Dragon Marked War God - Volume 44 - Chapter 4233
But such that in fact also really such as Jiang Chen said that the solemn white grade cultivates the star main rank gently, the issue of backlog were too many, Jiang Chen question that helps her answer, was equal to opening her road of cultivation, relieved the heart knot. Regarding cultivator, the heart ties, once relieves, the explosive force and potential are very fearful, is just like at this moment one white, cultivation base achieves star main double day peak all of a sudden, stops. Moreover, by the solemn white present condition, has the possibility breakthrough star to advocate the 3-layer day anytime, today by the advantage that the Jiang Chen direction obtains, it can be said that is much better, is reborn the change compared with any heavenly materials and earthly treasures. This is a real transformation, solemn one welcomed white/in vain cultivation the second stage, future achievement, limitless. ...... Solemn one exhales impure air white/in vain, the fine bright pupil looks to Jiang Chen, besides shock, what are more is the respect, right, the respect, the younger generation looks at the elder general respect. Many thanks the teacher directs, I felt that I was reborn.” Solemn one is very in vain excited, this matter, conversion is who is excited, if not excited, that is not normal. Good, your potential is infinite, the future achievement will also be infinite, this scarlet rosy cloud star, will unable to surround you in the future.” The Jiang Chen appreciation said, he rarely commended the person, but this one white, indeed could be genius. I will certainly try hard to cultivate, does not disappoint teacher, hoping someday can leave scarlet rosy cloud star, goes to the revelation star cultivation.” The solemn white look is charmed, thought that can be commended by Jiang Chen, is an incomparable glory matter. If someday can go out of scarlet rosy cloud star, goes to bigger place cultivation, broadening one's outlook, that was best matter. Compared to the entire revelation star territory, scarlet rosy cloud star, can only be small star, the revelation star, is the center of revelation star territory, is peak of entire star territory is , the hearsay in the revelation star, the powerful star sovereigns is not anything. People strive upward, who does not want to go to a bigger place to look.

Fuck, Little Chen, your his mother sought the limelight completely, did not give the father to remain, what to do if solemn one did have a liking for you white/in vain?” The Long Shisan low voice whisper, the look just like an embittered wife to be the same . Although his voice is small, the clarity that but distance such near, solemn one listens to white/vain, looks to Long Shisan gaze, starts unexpectedly changes is complex. Relax, solemn one worships and respects to me white/in vain, without men and women's heart, you strives well.” Similarly said silently, but makes one hear as before intentionally white/in vain, was help Long Shisan vindicating in disguised form. Solemn white Qiaolian cannot bear one red, the young lady of this Qilin mansion, entire life revealed for the first time came shyly, was really rare. A point that however the Jiang Chen's words saying right, solemn one white/in vain to Jiang Chen, is only the respect, the student respects the teacher like that is not the Jiang Chen charm is insufficient, should be Long Shisan is indelib. Long Shisan displayed to the solemn white favor, solemn one naturally can also feel white/in vain, before the immortal capable of flight youth blasphemed himself, Long Shisan was the reckless station, although the strength was bad, but must work as this protector as before, making solemn one impression to Long Shisan be in vain excellent. Which woman does not hope that a man protects himself recklessly, although this matter is small, but as in solemn one white at heart was indelib. In solemn one white/in vain looks like, Jiang Chen was too fearful, immeasurably deep, is the senior in senior, oneself can only respect, Long Shisan is different, if oneself must elect a person to make the sentimental relations, solemn one meets choice Long Shisan white/in vain without doubt. Naturally, this makes an analogy, solemn one white has not considered that now the matter of sentiment, she to Long Shisan, can only be some favorable impressions, is not repugnant. Roar......

Roaring of hot beast passed from the mountain valley, the hot beast is very rogue, but in howling at this moment, were many to dread with anxiously. The hot beast is not a fool, can protect the fire coral here, is in itself also the star lord expert, naturally is intelligent, hot beast at this moment is very anxious and fears, that is because felt solemn Baijin to rise the star main double day aura, in addition, saw with one's own eyes one to get rid of two star lords in the terrifying method solemnly white/in vain, naturally was somewhat panic. Teacher, I first killed the hot beast, received the fire coral, a long delay usually means many problems of province.” Solemn white open the mouth and said. Good.” Jiang Chen nods, but fire coral good thing, if can, make their cultivation base upgrade a level sufficiently again, the Jiang Chen breakthrough Tianyuan boundary four heavy days are not the issues. Now the distance and Changqing life and death struggle is certainly getting more and more near, Jiang Chen must enhance own strength to be good as soon as possible, cultivation base of Changqing is the star lord 1-layer Heaven peak certainly, only one month, without being similar to solemn white/in vain like this big opportunity, wants to promote arrives at the star main double day, is almost a impossible matter. To defeat the star to advocate 1-layer Heaven Changqing certainly, Jiang Chen's cultivation base, at least needs to achieve Tianyuan boundary sevenfold day peak, even is the Tianyuan boundary 8-layer day, had confidence. After all certainly Changqing is also genius of Vermilion Bird camp, is far from general cultivator can compare, is not good to cope. The solemn white imposing manner shakes, changes into a flame, to towards the mountain valley. Awoo...... The next quarter, that hot beast then made Heaven-shaking, Earth-shattering the sound of wailing, painful blood-curdling scream. Sees in the mountain valley, solemn one makes Fire Dragon white/in vain, the big fire beast body will give twines firmly, whatever that hot beast so struggles fiercely, is unable to work loose the slightest. Fire Dragon pulls furiously, that hot beast blood-curdling scream, the majestic huge body, the broadminded disruption, was ripped the fragment again.

Meanwhile, fiery-red Monster Spirit flutters, solemn one white one was grasped in the hand. This is hot beast Monster Spirit of star main rank, among contained incomparably powerful fire attribute energy, particularly regarding the solemn this grade of fire attribute physique, has to be above the advantage of imagination white/in vain. In the sea of colored glaze, fire attribute Monster Spirit of star main rank, is the true treasure. Above the red rock, the fire coral sends out layer upon layer rays of light, was wielded by the solemn white big hand, falls starts. Solemn one did not have the slight hesitation, kā chā to be divided into three fire coral white/in vain, then before arriving at the body of Jiang Chen and Long Shisan . This fire coral is divided into three, this is your.” Solemn one hands Jiang Chen and Long Shisan near two fire corals white/in vain. Facing fire coral such treasure, can maintain the disposition, the driving minute lets the person, this boldness, is no one can achieve, solemn one does not have the greedy heart white/in vain, sole this point, can become the important matter. But in fact, solemn one also is very in vain clear, without Jiang Chen and Long Shisan, oneself wants this fire coral, is also almost impossible. The fire coral is the Long Shisan discovery, own cultivation base, is the Jiang Chen help promotes, solemn one can white/in vain 1/3, has been content very much.