Dragon Marked War God - Volume 43 - Chapter 4147
hū lā...... Innumerable expert encircled, is headed by ten big evil people watertight that encircles Jiang Chen, looks at this stance, Jiang Chen even if today has three heads and six arms, must die here. However, even facing such scene, Jiang Chen as before calm free, on the face even also brings a happy expression. Fuck, is this fellow still smiling? What does he smile? Is this to our despising? Aren't we fearful? We are ten big evil people, you display fear, respects us. The dignity related to ten big evil people, may endure what else cannot be tolerated. Let alone, the poison extinguishes old man and Zhao pull, is in itself to set at Jiang Chen in the deathtrap, saw that Jiang Chen does not place the rampant appearance in eye them at this moment completely, the poison extinguishes the air/Qi that old man and Zhao pull out not to hit one, particularly Zhao pull, wished one could ripping to eat Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen, comes with the life.” Zhao pull loudly shouted, the whole body air wave rolls, strikes an attitude to toward Jiang Chen kill, he hates to the marrow of the bones about Jiang Chen, does not kill Jiang Chen, sleeps on pins and needles. Holds on a minute.” The poison extinguishes old man to work as before Zhao Bashen. Poison extinguishes old man, your what meaning? This boy robs your war lance.” Zhao pull gets angry anxiously, does not know that extinguishes old man to prevent itself poisonously is what meaning. Dragon palace vanished, is definitely related with this boy, perhaps he obtained the treasure in dragon palace, therefore first do not kill him temporarily, making me inquire.”

The poison extinguishes old man saying that he obviously wants calm many compared with Zhao pull, no doubt he wants to kill Jiang Chen, but the treasure in dragon palace is concerning his as before, in his eyes, the Jiang Chen's life, may not have the treasure in dragon palace to be valuable. You hurry to ask, asked, makes me kill him, his life is my, anyone of you do not snatch.” Zhao pull coldly said, this he gives locking Jiang Chen's aura time completely, had the first several experiences, Zhao pull knows, this fellow sly, these cannot certainly time again to the opportunity that he runs away. Saw that two people of eats to decide own appearance, Jiang Chen cannot bear shake the head, these two in the place of illustrious big evil person exile, in oneself eye, like ants general exist(ence), don't had said in as everyone knows the dragon palace can kill their Myriad Monsters innumerably, solely is oneself, currently has certain assurance to kill them. Jiang Chen, I asked you, why did the dragon palace vanish to disappear?” The poison extinguishes old man to look to Jiang Chen, asked by the condescending tone. Why dragon palace vanishes, I naturally know, but, why I must tell you.” Saying of Jiang Chen unimpressed, he stands there, even/including positive/correct saw that extinguishes old man one not to have poisonously, this deeply injured to extinguish the old man self-respect without doubt poisonously, where here was, but here the place of exile, his ten big evil person's powerful exist(ence) of heads, dared some people to speak to oneself unexpectedly, this in the place of first time exile. Boy, I urged you musn't refuse a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit.” The poison extinguishes old man to clench jaws, has endured patiently Jiang Chen to be very long evidently, if not for is thinking the treasure in dragon palace, poison at this moment extinguishes old man, feared that does not use Zhao pull take action, began killing Jiang Chen directly. I am partial to eat to be made to drink as a forfeit, your my what?” The Jiang Chen imposing manner shakes, suddenly changes is swift and fierce, the source boundary five heavy day of peak strengths release, compared with before entered the dragon palace time, did not know powerful many. „The very powerful imposing manner, how his did cultivation base promote so many all of a sudden?” Certainly obtained the enormous advantage from the dragon palace, his cultivation base raised two ranks, this was also too exaggerating.”

This showed sufficiently disappearance of dragon palace and he was concerned, must make him hand over the treasure in dragon palace.” ............ Ten big evil people moved, saw that Jiang Chen cultivation base enters greatly, in reveals the blazing color, matter is obvious, who can cultivation base promote so many in such a short time, only if came across the heaven-shaking fortuitous encounter, but this fortuitous encounter, the dragon palace that vanishes from obtained inevitably. Jiang Chen's cultivation base enters greatly, extremely the heart of everyone's greedy. Humph! Jiang Chen, you do not want unable to differentiate good from bad, today here so many people, even if you have three heads and six arms, still gave up any idea of that runs away.” The poison extinguishes old man coldly snorted, has never seen the so rampant person. The Jiang Chen pupil lives the splendor, takes a fast look around, sees the innumerable imposing manners to the person, innumerable expert, it seems like has attempted to oneself. Jiang Chen has not paid attention extinguishes old man poisonously, but is the clear and resonant voice said: Today my is happy, can you means of livelihood, now leave the land of the polar north, may guarantee a life , to continue to remain in view of my, only then dead end, meets do not blame me not being impolite, my Jiang Chen, will never give the people's the second opportunity, the present is your choice time.” Jiang Chen just like a king who controls the common people, aloof and remote, is insufferably arrogant, will not have been present anybody to place in the eye completely. Such remarks, caused the turbulence on the scene, but, many people are smiling, taunt smiling, ten big evil people, these source boundary 9-layer Heaven expert, regarded a joke to regard Jiang Chen particularly completely. Words that because Jiang Chen said that was really funny, at present such scene, regardless of where, Jiang Chen did not have the least bit opportunity, only Jiang Chen, even again heaven defying, how also to resist so many expert by one's effort. expert of place of entire exile, almost here, Jiang Chen calculates anything. Silly, self-confidence where this fellow comes.” boasts shamelessly, I have also never seen the so rampant person, but, rampant also needs the skill, only place source boundary five heavy days, dare to threaten to provoke place of entire exile expert, really do not know self-confidence where he comes.”

Self-confident? In my opinion this was the typical head by the gate clamping, entered a dragon palace not to know own several jin (0.5 kg) several two, in my opinion, he is true acting recklessly.” ............ The sound of endless taunt, no one flinches. Seeing that Jiang Chen is also helpless shaking the head, he knows early is such result, these people are unpardonably wicked, wish makes them flinch in the face of the benefit, the model was wants. Such being the case, that Jiang Chen will not have the least bit to be polite, will not have the least bit psychological burden. The distant place, Big Yellow Dog has come, but has not rushed goes, saw that Jiang Chen's cultivation base enters greatly, Big Yellow Dog is also very being startled, obtained the huge advantage in the dragon palace very much obviously, will promote two levels continuously. This bastard is so self-confident, Master Dog I must have a look but actually, he obtained any trump card.” Big Yellow Dog assumes an air of self approbation, he knows the Jiang Chen's skill, although said that Jiang Chen promoted the source boundary five heavy days, but if said that depended upon his one's effort, wanted to kill to be present so many expert, was not that easy matter. But knew about Jiang Chen's by Big Yellow Dog, Jiang Chen obtained certainly some fierce method in the dragon palace, therefore so extremely arrogant. Plot not smooth, three of reaching an agreement looked like hopeless, was quite awkward, today will be one, I will try hard tomorrow, these days the daughter fell the head, made Old Su restlessed, the condition of writing a book had not found, yesterday blew awesome three not to complete, was really so damn was awkward.