Dragon Marked War God - Volume 45 - Chapter 4321

Jiang Chen clenches jaws, Teng Yunwu the method is swift and fierce, blade edge fast, is coordinating overbearing that directs Dragon knack, making Jiang Chen get sucked step by step passively, just like placing oneself in mire, is individually uncorrectable. You simply do not have the qualifications to clamor with me, Jiang Chen, this is your assigns/life early, suffers to death!” Teng Yunwu cold voice said, closed off his all escape routes, even if he wants the dimensional talisman seal in crumb hand, absolutely does not have the opportunity, offensive wave after wave, the Jiang Chen's pressure is still bigger and bigger, even pants for breath, is a luxury. Above Jiang Chen's shoulder, just like pressing a mountain, Teng Yunwu is more impossible to give him slightly the crevice, gets sick to want you to assign/life while you, leaps the mountain to suffer defeat, he naturally must put in the deathtrap Jiang Chen, can show his Azure Dragon mansion the aloof position. Jiang Chen grips tightly Heavenly Dragon Sword, retreats in order to advance, lives the lotus step by step, withstand/top the oppression of heaven-shaking, the source air/Qi in within the body is exploding to well up unceasingly, source pill revolves, dragon marks proliferates the whole body, started to counter-attack certainly! Transforms the pressure as the power, the power transformation is battle strength, Jiang Chen does not look askance, the sword flies to soar to the heavens, the breadth of spirit works as first, copes with shifting events by sticking to a fundamental principle, Heavenly Dragon Sword the potential of angry cutting, sweeps away the universe, wins actually unprecedentedly, Teng Yunwu also does not reduce, two light shadow interlock unceasingly, collides unceasingly, sonorous unceasingly, such as overwhelming general, its potential is scary, if were seen by four mansion one battalion of expert, does not know will cause the big mighty waves, but this small universe fighting of trapped/sleepy beast, actually is also the unusual bad risk stimulation. „To break the prestige of my Azure Dragon mansion, you were too tender.” Teng Yunwu the blade cracks Vault of Heaven, has the prestige of destroying the Heavens and exterminating the Earth greatly, hundred zhang (333 m) blade glow, cuts the horizon, the source air/Qi surges, makes void static. Sword two thirteen!” Sword 24!” Sword 25!” terrifying sword qi such as rainbow shadow glittering, connects together with Teng Yunwu, two people from the mountain range, project on under the gulley, from the jungle, fights in the fog, the dark day is secret, Sword of No Realm might, lets Teng Yunwu shock, this fights was sure of success to him, but without thinking made Jiang Chen insist such, this to him, absolutely was the shame, differed five heavy days, is actually not able to suppress Jiang Chen, passed on this Azure Dragon mansion the seat of honor, but how also to see right in front of one world? Sword of No Realm to Teng Yunwu the strength of counter-attack, is relative big, both diamond cut diamond, does not have worry completely.

Layer upon layer the suppression, making the Jiang Chen's strength erupt unceasingly, bloodlines boiling, whole body qi and blood, condenses, within the body source pill started the craziest revolution. Good Sword Technique!” Teng Yunwu look even more bright, corner of the mouth the color of gloomy and cold, is more and more ruthless severe, the strength of Jiang Chen's resistance, as before is very domineering, even if displayed directed Dragon knack, Liuyun knife skill, is unable to strike to kill it, Teng Yunwu anybody must worry. Weeps blood reverse scale!” Teng Yunwu the hand grasps a golden scale, has big of grinding pan fully, a counter blood spurts thinly on, blood-colored and golden color gradually blend together, Teng Yunwu reverse scale, brings unequalled unparalleled Dragon Prestige, the instantaneous imposing manner rises suddenly, the Jiang Chen breath becomes dignified, oppression step by step, is to make the will of the people birthday of deceased person fear, everyone looks to Teng Yunwu, even Big Yellow and Long Shisan and the others also becomes Yan Jun (severe) to get up, because of this time Teng Yunwu, reverse scale of dragon, Dragon Prestige ripples, everyone received the huge oppression. Draws back quickly!” The Jiang Chen sinking sound said, the people received affect, originally has stabilized the aspect, but actually at this time, got sucked into the difficult position. Can die under reverse scale of my dragon, you sufficiently were also proud. This is on the Gu Yong permanent Dragon Race royal family's scale.” Teng Yunwu hand reverse scale of dragon, even Jiang Chen also felt that huge oppression, this eternal Dragon Race reverse scale, is really evidently out of the ordinary. Dies!” Teng Yunwu the hand grasps reverse scale of dragon, the air/Qi of murdering, implements half small universe. Jiang Chen step by step retreat, by reverse scale of crazy suppressions dragon, is becomes very passive.

Oppressed certain limit, Jiang Chen's responded that was also quicker and quicker, Heavenly Dragon Sword galloped, opened final crazy. At this moment, dragon marks of Jiang Chen within the body rises suddenly unceasingly, the source air/Qi constantly changes, the strength has also achieved the peak condition, the breakthrough shackles, close. -- The source air/Qi of Jiang Chen within the body, makes sound of the intermittent thundering, ear-splitting, is changing his body, strange after eight lineage/vein, each bloodlines, as if had the qualitative transformation, star main four heavy day of battle strength, domineering even more! The strength transforms, when breakthrough, Jiang Chen just like together Blue Dragon that from under the place bottom rises, with irresistible force, fights with Teng Yunwu instantaneously again, the suppression of reverse scale of dragon, absolutely did not have the beforehand domineering, the front of scales, is still overbearing, but Jiang Chen also has the strength of enormous defense, Sword of No Realm is even more powerful, Heavenly Dragon Sword , the air/Qi to/clashes the bullfight. Strength become stronger, overbearing of Dragon Transformation and Ancient Soaring Dragon Technique, a level higher, under when production costs rise, prices rise too, Jiang Chen has become does not have worry, both battles with Teng Yunwu, shock extremely. Damn! This fellow unexpectedly breakthrough.” Teng Yunwu look gloomy and cold, the heart sinks, the Jiang Chen strength changes, changes the beforehand style greatly, like a sharp thorn, jabs into the heart of enemy, reverse scale of dragon lets Teng Yunwu, is somewhat beset with problems. Sword 26!” Jiang Chen gets hold of Heavenly Dragon Sword, times chop the vertical stroke to cut horizontally, overbearing extraordinary, the simple strength impact, cooperating with Heavenly Dragon Sword, can achieve the unexpected effect. Strength become stronger, controls Heavenly Dragon Sword also handily , without to reverse. Sword Technique is layer upon layer closely associated, but, reverse scale of dragon not dreaded, even if cuts facing the anger of Heavenly Dragon Sword, was still motionless as mountain, Dragon Prestige clears away, irresistible. Can under eternal Dragon Race reverse scale, by the pressure, not be let Teng Yunwu is also extremely surprised. „The body of True Dragon!”

Jiang Chen displays again, facing eternal Dragon Race reverse scale, he is fully-confident, the pressure of Dragon Race on him, the function that has no completely, Jiang Chen steps forward step by step, the prestige of reverse scale is unable to kill it sleepily, Teng Yunwu had lost the situation, although is heavily engaged with the Jiang Chen fight, but he actually worried compared with Jiang Chen. Sword 27!” The Jiang Chen horizontal blade immediately, cold pupil glittering, the ultimate sword, divided above reverse scale of dragon, at that moment, Teng Yunwu the whole person was shaken draws back to go, the whole body skeleton and meridians were shaken completely, in the look glittering is wiping the desperate color, the body dying say/way falls! That, made the person of entire Azure Dragon mansion, was full of the startled color as before, was inconceivable. That, let leap mountain thorough to be dumbfounded, oneself big brother was the Azure Dragon mansion leader, four mansion one battalion of biggest did genius, how possibly defeat in the Jiang Chen's hand? That, Teng Yunwu kneels on the ground, looks at Jiang Chen that eyes stares, in the hand reverse scale of grabbing dragon stubbornly, but he still had not actually closed eyes. Four mansion one battalion of beliefs, legend of one generation of Azure Dragon government offices, ends. Teng Yunwu the heart lineage/vein completely break to perish, becomes everyone's nightmare. Not-- Yesterday forgot update, this chapter calculated yesterday.】