Dragon Marked War God - Volume 42 - Chapter 4079
Martial Pavilion numerous expert, with more than 2000 disciples, full of enthusiasm hurries back from the Akamine mountain, on the face of each disciple, filled joyfully, this star lord the tour of relic, it can be said that wins total victories. If said certainly that somewhat regrettably, that lost several hundred disciples, but everyone also understands, the war is this, particularly the cultivator war, in fact, everyone is clearer, such loss, compared with expected, good is too many. What is more important, but must look at the opponent to lose many, Yu Clan is annihilated, Human Race this does not win total victories is anything. Real triumphal returning turns over. This war, Jiang Chen becomes exist(ence) that is a focus of public attention, Martial Pavilion, no one does not admire to him, military Changtian and the others, must to Jiang Chen gives a thumbs up. They even recognized Jiang Chen can be reincarnated greatly, after waiting, is better to seem Jiang Chen to ask for advice, even if they are cultivation base of Tianyuan boundary, on cultivating a way, still met many bottlenecks, these bottlenecks, some have prevented their many years, Jiang Chen, if can help them direct, had breakthrough to attack higher cultivation base opportunity. After Jiang Chen goes back, returned to the dwelling in purple pill Pavilion directly, he has not worried purple pill Pavilion to seek for medicinal ingredients, because he knows, some people can look for itself quickly, oneself need anything when the time comes, arranges the instruction directly and that's the end. But after the Martial Pavilion disciple returns to Martial Pavilion, the star lord all that in relic has, starts by the insane biography, almost at the speed of tornado, was about to sweep across in entire Martial Pavilion everyone's ear extremely. Fuck, this also too skirt, straight oneself killed entire Yu Clan, what a pity was a pity, what a pity I cannot participate in this experience time, is really regrettable.” Senior Brother Jiang Chen unexpectedly such terrifying, he unfolded divine might in the arena before greatly, I think that is only battle strength is tyrannical, has not thought that also understands formation.” Brothers, Senior Brother Jiang far more than understands formation, cannot discover, is simply omnipotent, now everyone who well he does not understand is guessing that Senior Brother Jiang can be reincarnated greatly.” Right, after many people obtain the direction of Senior Brother Jiang, cultivation base already breakthrough, moreover I heard that Senior Brother Jiang went to the limitless pavilion to speak formation, Great Elder Chong Wanshan of limitless pavilion admire very much, calls it the teacher, this cannot be reincarnated greatly is anything, otherwise, how to explain young people of Heyuan boundary, was skilled in so many.” Envied these by the person of Senior Brother Jiang Chen direction, they were what kind of was lucky, does not know that I did have the opportunity to make Senior Brother Jiang direct, I above the cultivation, came across many issues.” ..................

Entire Martial Pavilion is discussing Jiang Chen, countless people indicated to look, these by Jiang Chen not directing disciple, now started to be many a dream, that by Jiang Chen directing, they knew from other disciple mouths, the Jiang Chen's direction, that was the pertinent, straight strategic point. Purple pill Pavilion, Jiang Chen housing place, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow Dog leisurely sitting in inn, no matter outside noise, rarely were it can be said that idle. Big Yellow, your present condition how?” Jiang Chen asked. My cultivation base, was close to the place source boundary infinitely, I need nutritious blood energy now, if blood energy were enough, the breakthrough source boundary, was very clear.” Big Yellow Dog said. Nutritious blood energy, simple, I give you to refine a dragon qi pill directly and that's the end, my present condition and you are similar, if dragon qi pill helps, the breakthrough Heyuan boundary 8-layer day does not have the issue.” Jiang Chen said. Refines dragon qi pill's medicinal ingredients, perhaps isn't easy to look?” Big Yellow said, he naturally knows this dragon qi pill's strong effect, if can a perfect dragon qi pill, be promoted to be a cinch. Does not calculate to be hard to look, refines dragon qi pill, needs 9981 medicinal ingredients, what is rarest is the Long Yang grass, the Long Yang grass, although is precious, but the scarlet eastern territory will not have, if the scarlet eastern territory has the Long Yang grass, that certainly in purple pill Pavilion.” Jiang Chen said, he believes big purple pill Pavilion, puts out 32 Long Yang grass, is not a problem. Soon, three forms arrived at Jiang Chen here hurriedly.

Jiang Chen hears the sound, corner of the mouth overflows a happy expression to come, hardly with thinking him knows, definitely was that three apprentices arrives. Jiang Chen also they came. Master, master your present Old Bull compelled.” The people, had not heard side Tianhua the voice. The door of inn was opened barbarically, side heaven draws three people to rush directly, on the faces of three old fogies, soon smiled to spend. Master, awesome the master, the star lord the relic matter we to hear, the master you said that you were in the legend can the body of reincarnation, too be rather fierce greatly.” Yes the master, your so awesome, simply is how omnipotent, you may know, now Pavilion Master of our purple pill Pavilion, plans asks you to consult the issue, the master soon to become Teacher Human Race.” Initially our three were insightful, was duty-bound not to turn back acknowledged as teacher.” ............ The nation nation sound that three people of your mouths my mouth, the horse buttocks pats, listened Jiang Chen cannot help smiling, nearby Big Yellow Dog is laughs hysterically without stopping. However side heaven draws three people possible, no matter these, continue to flatter crazily. In fact three people not only also flatters, they are using this way to express they to worship and respect to Jiang Chen's, too worshipped, after the star lord the relic matter they hear, directly own master startled is Celestial, only thought that they understanding of master, is by far. Good your three, just right that your three come, I am having the matter to look for you.”

Jiang Chen waves, planned that the words of these three old fogies, he is afraid himself , if not break, these three people of flatters, do not know when must pat. Master has the matter to tell freely.” Zhou Kedao. I want concocting pills now, needs you to help me look for some medicinal ingredients to come, the instruction of Pavilion Master, believes that you have also known.” Jiang Chen open the mouth and said, in the Akamine mountain, painting was in front of everyone's to promise itself, these three old fogies do not know. Knows, Pavilion Master said that purple pill Pavilion all medicinal ingredients you open to the master, you need any medicinal ingredients, said to us directly and that's the end, our three help you prepare.” The side day picture track, three people of incomparable earnest, to them, can work for Jiang Chen, that is their good fortunes, special is willing to work. I want these medicinal ingredients.” Jiang Chen will prepare the good words to take up in advance, fast writing down refining up dragon qi pill's pill recipe.