Dragon Marked War God - Volume 45 - Chapter 4323

A stone arouses thousand overlapping waves! Jiang Chen's a few words, making everyone dumbfounded, in an uproar, flavor of these words, was full of the profound meaning, the fools can hear, in the words has the words, this did not say that everyone did die in inside? Is this possible? That is the person of Azure Dragon mansion, ten Azure Dragon mansion genius extremely second to none, particularly Teng Yunwu with leaping mountain, even in four government offices in one battalion, still prominence, the prestige outside, how all may fall from the sky in small universe? This simply unthinkable. This is impossible!” Some Azure Dragon mansion disciples get angry the sound saying that entirely does not believe this. Four government offices in one battalion most favored person, is Teng Yunwu to leap Senior Brother, did they...... really pour in small universe?” Some people do not believe all these, in the eye full has been the doubts, the Azure Dragon mansion since being established, is four mansion one battalion of representatives, is forest Guo the pride, how to possibly be annihilated? This news, if, to the Azure Dragon mansion, being no different is bolt from the blue is really ordinary. „Did you say again? Where are they at?” Before Palace Master Murong Jie of Azure Dragon mansion one step treads, the look is sharp, the gaze of coldy Jiang Chen and the others, is breathing becomes dignified, he gave the great expectations to Teng cloud the Brother Wu younger brother, this four mansion one battalion of big ratios, may wait for them to have the vegetable/dish, but at present actually by a Qilin mansion dark horse sweeping away, Murong Jie how , regardless of being not willing to believe all these. He had died, was impossible to come out again, was not very clear?” Big Yellow old god in saying, a face is indifferent, looks at these shape shapes ** the face, does not spare a glance. Has the anger, has the sorrow, has the sigh, has the person of to rejoice in other people's misfortunes, the world hundred condition, varies completely. Country extremely arrogant disciple, you dares to kill the person of my Azure Dragon mansion!”

Murong Jie look like the blade, murderous aura like the great wild goose, terrifying aura covers to come, solidly locks Jiang Chen and the others. At this time, the White Tiger mansion, person with the Vermilion Bird camp, is no exception, to be all ready in full battle array, once Murong Jie has an action to perform, they will not give up absolutely, after all Jiang Chen violated the popular anger, killed in their mansion genius, had been regarded as thorn in the side by these four mansion one battalion of people, has not suffered heavy casualties except for the person of Black Tortoise mansion, Murong Tian bestows, is takes to heart about Jiang Chen, very angry. „Was winner nobilities defeated invader, whom not as skillful as others resulted in strangely? What if stands today here is the Azure Dragon mansion person, but what death is we, can perhaps you be another excuse? I have given them the opportunity, but they do not have the means to escape.” Jiang Chen is fearless, indifferently said, faces directly Murong Jie, Chen Hongmin of white Bijiang as well as Vermilion Bird camp, this war, it can be said that makes four mansion one battalion of morale origin energy damage severely. However some people like some people to worry, at least regarding the Qilin mansion, this is a rare good news, Jiang Chen in the posture of dark horse, the leader outstanding heroes, resisting opposition, this is anybody is unable to refute, does not need to look at the blossomless fruit in his hand, the people have been repulsed, facts speak louder than words. „Are you challenging my bottom line?” Murong Jie coldly said, is staring at Jiang Chen, the anger in heart has been the flaming combustion. Words cannot say, Elder Brother Murong, winner is the king, loser is the villain, lost, can only be your Azure Dragon mansion person, the chess misses one move, if Jiang Chen they defeated, I think that they are also not necessarily able to leave come.” Mu Tianheng indifferently said, facing confrontations of three Palace Master, he also does not draw back, after all is the person of Palace Master rank, can't they oppress others by the potential? Although Jiang Chen the murder is not right, but they always have no alternative but to give a thought to the status, to Jiang Chen take action? In that case, how could it not be is laughed by knowledgeable people? He violated our beforehand agreements, shouldn't be punished? This and other ferocious people, the murder are countless, does not know to repent, has does not have virtue, even the talent is high, how can also?” Chen Hongmin presses on step by step, sneers was saying.

Since there is a battle, will then have the sacrifice, our cultivation for what? Great Dao where? To not protect oneself? Are others the tool rest on your neck, you aloof? Others blade axe adds the body, hasn't permitted the resistance? That these four mansion one battalion of big ratios significances where? Can we only allow to be oppressed? humph humph, is really laughable. I believe that my disciple, believes the person of our Qilin mansion, absolutely is not the big demon of killing without batting an eye , they so will not unless it is absolutely essential handle affairs.” Mu Tianheng argued strongly based on reason, did not care about the Murong Jie three people completely. You quibbled, paid for a murder with one's life to go into debt to render back the money, how many people this Jiang Chen killed our, didn't you know in heart?” White Bijiang sinking sound said. Fears death is not at home to work as the turtle, but also runs disgracefully? Is this cannot lose? Hehehe.” Big Yellow snorts contemptuously to say. Generations of one crowd of barbarian, simply are incurable.” Chen Hongmin shouted lowly. enough!” forest Tianlin deeply frowns, coldly snorted, among immediately, above the square becomes incomparably peaceful. Since is the competition, will then have the victory or defeat surely, since is the fight, will have the sacrifice surely, superior win and inferior wash out, the survival of the fittest! Let them conduct fighting of trapped/sleepy beast in small universe, believes that is also you tacitly consented respectively, since this decisions, should understand, the death was inevitable. Now whole face not indignation, highly improper? Which also has prestige of four mansion one battalion of Palace Master? I looked that all with the aunt who the food market bargained back and forth without doubt, under Inner Palace was ashamed for you. Winning to win the brilliance, dignity that losing must lose, you are also one generation of person hero, doesn't this truth understand? Present, there is the senior character under Inner Palace, like this has to lose the etiquette, highly improper.”

forest Tianlin the words, making everyone quite blush with shame, has not said one again, after all this is not an honored matter. Crown Prince as forest country's, this authority has, the person of presence, no one dares to refute. Your Highness Crown Prince said is extremely.” Mu Tianheng first stands to echo forest Tianlin, the people look at each other in blank dismay, coldly snorted, had nothing to say in reply, although lost big, but can only give up finally, let it go. Jiang Chen looks to the forest day Qilin, nods slightly, Your Highness Crown Prince resists opposition, the Qilin mansion obtained four mansion one battalion of big ratios final winners, without a doubt. forest Tianlin gives the final word, no one dares to be offensive to the ear, after all as forest country Crown Prince, this status is not anybody is disobedient, moreover forest Tianlin said is extremely, was not improper, the people must clench teeth to swallow this foul odor. The disciples of all Qilin government offices, are the incomparable excitement, Murong Tian bestow and the others to clench jaws, being unwilling, but after all others are four government offices in one battalion biggest genius, being the acknowledged leader, similarly is the Qilin mansion disciple, he actually feels the heartfelt shame. Jiang Chen! The father will not let off absolutely your.” Murong Tian bestows the look hidden in the shade, is very low and deep, mutters was saying.