Dragon Marked War God - Volume 44 - Chapter 4208
vermilion positive/correct manic, is individual can see his anger at this moment, but Long Shisan is seriously injured obviously, did not have the strength of many again war, if vermilion positive/correct under assassin, that Long Shisan almost must die at this time without doubt. Ended, that Long Shisan feared to cherish hatred in this today, really pitifully, so genius.” Yes, this Long Shisan also is really, runs into the genius character in Vermilion Bird camp softly, clothing/taking and that's the end, so many looks at, vermilion positive/correct always has no alternative but to attend to some killing Long Shisan, now is booing, he also provokes on own initiative, must conduct the life and death struggle with others, yeah, can only acknowledge that the punishment is deserved.” Who did not say that genius where of Vermilion Bird camp is so easy to cope, this Long Shisan, was too haughty, kicked the sheet iron, now vermilion Zhengda sends Thunderclap, perhaps was really Divine Immortal cannot save him.” .................. The city gate encircled many people, many people start to sigh, is Long Shisan feels to regret, but this situation, Long Shisan wants to maintain a livelihood at present, feared that was the wishful thinking. Must say that calmest, that was Jiang Chen and Big Yellow Dog, no one compared with their clearer Long Shisan skill, no one was clearer than them, Long Shisan had was not good to kill. Big brother, quick take action rescues Brother Shisan.” The dragonet anxious say/way, the little fellow no doubt is the talent different reported that but experiences after all short, the vision is insufficient, only saw the defeat of Long Shisan table people, has not seen a deeper thing. Does not use.” Jiang Chen shakes the head. Far more than does not use, if now take action helps one another, perhaps this dead monkey hits the people on one's own side.” Big Yellow Dog assumes an air of self approbation, he too understood Long Shisan, in this fellow bone what kind of arrogance, from him proposed that must with that moment of vermilion positive/correct dedication life and death struggle, this vermilion positive/correct, be the Long Shisan vegetable/dish, emerging that this monkey fights now, just like Big Yellow Dog said that if take action, the monkey feared at this time must get angry does not recognize people, sees anyone to punch. Bang......

When everyone thinks Long Shisan was finished, in the sky suddenly presents a thunderclap, originally Long Shisan of aura dispirited, within the body jumps suddenly projects a strong air wave, this air wave, just like the hurricane is the same, sweeps across, will just rush to his near vermilion positive/correct, shaking retreat more than 10 zhang (3.33 m) away. What?” vermilion positive/correct calls out in alarm one, he only thought that within the body qi and blood turns wells up, the discomfort that could not say, that spouted gaze that the fire came sufficiently, falling again on the body of opposite Long Shisan. This is impossible, how possibly in this kind of time breakthrough.” If vermilion Zhengfang sees the ghost to be the same, Long Shisan in this critical moment breakthrough, has surpassed vermilion positive/correct understanding. Such matter happened in the body of Jiang Chen and Long Shisan, was too normal, must say the cultivation experience, they were the founder ranks. Let alone, Long Shisan obtained the inheritance of eternal ape, strength has achieved Tianyuan boundary 3-layer day peak, situated in the Tianyuan boundary four heavy day of edges, fights with vermilion positive/correct, the idea that Long Shisan had must draw support from the vermilion pressure, comes breakthrough. But once Long Shisan the breakthrough Tianyuan boundary four heavy days, that also indicates, vermilion Zhengyao was finished, differs a rank, no one can be the Long Shisan opponent, moreover does not need to enter the wild condition. Look, Long Shisan breakthrough, this was also too mysterious.” In this case can also breakthrough, not be an average person.” Far more than is not an average person, subverted my cognition and understanding of the cultivation simply.” .................. No one not startled, on the face appears the color of shock to come , breakthrough in the fight, is a very difficult matter, after all breakthrough this matter, needs calm like the water, needs some time and sensibility.

In fight soul-stirring, simply cannot calm the mind, let alone Long Shisan is also in a weak position, in this case is at all impossible breakthrough. However, others on breakthrough. Jiang Chen and a Big Yellow Dog face is calm, all as they expected. Brother Shisan keep it up.” The dragonet brandishes the small fist to cheer, on the face full is excited. Sky, is promoted later Long Shisan, compared with former domineering, how without seeing him to act, the person had arrived at vermilion positive/correct near, in his hand, does not know when presented iron stick, golden light sparkled, formidable Bufan (extraordinary). Vermilion Bird camp genius, mediocre.” Long Shisan shakes the head, in the hand iron stick lifts up high, is pounding ruthlessly to vermilion positive/correct. vermilion positive/correct does not show weakness, generally fights the sword to appear in the hand, sways thousand sword-light, sword qi vertically and horizontally/able to move unhindered, the big sword is carrying infinite murderous aura, collided with the big stick of Long Shisan. Bang...... heaven and earth shakes, void was soon annihilated, the astounding scene happened, the scene presented the enormous big reverse, in vermilion Zhengshou war sword, by a Long Shisan stick smashing, was turned into the dregs. Countless people call out in alarm, this was too fearful , in vermilion Zhengshou Battle Weapon, that is not every, where is damaged easily. But Long Shisan iron stick, is essence of heaven and earth, displays from the hand of Long Shisan, that is unmatched in the world, vermilion positive/correct war sword, appears unable to withstand a single blow.

...... vermilion positive/correct sends out blood-curdling scream, the body will depart the hundred zhang (333 m) to be far in the future, spouts three blood along the way continuously. Severe wound in vermilion positive/correct, but also without with enough time the stable body, Long Shisan is closely associated, bullied the body to vermilion positive/correct near again, iron stick float in his top of the head, murderous aura four shot, iron stick might pound anytime, broke his head, let the genius disciple in this Vermilion Bird camp, died without the burial ground. Long Shisan, you cannot kill me.” vermilion positive/correct was afraid, as the genius character in Vermilion Bird camp, the first time was the outstanding person of younger generation, entire life felt the fear with frightened, Long Shisan was the same just like unparalleled Slaughter God, making him realize death flavor truly. Because only you are the disciple in Vermilion Bird camp?” Long Shisan sneers. Right, the Vermilion Bird camp is not your peon can stir up, you killed me, must withstand the anger of Vermilion Bird camp, even if your I since birth making of dying, but you kill me, offended the dignity of Vermilion Bird camp , no peon dares to kill the person in Vermilion Bird camp in the forest country, you killed me, the Vermilion Bird camp will certainly not let off you.” vermilion positive/correct said, raised Vermilion Bird battalion to come, on his face, could not bear appear again the proud color, in his opinion, even oneself were defeated, the opposite party has not killed as before own with the courage, after all, the fame in Vermilion Bird camp is putting on there. Excuse me, your threat, in my useless, Vermilion Bird camp in my eyes, without is too great, I am solid, since said is the life and death struggle, that must branch out a life and death to come, you could not kill me, I killed you.” Long Shisan is unfeeling, in the hand iron stick, takes advantage of opportunity under.