Dragon Marked War God - Volume 44 - Chapter 4234
Jiang Chen and Long Shisan are impolite, received the fire coral respectively, because they need this thing now, needs as soon as possible enhances own strength, particularly Jiang Chen, he also has the war to make in January/one month. Although Long Shisan is not the special fire attribute physique, but regarding fire, enjoys extremely , His Golden Eyes Fiery Pupils, although is innate ability, but its origin, was smelted by heaven and earth Divine Fire. Teacher, before I look at you, can the swallow alive hot demon, such ability heaven defying, Monster Spirit of this hot beast, happen to also give the teacher, can help the teacher enhance the strength rapidly.” Solemn one takes out Monster Spirit of beforehand exterminate hot beast white/in vain, hands in front of Jiang Chen. Solemn one white now to Jiang Chen respectable very much, the sudden transformation of this attitude, because of the Jiang Chen's ability, said regarding solemn came in vain completely, before Jiang Chen these questions that helped itself answer, was priceless, don't said that was Monster Spirit of star main rank, even 100, could not compare Jiang Chen to help oneself value. Many thanks.” Jiang Chen is impolite, gives to receive Monster Spirit directly, there is no promoting cultivation base is more important, coy to is not the Jiang Chen's style. We best leave here, looks for one no one's place refining fire coral, the promotion strength.” Solemn one said white/in vain, here the sound is too just now big, is very easy to bring to others' attention, if were discovered they looked to hit the fire coral, was some unnecessary troubles. Three people of bodies rocked, left this mountain peak, at their speeds, arrived at beyond several thousand li (0.5 km) suddenly. The front is the place that flame dance in the air, the temperature of flame is extremely high, moreover thinks that extremely in the thickness, making one even unable to see clearly inside thing, regarding Jiang Chen their three people, actually institute of the good hidden. Three people found three different places respectively, starts to close up the cultivation.

This closes up, is seven days of time, seven days, regarding powerful cultivator, is the time of a blink. Three days of time, solemn one closes right up against the fire coral white/in vain, breakthrough realm, cultivation base achieved the star to advocate the 3-layer day again the terrifying situation. The tour of sea of this colored glaze, absolutely is solemn one white/in vain most valuable one time, the sea of this colored glaze has come three times, but Altair and Vega lord 1-layer Heaven not to have breakthrough, now comes in seven days of time, cultivates continuous bump two realm, from star lord 1-layer Heaven to the star lord 3-layer day, simply is reborn the change. Another side, Long Shisan promotes the Tianyuan boundary sevenfold day, stays in sevenfold day peak, from the 8-layer day, that is also the one pace, Long Shisan under such condition, has been able to prey on Tianyuan boundary 9-layer Heaven expert. The harvest is bigger, is Jiang Chen, the fire coral and hot beast Monster Spirit dual additions, causes Jiang Chen's cultivation base, spans two ranks continuously, achieved Tianyuan boundary five heavy day of peak, from the Tianyuan boundary six heavy days, that is also the one pace. And, the Monster Spirit energy of hot beast, Jiang Chen not completely refining, but also remained part to stay in within the body , the Jiang Chen present condition, found a turning point again, can promote the Tianyuan boundary six heavy days. Your these two fellows, are really the anomalies.” Solemn one cannot bear sighed white/in vain, genius she has to see, where in the Qilin mansion also has the mediocre person, but like Jiang Chen and Long Shisan this, unprecedented, shocking. Long Shisan enters the imperial capital, ten days , is ten days of time, from the Tianyuan boundary four heavy days, by the Tianyuan boundary sevenfold day, enough three realm, this person? Jiang Chen was needless saying that sea of seven days of time colored glaze, cultivation base with flying was the same, is promoted eats meal probably, extremely in relaxed at will, this several days of time, cultivation base achieved Tianyuan boundary five heavy day of peak, besides fearfulness, but can also say anything. Teacher, quick that although your strength promotes, but will be in the future, the promotion is difficult, you and certainly decisive battle of Changqing, 20 days , makes one worry very much.” Solemn one looks white/in vain to Jiang Chen, said.

Although said that Jiang Chen's cultivation base promotes quickly, but in the eyes of bystander, Jiang Chen and certainly Changqing, has to just like the Heavenly Moat disparity, both sides are completely not a level. Relax, 20 days, in sea of such environment colored glaze, Little Chen want to enhance the strength, are very simple.” Long Shisan did not worry, more is understands Jiang Chen's to be fearful, more will not worry, if must worry, should Changqing worry certainly. „The method of teacher, I naturally am admire, but the time, was somewhat short.” Solemn moon's orbit, 20 days, Tianyuan boundary five heavy days of the disparity of arriving at star lord 1-layer Heaven, even if day and night eats the hot demon, wants to raise so many ranks, that is still at all the impossible matter. Time indeed was somewhat intense, but are not related, everything depends on human effort.” The Jiang Chen complexion is light, when regardless to, his face on, appears, is the self-confident, unequalled self-confidence. 20 days, Jiang Chen at least also has promotes two ranks, cultivation base to achieve Tianyuan boundary sevenfold day peak again, has the opportunity to defeat certainly Changqing, moreover this is in cultivation base of Changqing does not have in the breakthrough star main double day situation certainly. Therefore, wants absolutely safe, Jiang Chen needs to promote to have the absolute assurance to Tianyuan boundary 8-layer genius cultivation base. Be careful.” The Jiang Chen voice falls, the complexion suddenly changes, he holds Long Shisan, Great Void Technique excellent movement skill also displays in this flash extreme, almost in the wink of an eye, he brought Long Shisan to avoid beyond three zhang (3.33 m). Bang......

The place that back, they just stood, the sound of thundering gets up, two just like Death God murderous aura rays of light, almost shut off that sea of fire. Fuck.” Long Shisan hit one to tremble, the back could not bear the overflow cold sweat, this struck, if fell on the body, by their present cultivation base, cannot resist, feared that must regard cleaves in two. Who?” Solemn white complexion big change, her body one horizontal, keeps off in Jiang Chen and Long Shisan front hastily, is ready in full battle array. Just now was really the bad risk, the strength of person of take action, feared that at least the star lord the 3-layer day, moreover was good at concealing and sneak attack, that sudden sneak attack attack, lord the 3-layer day expert not to have the least bit sensation including oneself this star. In the anger, the solemn white innermost feelings to are more respectable and worship, even she who Jiang Chen also changes has not induced, Jiang Chen actually induced, moreover in the most critical moment, avoided the star to advocate the sneak attack of 3-layer day expert, leads a person. The speed and movement skill that flash displays, can describe with the miracle two characters. Even the powerful star lord, cannot achieve. good youngster, can actually avoid the sneak attack of this Seat, how do you achieve?” A black robe old man appeared, gaze falls on Jiang Chen's, in the eye full is the surprise.