Dragon Marked War God - Volume 44 - Chapter 4252
The relaxed exterminate old elf, Jiang Chen also had certain understanding of own battle strength. I, although can exterminate old elf such star lord, but to some on Changqing difficulties, Changqing such genius, is far from the old elf can compare certainly certainly, when the time comes a war , cannot be negligent absolutely.” Jiang Chen secretly thought, he never the meeting love rival, particularly the fierce enemy, certainly Changqing as young genius of Vermilion Bird camp, talent not white difference many, Jiang Chen was also cultivation base achieved Tianyuan boundary sevenfold day peak, had the capital that and Changqing fought certainly, if were not Tianyuan boundary sevenfold day peak, Jiang Chen to Changqing, was almost impossible to have least bit odds of suc­cess certainly. Kills the old elf, to Jiang Chen is just a small interlude, following time, must they first converge with Crown Prince. Over the following several days, Jiang Chen rides roughshod in within the four seas of colored glaze, the exterminate innumerable hot demons, bump into not the opposable opponent, runs away directly, he has Great Void Technique in the body, speed unparalleled, in addition ascends the assistance of tall ladder, the dragon palace can hide, in within the four seas of colored glaze, is almost the fish is the same in the sea, has a good swim shamelessly, anybody wants exterminate Jiang Chen, is the impossible things. On this day, the Jiang Chen success and Long Shisan they converge, see the change of Jiang Chen cultivation base, that unrivaled aura of the King, Crown Prince amicable one white, cannot bear shocks again. Especially is solemn one white, because his clear Jiang Chen is coming cultivation base of sea of time colored glaze, this passes insufficient in January/one month, cultivation base achieved Tianyuan boundary sevenfold day peak, such progress, cannot describe with advance by leaps and bounds, simply is the anomaly in anomaly, the evildoer/monstrous talent in evildoer/monstrous talent. Teacher is well, we felt relieved.” Crown Prince relaxes, on the face shows the smiling face, these days he was Jiang Chen worried a lot, particularly after the sea of space environment colored glaze changed, the hot demon wreaked havoc, slaughtered everywhere, a Jiang Chen Tianyuan boundary, can not be anxious. Teacher, did you obtain colored glaze Divine Fire?” Solemn one white asked curiously, although said that had guessed, but saw Jiang Chen, wanted to ask one personally, after all involved colored glaze Divine Fire, affects the will of the people simply. Right, colored glaze Divine Fire Fire Seed had been found by me, therefore here environment will change.”

Jiang Chen does not conceal, his palm turns, the flower of colored glaze ripples, the scarlet red flame above beats in the Jiang Chen's hand, is beautiful and fiery. Really is colored glaze Divine Fire.” Crown Prince eye one bright. Teacher is really God, sea of exist(ence) this colored glaze the endless years, the related colored glaze Divine Fire legend also legend the endless years, the sea of scarlet rosy cloud star innumerable expert coming in colored glaze wanted to find colored glaze Divine Fire, finally ends in failure, never expected that today this colored glaze Divine Fire, fell into the hand of teacher, is really may celebrate encouraging.” Solemn white heartfelt admiring, he looks to the Jiang Chen palm flower above of colored glaze, in the eye cannot bear reveal the blazing color. Naturally, is merely blazing, does not have other least bit reading to think decisively, let alone was greedy, solemn one has to yearn to the flame of this legend white/in vain, now can see fortunately, many were somewhat startled and looked forward. Luck is good, but I took away colored glaze Divine Fire, perhaps sea of space this colored glaze must discard, soon, here flame will be put out thoroughly, the temperature restores ordinarily, 1 million li (0.5 km) space, will leave uncultivated, turns space that a piece abandons thoroughly.” Jiang Chen indifferently said, present strip slow principle receives colored glaze Divine Fire. Good, the teacher subverted the sea of colored glaze, this is a miracle.” Crown Prince exciting saying, worships to Jiang Chen's, has just liked the torrential river water to be continuous. Teacher, meeting with Changqing was certainly similar, should be tomorrow, we should go back.”

The solemn white reminder said. Un, I.” Jiang Chen nods. cultivation base of teacher, although the progress is big, but eventually is only Tianyuan boundary sevenfold day peak, even the Tianyuan boundary 8-layer day has not achieved, this condition goes to fighting certainly Changqing, makes one worry.” Crown Prince frowns, without has experienced Jiang Chen's battle strength with own eyes, naturally is the unusual worry, after all certainly Changqing, but the genius disciple in Vermilion Bird camp, the Vermilion Bird camp would have no mediocre person, certainly strength of Changqing, even has not progressed in this month, still the non- ordinary star lord 1-layer Heaven expert to compare, Jiang Chen and certainly Changqing, but the life and death struggle, to, perhaps is a narrow escape. Was inferior, I look for certainly Changqing, making him give up the war making.” Crown Prince said that Vermilion Bird camp in the jurisdiction of his Crown Prince, so long as his a few words, don't said that is certainly Changqing, even the elder in Vermilion Bird camp, does not dare to say a non- character. May not, fighting is about I raises . Moreover, this certainly Changqing perhaps already by the internal strength of fake empress to putrefication, since he starts, could unearth something, this war, inevitable . Moreover, I do not fear certainly Changqing, walks, leaves the sea of colored glaze.” Jiang Chen said that the matter that because on the same day the city gate guarded the discovery elf clan spies, Changqing sharply is jumping certainly, clarifying was unusual, how could Jiang Chen let up this opportunity. Good, I will supervise combat tomorrow personally.” Crown Prince said, he wants to say is not easy Changqing to injure Jiang Chen certainly, but thinks that such words will create to disrespect to Jiang Chen, even looks down upon, immediately no longer talks too much.

The deceased people want to leave the sea of space colored glaze, is in itself also very simple matter, now the sea of space colored glaze is unstable, everywhere is the space crack, as the powerful star lord expert, wants to tear the space to go back, is simple. The space fluctuates, Kuang Hua glittering, the time, Jiang Chen they then left the sea of space colored glaze in a while, returned the Qilin mansion. They place that walks from the space, is the place that before entered, the summit of solemn white Bai Yun peak. looks at all around fog boundless air current, Crown Prince cannot bear deep inspiration, to him, indeed the feeling of rebirth. The tour of sea of this colored glaze, Crown Prince can be said as really precisely a narrow escape, if not the Jiang Chen amicable white appearance, he has died in the forest brave two people of hands, where has the life to be delivered from oppression. Let alone, Crown Prince not only has good luck ever after does not die, but also solved own hidden danger, cultivation base restores, was the star main five heavy days at one fell swoop, becomes true expert. By Crown Prince star main five heavy day of cultivation base, runs the Vermilion Bird camp, without doubt is more advantageous, is more convincing. Your highness, your cultivation base has restored now, moreover was stronger than the past, then, will definitely arouse worry of fake empress, must obstruct to you unavoidably in secret, you wanted more careful.” The Jiang Chen reminder said.