Dragon Marked War God - Volume 43 - Chapter 4146
Jiang Chen has the understanding of this Buddha prison palace, eternal world peerless can greatly perhaps the treasure, endures compared with ascending tall ladder general exist(ence), now become the master in this dragon palace, after causing itself, is like a fish in water sufficiently in the eternal world. Cell phone end Black king, now in this dragon palace, only then your Jiang Chen asked. Naturally is not, these that before went out, could not shoulder the eternal main curse, the soul lose, had lost spiritual wisdom thoroughly, therefore they can run the dragon palace, this was also gets out of the dragon palace only possibility, under the curse, completely lost itself, can leave here, our these have not lost spiritual wisdom, lost own, has been hoping the arrival of master, the dragon palace has the new host now, the curse naturally eliminated, on this day, we do not know how long hoped.” Black king Wubi excited saying, said, his imposing manner shakes suddenly. Sees only in the entire dragon palace, starts to present the sound of thundering, forms appear from the different directions, have Monster Beast that changes into the human form, has the Monster Beast shape, elf, densely packed, under Jiang Chen Divine Sense sweeping, many many, just right 10,000. Has not seen master Black king to Myriad Monsters open the mouth and said. Has seen the master.” Myriad Monsters cried out with one voice, kneels on the ground completely, entire simultaneously. The Jiang Chen innermost feelings vibrate, this scene, rather some extremely in shocking, at present these Great Monster, no accident/surprise, cultivation base are completely source boundary 9-layer Heaven. Moreover, before black king said that their once cultivation base, were definitely not limited to this by far, their under eternal main curse, after 3000 weakening, to present such realm. Black king, your cultivation base, but can also promote

Jiang Chen asked that his innermost feelings at this moment are unable to be calm, the place of any exile, now in his eyes is the trash, ten big evil people were unable to withstand a single blow exist(ence), if he let out this Myriad Monsters completely, can the place of field littered with corpses exile, spare nothing alive in a minute. But those who make Jiang Chen anticipate, if cultivation base of these people can also gradually restore, the use that this Myriad Monsters army, can stand in line was too big. If here has 1% Monster Beast to promote a level, that is Tianyuan boundary 1-layer Heaven, 100 Tianyuan boundary 1-layer Heaven, over ten thousand place source boundary 9-layer Heaven, Jiang Chen leads this Myriad Monsters army, kills to ascend the sky Feather Mountain, Yu Clan of this scarlet eastern territory, where also has the strength of resistance. Opens reports the master, so long as cursed is broken, our cultivation base, gradual restoration slowly, will give most subordinate three days, can promote the Tianyuan boundary, in this dragon palace first layer Myriad Monsters, in a month promoted the Tianyuan boundary, will not be less than thousand people.” Superficialness that the black kingly way, he said that but can definitely feel, the words that black king said that without the ingredient that the least bit boasted, this number, even is quite conservative. What Jiang Chen eye fierce one bright, is suppressing excitedly not smiles to make noise, over a thousand Tianyuan boundary Great Monster, but also can not day Feather Mountain trampling flat. All these that from now on, Buddha Patriarch keeps, belong to the master, including our lives, the black king is willing to lord to go through water and tread on fire.” The black king is holding the fist in the other hand to Jiang Chen, forceful saying. Very good, the black king, I asked you, above eight of this dragon palace, why are any I cannot open now.” Jiang Chen asked that although said that the Myriad Monsters assistance, the dragon bone|keel fought the lance, regarding Jiang Chen, is the huge advantage and good fortune, but since becomes the master in this dragon palace, Jiang Chen naturally wanted to know that above eight were anything. Dragon palace first layer has the so big advantage, he Shin'etsu is upward, the advantage are definitely more.

This subordinate does not know, insufficiently according to the subordinate speculation, above was detained, perhaps was also the past Buddha Patriarch subordinate brave warrior character, each detaining person should be different, is unable to open second layer as for the master, should be cultivation base of master is insufficient, on dragon palace several, should continually promote with master cultivation base, opened automatically, but the master did not need to worry, although above expert cannot come out now, because the curse of dragon palace has relieved, above expert cultivation base, will not be weakened again, even if walked in the dragon palace does not go out, did not affect their cultivation base to restore, and other masters have not opened. expert that inside walks, will use for the master directly.” Black kingly way. hearing this, Jiang Chen cannot bear nod, simultaneously cannot bear sigh, oneself this once a master of potential surface, to here, second layer of cultivation base low even/including dragon palace could not open unexpectedly. However Jiang Chen is not discouraged, is this, he is excited, the dragon palace opens one, this explained that he also has in the road that the eternal world must take is very long, this is a striving for world hegemony road, the process on this road, is Jiang Chen most yearns. Black king, you later continues to treat in the dragon palace cultivates, I need your times, you can go out, without my order, everyone can not move restlessly.” Jiang Chen to black king and Myriad Monsters loudly said. Yes, master.” Myriad Monsters with one voice, scene enormous and powerful, Jiang Chen just like a king to be ordinary, waves to direct the landscape. Master felt relieved, now you are the master in dragon palace, without your instruction, we finds out, cannot go out.” Black kingly way. Jiang Chen nods, is satisfied with the performance of black king and Myriad Monsters, later, his body in a flash, went out in the dragon palace directly. Jiang Chen goes out of that flash of dragon palace, originally float giant dragon palace above sea, the extreme velocity reduces suddenly, suddenly turned into a small luminous spot, vanishes to disappear from the place of exile thoroughly.

The dragon palace changed into grain of dust, entered Jiang Chen's within the body, may be possible to be small greatly, may summon for Jiang Chen at will. Looked quickly, the dragon palace vanished, my God, this mysterious dragon palace in the place of exile does not know that many years, vanished to disappear unexpectedly suddenly, not seeming to appeared same.” What happened was certainly related with Jiang Chen, Jiang Chen You looked, Jiang Chen appeared, this fellow obtained certainly the heaven-shaking fortuitous encounter, he enters in the dragon palace, not only has not died, instead made the dragon palace vanish, disappearance of dragon palace, was definitely related with Jiang Chen.” Certainly is Jiang Chen, he obtained in the dragon palace all treasure, definitely is this.” Disappearance of dragon palace, Jiang Chen appears again, without doubt raised difficult situation in the land of the polar north, it can be said that no one is not startled. The mysterious dragon palace in the land of the polar north does not know that exist(ence) many years, ten big evil people appear the dragon palace , the dragon palace vanishes now suddenly does not see, but Jiang Chen is the innumerable years first enters in the person to dragon palace, these must say has not been connected, feared that is no one believes. Jiang Chen obtained the Buddha prison palace, indicates that the scarlet eastern territory welcomed the ending, Old Su recent is not quite happy, causing the symbol speed to be slow, today will be one, will greet the big high tide of scarlet eastern territory tomorrow. Old Su as far as possible three . Moreover, brothers my WeChat public number, thanks. Dragon Marked War God Dragon Marked War God