Chaotic Sword God - Volume 28 - Chapter 2798
Damn, his life actually hard, how hasn't this died?” The opens the mouth that Chu Jie cannot bear finally cursed, injury that Yang Yutian received at this moment serious, was only looked that has let his scalp tingles, normal Martial Artist received the so serious injury, has died did not know many times, but Yang Yutian still also tenacious is living.

Hateful, he has injured this to touch the type, I did not believe unable to kill him today, all-out attack his Primordial Spirit.” Zhou Zhi also makes the sound that clenches jaws, his eye somewhat blushes, the whole person is a going wild touching type. „The Yang Yutian meat is very very strong, the head is the whole body hardest place, I hit his head at the Beginning Realm strength three times, finally has not hit to explode his head......” Even if hits does not explode his head, must shake disperses his Primordial Spirit, everyone acts completely, the use secret technique attacks his head......” ...... Immediately, Chu Jie their several people under clenching teeth, start to use the powerful secret technique to come out. This secret technique, is Old Ancestor in their family goes into action personally, specially in view of one powerful secret technique that their formation found, can make their attacks more powerful. In dark star, this secret technique they altogether have displayed twice, is recapturing the wartime of Hundred Saints City for the first time, they when besieging Vice- Palace Master Da Fu of seventh palace have displayed one time, forcefully the boundary in Everlasting Beginning Realm 1-layer, in fact has the severe wound that 2-layer battle strength Da Fu hits to escape. When the second time, is seventh palace Palace Master Jadi arrives at Hundred Saints City, they by this secret technique resist the attack of Jadi, collapses at the first blow in front of Jadi although, but the great strength of this secret technique, is actually they biggest trump card, is ultimate method that they are proud. However when uses the secret technique, forms the formation God King Realm person ready dead to they, will create very huge consumption, will therefore not arrive at the critical moment easily not to display. Immediately, a terrifying pressure that endures compared with the Everlasting Beginning Realm 1-layer peak fills the air, sees only in formation that they form, there is a fuzzy person's shadow to reappear together, the body sends out a terrifying pressure that made the person palpitation. This fuzzy person's shadow, is Old Ancestor in their family, they condense the shadow of Highest Beginning Realm Old Ancestor by secret skill, although in energy level merely in the Everlasting Beginning Realm 1-layer degree, but contains the strength of say/way rhyme is unable to state clearly. Naturally, not everyone's secret skill is the same.

Also in formation of some people, appears baseless a illusory sword, sends out dreadful rays of light. This sword, is clan's protecting Divine Item in their family, Rank is high-grade Divine Item, in most Old Ancestor by family has. Also in formation of some people, condensed a jet black finger at the terrifying energy, sent out to make person palpitation black rays of light. In brief, secret skill that their five big influences display, the shape of shows is also various, but the might was the Everlasting Beginning Realm 1-layer peak level, even pressed up to 2-layer. The next quarter, they five people of secret skill bring in abundance the terrifying power and influence of letting any God King Martial Artist for it look changes hits to Jian Chen. This time, their five people attack the head of Jian Chen completely. Bang! In bellow, Jian Chen body hit flew by far, powerful energy fallout wreaks havoc, one piece that below land destroys in confusion, split one after another giant crack. Chu Jie their five people are slightly some asthmas, looking at steadily is staring at the head of Jian Chen, wants to have a look at own five people of strongly to strike, actually to crush the head of Jian Chen displays secret skill to send out. However is quick their hearts to sink slightly, because they discovered that the head of Jian Chen besides full is the blood, as before complete long there, such as they had not anticipated such was struck the smashing. So powerful attack, his head has not been cracked even, but Primordial Spirit thought by the shaking powder forcefully.” Gong Ruize said that the vision does flicker stares to fly upside down Jian Chen that. This time, the Jian Chen body was struck to fly dozens li (0.5 km) away distance to drop on the ground, lying down is motionless on the ground, however this in Chu Jie under they five people of intense and disturbed gazes, merely the time that continues three not to breathe, lies down in ground Jian Chen thenstrenuouslystood, on his face is completely the blood, appears the ferocious name terrifying, could not have seen clearly the face completely.

Hasn't died?” How can't this kill?” ...... Chu Jie, Zhou Zhi, Gong Ruize, Kong Feiying and Zhao Wenbin several people in abundance fantasy touching type, they stared in a big way the eye, on the face is completely unbelievable. Not far away, in observing Wuhwa Saint Child is also blinking of making an effort, same inconceivable expression. Ha Ha Ha Ha, I obtained the inheritance of Beginning Realm powerhouse, all sorts of some laws of maintaining life, otherwise, I impossible to walk from Two Worlds Mountain, to kill me, laughed depending on Jian Chen that your present strengths insufficient......” whole body is also bathed in blood loudly, aura of his whole person is weak, the fire of life also creakies, touching type that as if can extinguish momentarily. But at this moment, in his within the body, suddenly strength of the extremely powerful and pure vitality fills the air, although the strength of this vitality proliferated a faint trace merely, but actually affected this side world instantaneously, immediately, in the world blustery, the surrounding area counted the sky in hundred thousand li (50,000 km) to turn into blood reds instantaneously. The strength of as if this vitality, has the unsurpassed energy that can change the world, even if only a faint trace, can cause the world to vibrate, Space-Time transformation. Even yes, the strength of this vitality can a certain extent, conduct a disturbance to world Great Principles. The strength of as if this vitality, is a Great Principles obviously shape. Chu Jie they five people of complexion rapid changes, from the strength of this vitality, they felt a supreme dignity, mixed in, very ancient, the feeling of very vast years vicissitudes. This feeling, as if contains wrapped in a shroud of obscurity great strength to result, created a very intense washout to they several people of Primordial Spirit, causes them while shock, sprouted in the heart wish the impulsion that knelt down to submit. This... this is anything......”

Actually this... this is anything inherits, how I felt when facing the strength of this vitality, the feeling of ratio that submitting to that has faces own Old Ancestor unexpectedly even more stronger fierce......” This aura, as if... as if... as if with the Jin Hong somewhat similarity......” ...... Immediately, Chu Jie their five people of mind big quakes, stare the eye to stare at Jian Chen greatly, on the face are revealing extremely shocking, cannot believe, surprised uncertain and wild with joy expression, switch over of fast these expressions in their expression, making they five people of facial expressions at this moment appear extremely splendid. Because in this moment, in their brains appeared the similar thought to come simultaneously, in their hearts that also this thought that made raised the startled big wave monstrous waves. They have known Yang Yutian obtained Beginning Realm to inherit, at first was only common Beginning Realm, therefore has not cared, aura that the strength of vitality but sent out at this moment from him, clearly displayed Supreme secret skill exposes when Two Worlds Mountain with Jin Hong extremely similarly, this made them think in an instant, obtained one fearfully to the conclusion that letting them cannot believe. Supreme inheritance, what is it possible that Yang Yutian he obtains is the Supreme inheritance?” Chu Jie, Zhou Zhi they five people of heartbeats start to accelerate, the whole body blood boiled, no wonder Yang Yutian such long did not die in their attack under-bracing, originally he obtained the Supreme inheritance unexpectedly. This, does not need to say much, their five people know how because of should do. At this moment, their five people forgot quite the same as the enmity of own to Yang Yutian, in their eyes already huge wild with joy and gives to fill greedily, is in abundance red the eye to go crazy results in charges into Jian Chen. Stop!” At this moment, the vast sound conveys from the distant place together rolling, the sound like the thunder, thunders in the Chu Jie five people of ears crack, was full of the anger.