Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 103 - Chapter 10260
Zhen Lao one hear of Zhao Hai said, he first stares, later he recalled, then open the mouth and said: Sect Master did not say, I have not really paid attention, truly is somewhat strange, seems like these market to protect the City God mansion, but in fact, actually probably is not this, not only these market are protecting the City God mansion probably, probably is still monitoring the City God mansion to be the same, this truly is somewhat strange, if is really one fights the city, not seeming to be this.”

Zhao Hai nods correct/pretty good that said: you said that if is really one is only to do to fight the city of design, should not be this, moreover I also notice today, these market sizes and positions, celebrate the capital city here overall pattern, my discover, celebrates capital city here, probably by arrangement formation, Sealing Formation, but thing of seal, should under City Lord Mansion, but Sealing Formation several formation core, on are by City Lord Mansion nearest/recent that several market, on is these Great Clan in market.” Zhen Lao closes one's eyes to think, then he opened the eye, said solemnly: That's true, I had not really noticed before, these market seem like square, probably is same, but I actually neglected their size, some market are big, some market are small, but the market size changes, truly can compose Sealing Formation, is Sealing Formation based on Eight Trigrams Formation.” Zhao Hai nods said: correct/pretty good, very much so, Sealing Formation based on Eight Trigrams Formation, but thing of their seal, under the City God mansion, but that several market outside City God mansion, are Sealing Formation formation core, if this war starts, what don’t know Zhen Lao you will think of?” Zhen Lao first stares, later is actually the complexion big change, his said solemnly: Blood Sacrifice? City God these copes with various Great Clan time, besides these reasons in surface, the real reason, wants to conduct Blood Sacrifice with various Great Clan people, then breaks this Sealing Formation, the release seal in City God mansion following thing?” Zhao Hai said solemnly: This not necessarily is the meaning of City God, his is possible is also ordered to handle affairs, regarding the seal in City God mansion following thing is anything, now I return don’t know, when this seal broke, I will know, sees that thing, knows, is who wants broken to go to that seal, I believe that wants broken to go to the person of seal, certainly will send people to celebrate capital city here, takes that thing, when the time comes we know was who.” Zhen Lao nods, then said solemnly: If a Wu law don’t know this matter, the person who then a law ordered to Wu had the issue, or facilitated the person of this matter to have the issue, Immortal Realm here was not evidently peaceful, inside has plenty issue, we to the matter, must be careful next.” Zhao Hai slightly smiled said: that's true, we must be careful, therefore I said that this time my not make a move, by your make a move, you most from the beginning, is mainly protects Yongkang Work place here, Nan'an Work place there has other disciple protection, I did not worry, but we were too weak in the Yongkang Work place here strength, when the time comes by your make a move, if the City God mansion there seal were really broken, when the time comes there meets the occur war, at this time, you can make a move, my naturally also will act, strong that too you do not need to display, but must be known by a Wu law. Our Blood Slaughter Sect was not affable was OK, the remaining things gave me.”

Zhen Lao nods said: "OK, that to decide, when the time comes my make a move, but Sect Master, when the time comes how can you make a move? ” Zhen Lao also is really very curious, some Zhao Hai what plans, Zhao Hai was actually slightly smiled said: when the time comes you knew, so long as you know that this matter was good.” Zhen Lao complied with one, Zhao Hai said solemnly: This matter, our Blood Slaughter Sect must gain the full advantage to be good time, no matter the reputation is materially beneficial, we want.” Zhen Lao hehe chuckle, he regarding Zhao Hai such approach, but did not oppose, their Blood Slaughter Sect naturally must gain the full advantage, otherwise the arrangement of their such long time, that did not waste. Zhao Hai and Zhen Lao went to the room to rest later, when two people went to the room, thanks Yubao they then returned to again in small building, although said that thanks Yubao don’t know Zhao Hai and Zhen Lao discussed anything, but he actually knows, oneself cannot ask, oneself status was insufficient, some things, were not such status person, can know. But at this time, one after another had the army to arrive celebrated capital city here, everyone's vision, all by these armies attracting, these armies was also all arranged in the military compound the recuperation, these armies, majority was General thanks Commander by various cities, naturally, this General thanks, was only a position, various cities were different regarding name is possible of General thanks, like Three Mountains City, their General thanks not only, yellow used up Commander that this White Tiger rode, is model/pattern thanks the military rank, but originally writing Yunxun gave Wen Wenhai held is also model/pattern thanks the general., But his name was General Blood Slaughter, but yellow Jie called General White Tiger. Naturally, their generals, with Liu Xiangrong that general, that are completely different, their generals called the general, actually not military authority, but Liu Xiangrong, that was the general who the reality sealed, this was the completely different two concepts. When the armies of various cities arrive on the capital city, writing cloud and vermilion Yizhen, called in yellow Jie writing Yun's out of it study room finally, after yellow Jie arrived, writing cloud abdicated to yellow uses up said: yellow Jie, this prefectural city Sir, making me command troops to celebrate capital city here to support personally, did you have no opinion?” Sound that writing cloud spoke very temperate, in fact he with relationship also very good that yellow used up, yellow Jie could also be said as his trusted aide, writing cloud abdicated two trusted aide, writing Yiwu, the article was vermilion Yizhen, but the military was yellow Jie, was because of the support of two people, therefore he can calm and steady sitting in the Three Mountains City City God position. yellow Jie listens to writing cloud to abdicate asked, he abdicated to writing cloud hastily holds the fist in the other hand said: Sir to say the there words came, I will have the opinion, this was the prefectural city Sir's order, the Sir naturally must come, but I looked besides our Three Mountains City, other city lead the army, all were General thanks, only then our Three Mountains City was different, was this said that the prefectural city Sirs do want to be appointed to another post to the Sir? If is really such, the subordinate must congratulate the Sir to rise high.”

writing cloud and vermilion Yizhen looked at one mutually, all nods, writing cloud abdicates to yellow uses up slightly smiled said: yellow Jie, actually I had resulted in the words from prefectural city Sir there, this prefectural city Sir called me, was appointed to another post to me, I took the lingering fear am must celebrate in the city in this for the officer.” said: that yellow Jie a face envies congratulates the Sir, congratulates the Sir, Sir time may be rises high, may celebrate encouraging.” Yellow uses up very clear, is celebrating capital city here for the officer, but compared with be better for the officer in Three Mountains City there too, although said Alright that cannot anything writing cloud say, but, develop(ment) opportunity will also be similarly many. writing cloud abdicates slightly smiled, then said solemnly: This time celebrates capital city here for the officer, I prepare to come a Jane|treasure also belt/bring, now, do I want to ask you, you may be willing also with my together to celebrating capital city here for the officer? If you want, I can also lead to come you, what position but actually don’t know can strive to you, is possible you will not have the too high position, gives up in the Three Mountains City there military authority, do you want?” Originally yellow Jie listened to writing cloud saying that he must lead vermilion Yizhen to celebrate capital city here, he also somewhat envied, now one hear of writing cloud abdicated said, he cannot help but dumbfounded, later his two eyes fierce one bright, he stood, abdicated good big ritual said: to writing cloud Sir, I wanted, I wanted, asking the Sir to help.” writing cloud abdicates the look at yellow Jie appearance, slightly smiled said: "All right, gets up, sits quickly. ” yellow Jie face excited sat, writing cloud abdicates then look at yellow to use up said: yellow Jie, leading your together to celebrate the capital city, is no problem, but you must comply with my matter, I can get you to celebrate capital city here.” Yellow uses up quickly said: Asked the Sir to tell although was.” He is only thinking now celebrates capital city here, said it, his original originally is writing Yun's out of it hardcore supporters, therefore he will certainly listen to writing cloud out of it. writing cloud abdicates look at yellow Jie, the hand moves, protective shield the entire room covering, smile also vanish from sight on his face, his serious look at yellow Jie, then open the mouth and said: yellow Jie, I regard as trusted aide you, will therefore tell you this matter, this matter relationship extremely in significance, one, but leaks out, you and I will die without the burial ground, therefore you must defend this secret, cannot say absolutely this matter.”

yellow Jie looked writing cloud out of it acted his cannot help but hit one at heart suddenly, his discover writing cloud abdicated the matter that must say, is possible was very important, thought of here, his quickly said: Asked the Sir to tell, yellow Jie will not divulge half character absolutely.” writing cloud abdicates to nod, later open the mouth and said: "OK, you are listening, this we presented the prefectural city Sir's order to celebrate the capital city time, the prefectural city Sirs said to support frontline, but in fact he mobilized soldiers to celebrate capital city here, was not to support frontline, but had the goal, his goal only then one, that was copes to celebrate in the city various Great Clan . Moreover the the action of prefectural city Sir, obtained the decree of immortal courtyard, your understand my meaning? ” yellow Jie dull look at writing cloud abdicates, this information was really the vigor violent, making him one almost lose the ability of ponder, some little time he then recovered, his look at writing cloud abdicated said: hastily Sir, what you said was really? Do the prefectural city Sirs really want to cope with various Great Clan? Why?” yellow Jie, you remembered, why such issue, you should better not to ask, is not one's turn you to ask, even I do not have the qualifications to ask, we only needed to complete our matter to be good.” writing cloud abdicates to be cold face look at yellow Jie. yellow Jie listened to writing cloud to abdicate said, his complexion also changed, his quickly said: Sir "Yes,, was my rash. ” writing cloud abdicates to nod, goal that later then said: „our time celebrates the capital city only then, that is assists the prefectural city Sir, cleaning to celebrate various capital city Great Clan, what kind of? Can you want?” Said that this saying, writing cloud abdicates look at yellow Jie who two eyes decides, is waiting for yellow Jie the reply, if yellow Jie hesitated, he must begin to seize yellow Jie at the scene.