Dragon Marked War God - Volume 45 - Chapter 4338

gā gā gā, dead monkey, I already breakthrough star main six heavy days!” In the Buddha prison palace, Big Yellow in saying that side Long Shisan makes threatening gestures, dragonet in his behind following, one big is small, is very happy. The strength of dragonet, has reached four heavy days, but the strength compared with Big Yellow, is actually almost the same, eternal does not extinguish terrifying of body, has exposed gradually. Long Shisan opens eyes slowly, the look narrows the eyes, spits impure air lightly. Isn't the star main six heavy days? Did you think the entire world on your breakthrough? My family one white sevenfold day, you?” Solemn white Qiaolian one red, white Long Shisan, but among two people actually ambiguous, looked Big Yellow curls the lip extremely. Yo yo yo, but also is really the court attendant feeling emotion concubine intends, the teaching people bad things little friend, the dragonet, after not growing up, cannot same have the opposite sex not to have the human nature with that dead monkey, knows?” Big Yellow sour saying. Gets the hell out! Hasn't Little Chen awaked?” A Long Shisan face is indifferent. Awoke? The big brother awoke.” Solemn white look one bright. Jiang Chen gaze like the electricity, whole body aura rises suddenly, compared with before, does not know that powerful many times, these with a white Bijiang war, to him, simply is a huge good fortune time, although a narrow escape, but harvests actually is also good that is inconceivable. Fog Fuck! Little Chen, your unexpectedly direct breakthrough twofold day?” Big Yellow stares the big eye, unbelievable, in the past he may be steadiest that carefully, but this time, he from star main four heavy day of peak breakthrough to the star main six heavy days, was equivalent to the strength unexpectedly directly, but Big Yellow knows that Little Chen this anomaly, the strength surely is ten thousand li in a day. This time with a white Bijiang war, my harvest indeed is considerably large.”

Jiang Chen radiating health and vigor, the corner of the mouth smiling face is also self-evident. It seems like in the future I will want to win you, feared that was difficult.” Big Yellow sighed, as if incomparable pain. You do not seem to win the big brother.” The dragonet mumbled was saying, Jiang Chen and Long Shisan laughed, the Big Yellow's complexion was actually likes the pig liver general. What does kid you understand? In the past in Divine World, your Brother Big Yellow looked disdainfully vertically and horizontally/able to move unhindered, was the true antiquity gods, the hand eye direct access to the highest authorities.” You leave smelly are not concerned about face, Little Chen does not lower oneself to the same level with you, when you I am a vegetarian? Low-key, the low key is a kingly way. But I in the past among heaven and earth most had Spirit Bright Stone Monkey of talent, jumped out of three Outer World, was not in Five Elements, was not worse than the eternal ape, was I proud?” Long Shisan patted striking one's chest, saying with a smile. „, Little turned the things of some Chen Zhima rotten millet.” Big Yellow thinks otherwise to say. Has a good deed to tell you, but also wants to listen.” Jiang Chen sinking sound said. What matter?” Brightly burnished that the Big Yellow eye stares, waits.

This is 11, is I in the fifth level Buddha prison palace discovered that everyone two, it is estimated that can make your strengths make the promotion again.” Jiang Chen said. Has this type the thing not to hurry to take the share, gā gā gā.” The Big Yellow look is even more bright, happy, he may have nothing politely with Jiang Chen. Long Shisan, solemn one white, the dragonet, in the eyes of everyone is rays of light glittering, just breakthrough, two, this falls the pie more rousing than the space simply. Little Chen, don't you remain?” Long Shisan is low and deep was saying, source air/Qi and Dao Accumulation that every in contain, is extremely terrifying, almost can let their instantaneous breakthrough 1-layer Heaven strength, but Jiang Chen actually all gave them. Jiang Chen shakes the head. I do not need, relax, my direct breakthrough the twofold day, the stable foundation also needed some time.” Long Shisan then received. Perhaps soon, we must after that monster fought, does not enhance the strength with a sense of urgency, perhaps will degenerate into the cannon fodder.” Jiang Chen said. How did not know outside present.” Solemn one is worried white/in vain, four government offices battle between one battalion, will not reduce inevitably.

If outside once the circumstance is not steerable, forest Tianlin can look my. Four mansion one battalion of civil strifes, he should be able to control, although he is impossible to control four mansion one battalions, but as Your Highness Crown Prince, Emperor appointed crown prince, if this skill does not even have, he did not have the qualifications to inherit imperial authority Datong on the basis.” Jiang Chen said with a smile. Black king, this is your!” Jiang Chen final three will give the black king, the black king complexion becomes the incomparable flushed, he has not thought that the master are many to his say/way unexpectedly own brothers. Does not need to worry about, you restore the strength as soon as possible, these three to you, help should be biggest.” The Jiang Chen's words, gave move of black king incomparable big, black king heavily nods, he knows the circumstance to near, he will not disappoint the master absolutely! In the fifth level Buddha prison tower, Jiang Chen obtains as before is the say/way, to him, can only say is the weak, but stars astral is not the present can cultivation, but this time direct promoted twofold day battle strength, is the harvest quite a lot, at this moment, Jiang Chen prepares the stable own strength, will build up at the source soldier sacrifice that in the deep Hailong deep pool will obtain initially quite, arranged formation, evolved sword formation, must be possible for own trump card. Handle six product Yuanbing, regarding Jiang Chen, just good, that is expert of star sovereign rank, absolute grade Battle Weapon that can have, therefore grade at least in seven above Heavenly Dragon Sword, in did not have completely to be under by the Jiang Chen fusion a situation, extremely will be hardata-titleo-control, therefore every displays Heavenly Dragon Sword one time regarding Jiang Chen is enormous tallying, sword 27 no doubt terrifying, but Heavenly Dragon Sword also only displays 1/1000 battle strength. 18 six product Yuanbing, before Jiang Chen, never dares to attempt, but at this time, point of no return, he must try one, past Asura Sword Formation, has to begin using, but 18 six product Zhanjian, not necessarily are he can control. This regarding Jiang Chen, without doubt is the huge challenge, if 18 six product Zhanjian can use for oneself, condenses sword formation defend again, will certainly shock everybody. Can succeed, depends on this. Big Yellow and black king they are practicing silently, leads enlightenment, hoping to achieve a stronger strength as soon as possible, oneself cannot be ambiguous, Asura Sword Formation, whether the merit becomes, looked at his good fortune. Jiang Chen holds the breath with rapt attention, starts refining 18 six product Yuanbing, regarding present him, shoulders cannot weakly in Heavenly Dragon Sword, even still has had it, after all must control 18 six product Yuanbing simultaneously, even expert of star sovereign rank, still not necessarily dares to have such attempt.