Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 103 - Chapter 10261
Is willing to listen to the Sir to dispatch.” yellow Jielian hesitant one does not have, immediately abdicates to writing cloud holds the fist in the other hand, writing cloud abdicates then let out a long breath, later open the mouth and said: "OK, this is good, so long as this time put down various Great Clan, then we move to celebrate the capital city here matter, the issue that has no, will vacate many positions when the time comes, but we, had/left the vigorous person, moreover was trusted aide of prefectural city Sir, when the time comes our nature on will obtain a higher position. ”

On yellow Jie the face showed a excited facial expression, his immediately abdicates said: Sir "Yes, to writing cloud, my understand, this we will certainly help the prefectural city Sir time full power, puts down to celebrate various capital city Great Clan. ” Regarding yellow using up, who is wrong to whom, that simply has no significance, is mainly looks who can him the advantage, the present was a Wu law gave him the advantage, therefore he, chose without hesitation stood this side a Wu law. writing cloud abdicates to nod said: "OK, you to know that this matter is good, did not want to tell anybody, this matter one, but divulged, we must die, so long as this matter completed, then we in the future, will certainly be made good use, get promoted and become rich, was naturally a cinch. ” writing cloud abdicates very clear, with yellow used up you not to need saying that these empty, told him directly, this matter became, can get promoted and become rich be OK. Really, yellow uses up immediately said loudly: Sir "Yes, rest assured, the subordinate certainly obeys orders the conduct. ” writing cloud abdicates to nod, later open the mouth and said: "OK, you get down, must manage the army well, these days do not have the conflict with the armies of other cities, low-key a little. ” yellow Jieying, abdicated to writing cloud later holds the fist in the other hand, writing cloud abdicates to wave, in the room protective shield also vanish from sight, yellow used up then turn around leave. Saw that yellow Jie walked, writing cloud abdicates then turns the head to vermilion Yizhen said: „a Jane|treasure, you said that I told him this matter, was to or wrong? If really because of him, but divulged information, we may really end.” writing cloud abdicates regarding yellow uses up some worries, after all yellow Jieke does not have shrewdness like vermilion Yizhen. vermilion Yizhen said solemnly: Should not have the issue, yellow uses up the although temperament to be straight, but he also knows the weight, such big matter, he should not dare to act unreasonably, moreover Sir, now the armies of various cities arrive was similar, I think the prefectural city Sir, almost should begin, after all a long delay usually means many problems, the waited time is long, easier appears careless mistake.” writing cloud abdicates to nod said: correct/pretty good, a long delay usually means many problems, I think that the prefectural city Sirs also know this truth, therefore he should also soon act.” Said that two people were not speaking, simultaneously turned the head to look to out of the window, they saw this to celebrate in the city probably, has ignited all over the sky blood fire, the appearance that the war cry resounded heavenshaking.

But at this time, in study room of Wu law, a Wu law, some in the city his trusted aide officials, are adding on Chen eunuch, is sitting, a Wu law looked at people one eyes, then open the mouth and said: Army that now should arrive, arrived was similar, these armies, I have sent, so long as our here starts, when the time comes can hold the written order to transfer them, enters a city even Zei, but our here, all prepared, in various Great Clan , some our people, they will become our planted agents when the time comes, so long as we as soon as started, can immediately, begin to various Great Clan, various Great Clan is celebrating the capital city here influence, eradicated.” The people nod, in the eye of each and every one, has a excited facial expression, their excited, removed certainly various Great Clan, to them, the advantage was too big, various Great Clan are celebrating capital city here to operate for many years, their family properties thick, the people can imagine, is adding on various Great Clan these business, so long as removes various Great Clan, their Clan these business, will naturally take over by them, that will be a how big benefit, will think of these thing, immediately was their, their naturally excited. At this moment, hears Chen eunuch open the mouth and said: Wu City God, can you determine various Great Clan these planted agent no problem? If various Great Clan planted agents have the issue, that this time unlucky, will be we.” He said this saying time, two eyes has swept the in the room people directly, all by his vision has swept the person, probably staring to be the same by Poison Snake, the whole body is not comfortable, their understand, the meaning in Chen eunuch words, he is to them, not too feel relieved. Wu law said solemnly: Invited eunuch feel relieved, absolutely does not have any issue, these Clan people, they in various Clan, oppressed existence, this I promised them time, so long as they can help me remove various Great Clan, I not only permits their officer positions, but also in industries of various Great Clan, will also have one layer to leave them, they complied.” Chen eunuch look at Wu a law, said solemnly: Wu City Lord, various Great Clan many storehouses, many industries, me know, thing in storehouse, has six layers to take back the state treasury, but these industries of various Great Clan, there is six layers, is to take back the country, remaining four layers, are your, do not forget.” Knitting the brows head of a Wu law slightly cannot be checked, he thought that Chen eunuch this is disturbing with him, at this time, should not speak these words, he spoke these words, besides to morale influential, does not have any advantage. Really, in the room these people, after listening to Chen eunuch words, complexion changes, no matter what who knew, oneself take great pains fought a war, the larger part advantage, was actually taken away by others, will not be happy.

However a Wu law or open the mouth and said: Invited eunuch feel relieved, our understand, this we presented the command of immortal courtyard time, this began to various Great Clan, moreover how to assign, has decided that we will revere to make the conduct surely.” A Wu law saying said to Chen the eunuch hear, said listens to others, their these presented the order action of immortal courtyard time, therefore the immortal courtyard must take away the most advantage also should be, without the immortal courtyard's order, they are is impossible begins to various Great Clan, this is the importance of name of principle of righteousness. Chen eunuch nods, later he looked at these person of one, then leisure open the mouth and said: In the action, me please have the immortal courtyard imperial decree, read out in the presence of everyone, announced that various Great Clan were the counter- thieves, when the time comes you are beginning, that for immortal courtyard thief, but various Great Clan strengths, will naturally be suppressed, therefore everyone do not feel, what injustice the most advantage was taken away to have by me, for these advantage, you, when the immortal courtyard will begin to various Great Clan?” The people stare, later all did not speak, Chen eunuch obviously saw their idea, but Chen eunuch said also right, if Chen eunuch really put out the imperial decree to read out in the presence of everyone, that Great Clan strengths, truly came under the influence, they wanted to cope with various Great Clan, truly will be relaxed. A Wu law to Chen eunuch said: so on thanks a lot eunuch, like this, I gave everyone final three days, these three days, everyone must be ready, your respective duty, I have also told you, your target are various Great Clan, first breaks through various Great Clan market, destroys completely various Great Clan, simultaneously makes the army attack, the industries of various Great Clan, all control gets up, must maintain the in the city situation, cannot make the too big trouble absolutely, after all our goals, not must entire celebrate the capital city to beat, is only removes. Various Great Clan.” The people all complied with one, Wu law then open the mouth and said: "OK, everyone please return, three days later evening, we act, go. ” The people all complied with one, later all stood, to Wu law gave a salute, then turn around walked. However Chen eunuch has not actually moved. After other person leave, Chen eunuch on look at Wu law said: „the arrangement of Wu City God, me does not want to ask, this immortal courtyard to coordinate the action of Wu City God, but also made fully skill, if this action failure, Wu City God should know that was what consequence, when the time comes me feared will follow unlucky, therefore also asked Wu City God to be extremely careful.” Chen eunuch this saying to is not false, Liu Xiangrong was ordered to coordinate this action, can be imagined, this action, the immortal courtyard made many preparations, if were really defeated, that influence was too big, feared that will be entire celebrates the mansion to be turbulent.

celebrate mansion celebrates the capital city and celebrates all cities that the capital city governs, in immortal courtyard here immortal courtyard Manager world, was divided into 36 government offices world, celebrate mansion small mansion, here was situated a remote, can be regarded big mansion, but if here had the turbulence, regarding present Immortal Realm, was very uncomfortable. Outside has Shadow Clan to disturb, if the internal also appears issue, that may trouble, it is for this reason that therefore regarding this action, the immortal courtyard settles on , will otherwise not send Chen eunuch to come to assume personal command, Chen eunuch status is not low, is adding on these people who he brings also is Expert, therefore the immortal courtyard regarding this action, is really very careful. A Wu law also knows this little, various Great Clan are is not so good to cope, his action, is entire celebrates the mansion unite action, celebrates other mansion cities, can act with their together, various Clan in other in the city influences, eradicates, only by doing so, can true various Great Clan tidying up. Turns to his various Great Clan people regarding these, he has not planned to let off, wants one and tidies up, does not tidy up these people, they must occupy the one layer advantage, but being busy at work of their take great pains, actually can only divide to the three layers advantage finally, that may really not can be justified, he does not have the means with under person explain/transfer, therefore these people must die. He has thought that and has made the completely safe arrangement, therefore a Wu law is not worried about this, now one hear of Chen eunuch say, his immediately nods said: "Yes, to invite eunuch rest assured and ensure cannot have any issue, if really has problems, I get the capital crime. ” Wu law very clear, if this matter he were defeated time, he also only then dies, but if he succeeded, his position will skyrocket, later their Clan, will become one of the Immortal Realm here Great Clan, therefore he will certainly prepare completely safe, because he cannot withstand the consequence that the failure causes, therefore he can only succeed, cannot be defeated.