Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 103 - Chapter 10262
Three days of in the blink of an eye on the past, a Wu law have sat in oneself study room on this day, serves nearby him, only then Wu word, when the day is quick, has a manpower of Wu law in the city attack to Wu word said:, arranged? Various Great Clan people, cannot let off.”

Wu word said solemnly: Old Master feel relieved, has all arranged, so long as our here signal round, they will initiate attack to various Great Clan immediately.” Wu word can be said as Wu law true trusted aide, Wu law all arrangements he knows, even it can be said that he arranges personally, therefore very clear present situation. A Wu law nods, later open the mouth and said: Various city have there informed to say?” A Wu law must guarantee that all links do not make the mistake to be good, one, but that link made the mistake, their actions will have is possible to be defeated, one, but their action failure, that will celebrate mansion here also to fall into to the turmoil, that may really end. Wu word said solemnly: Has informed, 9 to 11 p.m. all cities, begin on time, including Blood Slaughter Sect, will call Young Master there also to begin simultaneously.” Wu word open the mouth and said, his words let a Wu law time in nod, such arrangement was right, he must at the same time, begin to various Great Clan, takes various Great Clan. A Wu law thinks, then open the mouth and said: outside the city army? Does there have control? After our here begins, they must enter the city, various Clan all industries, all control, various Clan people, kills completely, does not remain, cannot let the in the city appears anything calamity.” Wu word said solemnly: Has prepared, command of all armies, all took over by our people, will not have any issue, invited Old Master feel relieved.” The army there people are the he personally arrangement, absolutely is in the family/home the most trustworthy person, in adding on the in the city garrison troops their person on one's own side, takes over command of these armies by them and ensure cannot have any issue, must know that these armies are also very important. A Wu law nods, then open the mouth and said: What special matter occur this does in the city have? What do various Great Clan people have the discover not right place?” A Wu law regards as important regarding this matter, he wants to know that various Great Clan there, do have what special matter occur, if various Great Clan have anything to change, that explained that various Great Clan had is possible to detect, that was not the child's play, when the time comes will bring the huge variable. Wu word said solemnly: Various Great Clan there have nothing unusually, but to is thoroughfare shipping agency there has some unusualities, partner/shop assistant of these thoroughfare shipping agencies, their some cart drivers, these people in today, oneself family member, delivered to Nan'an Work place there, the person who although this matter knew were not many, but by our person discover, Old Master you were watched this matter?” Wu word look at Wu a law, he knows that the thoroughfare shipping agency is the industry of Blood Slaughter Sect, therefore he will ask. Wu law said solemnly: Was the Blood Slaughter Sect person informs them to celebrate the capital city here person evidently, making them protect these people, like this to also no, moreover saved our lots of troubles, but this Blood Slaughter Sect such independently deciding, I actually did not like, waited for this matter to end time, to must strike them, other matter?”

Wu word shakes the head said: not to have, besides this matter, is not having other matter, all have prepared, invited Old Master rest assured.” Wu word recalled was the same, truly was all things all prepares, the place of no oversight, this replied. A Wu law nods, then open the mouth and said: "OK, you also get down to rest, lets our people, pays attention to the in the city situation, if in the city has any change, must inform me immediately. ” Wu Yanying, to Wu law gave a salute, then turn around withdrew from study room later, but a Wu law also closed the eye, static sitting maintains mental tranquility in there closed eyes, many years of preparation, is waiting for this day, now this day comes finally, his said at heart not anxious that is fake. But at this time, Zhao Hai actually also sat in small building, in small building only then thanks Yubao and Yao Jianxing also had king Cuihe thanks Yinling, except for them, only then Zhen Lao, the iron uncle they must in Nan'an Work place there assuming personal command, unable to come here today, therefore in small building, only then these people. Zhao Hai looked at several people of one, then open the mouth and said: „Were our people to settle down are good?” Today in the city with their concerned people, shifts to Nan'an Work place there, is the order of Zhao Hai, thanks Yubao they arrange, Zhao Hai also wants at this time, to make the final confirmation. thanks Yubao said solemnly: "Yes, Sect Master, has arranged, invited Sect Master feel relieved. ” These things are thanks Yubao arrange personally, his these also found an excuse time, person who has relationship with these with them said, today in Nan'an Work place there, the person in thoroughfare shipping agency, prepares to them sends the monetary reward, so long as is the person who their family/home can go , must go, all arriving people, will all have the monetary reward. Naturally, this saying was also not the Blood Slaughter Sect disciple person said to these present, has become the blood sect Peripheral Disciples person, knew what's the matter. Zhao Hai nods said: "OK, that to be good, 9 to 11 p.m. a Wu law they will act, but Wenhai they will also begin, what when the time comes in the city will turn into, this does not say, you must defend Yongkang Work place here, we cannot protect person of the city now, but protected the Yongkang Work place here person or no problem, Nan'an Work place there did not need to be worried, some people will protect there, Zhen Lao, here must depend on you when the time comes. ” Zhen Lao nods said: to invite Sect Master feel relieved, giving me was good.” Regarding Zhen Lao, Zhao Hai feel relieved, he nods, later said solemnly: the "OK, here matter on all give you, I walked. ” Said his figure directly on vanish from sight. Regarding his suddenly information, thanks Yubao they somewhat are surprised, but Chen Lao has actually been unalarmed by strange sights, he turns the head their said: in general situation to thanks Yubao, the close work place time of various work places in 7 to 9 p.m, the time are also up now, when closes/obstructs Fang, we must pour the accidental/surprised surface situation, when fights occur time, we are acting is not late.”

thanks Yubao complied with one, Zhen Lao saw that thanks Yubao they were somewhat anxious, his cannot help but slightly smiled said: did not use anxiously, our Blood Slaughter Sect conduct, has not been defeated, these was also same time, let alone this make a move, but Sect Master, Sect Master make a move, this matter will not have any issue, your rest assured.” thanks Yubao they complied with one, but can look, they are actually very anxious, Zhen Lao has not said anything, the first time are participated in such action, anxious is also normal, is impossible because of his several words, gets down on calm, therefore he is not saying anything, but sat in there closed the eye slowly, at the same time open the mouth and said: You also close eye rest a while, if when the time comes really made what trouble, we must begin.” Several people complied with one, later their deep breath several, they also closed the eye later, slowly, their breath become steady and long, their mood also really calm slowly got down evidently. But at this time outside Three Mountains City, Wen Wenhai stood in a village, the person in this village, all got up by Blood Slaughter Sect person control, no one started talking, this village left Three Mountains City is not far, Wen Wenhai stood in the village, the look at Three Mountains City direction, Chang Jun followed in his side. Two people together look at Three Mountains City, some little time Wen Wenhai open the mouth and said: Passed tonight, this Three Mountains City was our, thinks also really somewhat excitedly, this is our conquer entire Immortal Realm first step.” Chang Jun nods, his two eyes is also shining, obviously, he also approves the Wen Wenhai words very much. Blood Slaughter Sect not necessarily said, to that Interface, met conquer that Interface, but strength to their degree, even if they want to live in peace together with the opposite party, feared that was still is impossible, even if you do not want to harm the opposite party, opposite party is possible can still think vital part you, because your body had too many advantage, these thing will attract the opposite party to cope with you, no matter you did want, finally is possible can the person with this world have the conflict, this cannot avoid, therefore Wen Wenhai will say. This they brought ten thousand Blood Slaughter Sect disciple time, including 1000 are Alien Cavalry, these people can fully control entire Three Mountains City, therefore they also are really have nothing to worry that therefore Wen Wenhai really does not have now a little anxiously, said that excited also said. But at this time Sheng Si was actually sitting in big tent that in Wu called, Wu called also static sitting in there, some little time he open the mouth and said: 9 to 11 p.m. the punctual action, the general will also coordinate our together action, will relieve the military authorities of these people in the presence of everyone, if these people dare rebel, executes.”

In big tent that in Wu called, but also sits trusted aide that Wu called, he is ordering on equal to now, the people all complied with one, in the each and every one eye was cold light sparkles, only then sitting of Sheng Si face calm in there, the tonight's matter, feared that was he does not have machine will act, naturally, if really what accidental/surprised, Wu called their action failure, he was will act, judging from the present situation, this is possible was very not big. At this time, there are countless people to wait, people who at the same time, celebrated in the city these and don’t know this matter, are still living the life of everyday, the tavern business was very good, many people are still drinking, the business of brothel was also very good, the sound of inside string and woodwind instruments, the sound of male and female teasing, intermittent transmitting, the air/Qi of powder, to can smell far away. Naturally, many market, had actually been resting at this time. In celebrating capital city here has a strange place, celebrated the capital city to the evening, in the most peaceful place, near the City God mansion, another in market there of surrounding, conversely, middle several layers market was good, instead to was liveliest. Nearby City Lord Mansion, lived person who all has the status, even if their there has anything to feast the activity, generally is still in the room conducts, outside is could not see that therefore there instead attended the meeting seems somewhat peaceful, but several layers market of surrounding is commoner, there also very peaceful, only then middle several layers market, there is Merchant world, therefore there is also liveliest.