you notice?” Zhao Hai he asked back that Zhen Lao said.