Chaotic Sword God - Volume 28 - Chapter 2799
Jin Hong caught up finally, he used the secret technique, speed draws near peak, flashed then spans the remote distance, erect quick grazed to come toward Jian Chen this, the person has not arrived, Spiritual Consciousness then first a proliferation came, looked at the purity that here situation.

He saw dreadful fluctuation of energy that Beginning Realm great formation that Chu Jie their five big influences form, sends out. Also saw the Jian Chen whole body is bathed in blood, causes heavy losses by experiencing personally that the Chu Jie five people of Beginning Realm strengths hit, the body life air/Qi is weak, seemingly will extinguish momentarily. The Jian Chen bitter experience makes Jin Hong fly into a rage, was also hard to maintain once that again to anything is a serene stance, in the entire person heart the anger was dreadful, both eyes sent out ice-cold murderous intention. Meanwhile, his within the body the strength of bloodlines also receives the vitality hauling that outside Antiquity Heavenly Wolf blood essence dispersed, thus became boiled, from the intent of extreme hope spread, reached the Sheng Ping (entire life) peak, that intense hope and attraction, formed charm to result in are attacking the Jin Hong will, transmitted extreme earnestly seeking and saliva to Jin Hong. But Jin Hong can actually ignore the change of strength of bloodlines quite the same as, his will firm like iron, forces to depress the strength of bloodlines to the impact and influence that the own will forms, in both eyes sends out the dreadful anger, brings intense murderous intention extremely quick being close. Because of his position at this moment, from Jian Chen also several million li (0.5 km) far, speed that even if shows at this moment by him, to span is so away from needs to cost some time. At this time once in a while permits will not be long, but he actually saw that Jian Chen has been on the verge of death, how long could not have insisted, so condition, even if only short time of breath, perhaps will have too not irrecoverable matter. „It is not good, Jin Hong came unexpectedly......” How he comes is so quick, quickly, begins quickly, must before Jin Hong arrives massacres Yang Yutian, otherwise our today's all arrangement waste all previous efforts......” ...... Chu Jie their five people of complexion change, immediately became anxious, because they know, once Jin Hong arrived here, perhaps they will not have again possibly cut to kill Yang Yutian, do not count on that tried to capture the chance good fortune from Yang Yutian. Regarding Jin Hong, they do not dare to despise, others after all are the Supreme successor, this single layer status makes them incomparably dread merely.

Chu Jie their five people ignore the consumption immediately, does not count the price uses the powerful secret technique again. Immediately, the Highest Beginning Realm Old Ancestor illusory shadow, high-grade Divine Item the body of energy appears again, sends out the startled day to fluctuate. You dare!” In the world spreads Jin Hong big loudly shout, he gets angry cannot rest, at once before both hands transform seal instantaneously definitely to the body void finger/refers. This finger/refers, resembles to contain share of unsurpassed secret strength, directs, before his body void the rule was chaotic immediately, resembles to be intervened by invisible strength, space became the disorder extremely. But Jin Hong body, then broke in this disorder space directly, his body vanishes in an instant, when appears again, such as has flickered to move to carry out now beyond several million li (0.5 km). This flash, he then spanned the remote distance, with the Jian Chen distance, has reduced to the thousand li (500 km). His energy such as the tsunami moves the ebullition, the vast pressure fills the air, Antiquity Heavenly Wolf that illusory shadow has reappeared quietly behind him, then the whole body energy surges, face upwards to send out the long and loud cry. Immediately, as if can spread over entire dark star the wolf howl sound to spread suddenly, this sound, everything may become vulnerable, world Yin-Yang transforms immediately, myriad things is submitting, the whole world is shivering. When Chu Jie their five people just prepared to condense own the secret technique that make, the wolf howl sound then passed on, the sound puts on gold/metal Lieshi, disregards all protections, penetrated the energy protection of their Beginning Realm formation directly, such as the startling thunderclap moves penetrates their brains. This sound has a fearful deterrent effect beyond description, the sound to hear, directly disturbed their Primordial Spirit, making their consciousness stagnate in this moment, the whole person became stereotypical, maintained the fixed movement to be framed there. This looks extremely strange, space that as if Jin Hong wolf howl, made presented the solidification, the time fell into static as, caused Chu Jie their five people, presented the consciousness short circuit together with several thousand God King Realm people ready dead, becoming blankly was silly.

Next flickers, a series of depressed explosive sounds spread from Beginning Realm great formation, see only link their strength formation, collapsed suddenly, short two time of breath, as Beginning Realm great formation that Chu Jie they in a big way take advantage, disintegrate like this, powerful secret technique that they condense, is as decoding of formation, seemed loses restraint to result, changes into a boundless energy to dissipate in the world. This, Wuhwa Saint Child that observes the distant place sees dumbfoundedly, the whole face is the panic-stricken color. Chu Jie they five people of Beginning Realm great formation actually some are powerful in his heart is very clear, however so powerful formation, then collapses unexpectedly under a Jin Hong roar, appears so collapses at the first blow. This is... Supreme secret skill......” Wuhwa Saint Child swallows the saliva, at this moment, in his heart to dreading of Jin Hong in thorough bone. His vision shifts to Jian Chen, although he because has not contacted with Jin Hong, they cannot roughly distinguish on Jian Chen like Chu Jie like that the details of strength of that vitality, but only depends on that astonishing power and influence that the strength of vitality has, knew in the heart that this is an extremely extraordinary thing, therefore in his vision, more or less presented meaning of the saliva. Measured in the heart, finally actually does not dare to have acts rashly slightly. Because the strength of he behind sect, is also not enough to support him unscrupulous the conduct in Hundred Saints City. At this time, Chu Jie they also restored in abundance, they are looking at already Beginning Realm great formation that disintegrates, as well as has presented Jin Hong outside thousand li (500 km), complexion disastrous incidents, while is Jin Hong can so relaxed to break the formation feel panic-stricken, is mixing with heart of the intense being unwilling. They do not fear Jin Hong, because they know own, even if cannot be victorious Jin Hong, but Jin Hong will not really kill them. They represent, but the back family, the position in respective family cannot compare position of Jin Hong although by far in Wolf Clan, but is actually shouldering family's face countenance and dignity to a certain extent. What makes them be unwilling, helplessly looks that on Yang Yutian that the Supreme inheritance that may have just misses with them. Helplessly looks that could change they destiny the huge good fortune to miss, this huge dropping variance feeling, causes in their five people of hearts, formed intense being unwilling with the dreadful hatred.

This hatred, naturally aims at Jin Hong! „Did Ha Ha Ha Ha, without Beginning Realm formation, what you also take to kill me? It seems like today dies is not I, but is you are right.” At this time, the Jian Chen mouthful is the blood exuded the big laughter, on him that the strength of vitality was formed by Antiquity Heavenly Wolf blood essence divulging, resembled to put forth whole body strength the affection of condensation in him, shortly will then form arrows of five one meter vitality, then changed into a red glow to shoot at Chu Jie like lightning their five people. Naturally, the arrow of vitality this Antiquity Heavenly Wolf the strength of vitality forms, merely is a concealing method, because Jian Chen was unable to utilize the Antiquity Heavenly Wolf blood essence strength freely, is unable to achieve by the situation that the blood essence strength offends somebody. This move of true murderous intention, hidden in that in strength of vitality together is weak sword qi. This sword qi is freely weak, but its might, described with earth-shaking in this dark star sufficiently. Because this is together, can cut to kill Beginning Realm powerhouse terrifying sword qi. At this moment, Jian Chen finally found the right opportunity, took the strength of vitality to hit back as the shield. This counter-attack, since must kill!