Dragon Marked War God - Volume 45 - Chapter 4339

Four mansion one battalion of chaos fight, get stronger and stronger, in the entire imperial capital, is blustery, causes a clamor. Many big influences, wait and see from afar, does not dare to have slight idleness, four mansion one battalions are forest Guo the foundation are, is Human Race the place of genius gathering, now presented such war, flustered, has been a foregone conclusion. The White Tiger mansion and Qilin mansion potential with the water and fire, the Azure Dragon mansion and Black Tortoise mansion from side assists, to agitate, the Vermilion Bird camp is ready to make trouble, although the war has not pulled open now thoroughly, but major Palace Master, had participated, in imperial capital, dust, chaotic of forest country, gradually becomes as deep as a well, incessantly is four mansion one battalions, forest Guobai the officer, above the government and people, was all anticipating the final foregone conclusion, settles down. forest Tianlin is also incomparably anxious, now after the forest, did not have take action, has she detected? Has she been waiting for the opportunity? As the forest country crown prince, on forest Tianlin shoulders, is by far heavier than anybody . Moreover the every action and every movement after monster, may tilt forest Guo, therefore in this critical moment, no one worried compared with the forest day Qilin. His strength is not enough to change the aspect completely, can shock the will of the people only, then only then his status. Therefore he can only expect the teacher will take to himself pleasantly surprised, hopes this plot, after can let the monster, is involved, even cannot its exterminate, at least still be able to make her have a fracture at one fell swoop, under is in inverse proportion, he is also good gradually to stand firm, has four mansion one battalion of support, when the time comes after that Feathered Race monster confronts, he can also meet as an equal. After the half a month, the sunset west sinks, forest Tianlin received notices of four mansion one battalion of all Palace Master, after the forest, finally had an action to perform, for maintaining social stability imperial capital safety, making eight side common people safe, after the forest, simultaneously invited five Palace Master, consulted, wants to prevent this internal fight. Although knew perfectly well that is the feast of great wild goose gate, but actually has to go! forest Tianlin knows, after the forest, this is impossible to want the aspect in stable imperial capital merely, likely will be her plot, once the plot will work, four mansion one battalions were controlled by her, will make entire forest Guo be as for Human Race is in abyss of suffering. forest Tianlin resorted to oneself all methods, prepared to unite four mansion one battalion of expert at this time, after the forest conducted to gather the strength to strike, as for whether to achieve wishes, must meet one's fate with resignation, now forest Tianlin could not have waited, Jiang Chen during the cultivation, he can do, must with four mansion one battalion of expert unions, only by doing so, after he have the opportunity beat the forest, opportunity must not be lost loses no longer comes, since the forest, has had an action to perform, then he must make use, such opportunity were not many, expert of four mansion camps he can also control, once aspect out-of-control, If during four mansion one battalions also fall into are passive, then he will be hard to start, will no longer be a nation, his Your Highness Crown Prince, is the shape same nihility. Imperial Father, when you can go out.” forest Tianlin muttered was saying, after father since closing up, during forest Guo was always is low, although not the important matter happened, but after the court discipline , the person by the monster had been gradually controlled gradually, the father is forest Guo the sea calming god needle, forest Tianlin only hopes that now Imperial Father can wake up as soon as possible. After whatever if monster, develops, at that time waited for the father to wake up, was not necessarily able the stable landscape.

Human Race influence a large part by its infiltration, Feathered Race and elf clan, is the biggest threat, once the scarlet territory falls into enemy hands, entire scarlet rosy cloud star, by the Feathered Race thorough control. At night, serene, in the imperial palace inner courtyard, is actually decorated with lanterns and colored streamers, the head/number of people accumulates the head, before Double Ninth Festival palace, put on a show of peace and prosperity, the music rises from all directions. Azure Dragon mansion, Murong Jie!” Black Tortoise mansion, profound plan!” White Tiger mansion, white Bijiang!” Vermilion Bird camp, Chen Hongmin!” Qilin mansion, Mu Tianheng!” Pays a visit the empress empress!” Five people bow slightly, after the forest worships to say.

Straightens up after bowing or performing the kowtow!” After the forest shows a faint smile, is calm: Today is the family banquet, everyone does not need to stand on ceremony, you are the feudal official of your majesty humerus, you can come, this Highness is really the comfort. Sits.” Many thanks empress empress!” The people nod to salute, 11 take a seat, but on the face of everyone, is not good looks. this Highness as the person of harem, should not participate in the royal government, but the present is very special period, your majesty just when closing up, in the imperial capital being tossed about by the wind and rain, everyone is your majesty most trusts the person, is the forest country pillar, four mansion one battalion of position, pivotal, if you first had the difference at this time, the civil strife continues, in the this Highness heart is very anxious, if Feathered Race and elf clan goes to enter, how we do work as place it?” After the forest, among the graces, is filled with the anxiety, in the heart only has the country, the appearance of being concerned about country and people, lets the person to the empress empress, is prostrate oneself in admiration, worthily for the model of model mother world. „After the forest, said is extremely, but white Bijiang killed my daughter, this enmity did not report, in vain was the father.” Mu Tianheng the sinking sound said, the character character pearl, does not do to regress.

That is your Qilin mansion person, seeks dead end, my White Tiger mansion was razed to the ground, whom do I ask to reason things out? Is this your Qilin mansion teaches the way of disciple? My Bai also really woulds not venture to give positive comments on. humph humph.” White Bijiang unwilling to forgive, sneers was saying. You quibbled, paid for a murder with one's life to go into debt to render back the money, this was the perfectly justified matter!” Mu Tianheng gets angry shouts. Two person battle of words, are without making any mutual concessions, the greatly words do not want the blade soldier's opposite direction feeling at earliest convenience, previously fought several times, has not divided the victory and defeat, perhaps if in the imperial palace inner courtyard, above the banquet of empress empress, they have not hit. This matter relates significantly, I know that in your two people of hearts has the resentment, but gives priority to the family/home country after all, now in imperial capital, being tossed about by the wind and rain, All, for your majesty, for my forest Guo future. If you have fought, forest Guo will cause heavy losses inevitably, will no longer be a nation, such perhaps is not you wants to see? Even if your majesty knew, does not know how to be disappointed. everyone, the this Highness my humble home face, is you to become reconciled today, the cup liquor releases the past animosity.” After the forest indifferently said, the sound becomes somewhat indifferent, filled overbearingly, although boasts of being one womenfolk, but the dignity after forest, is relative high, even above the deliberation hall, still no one dares him to confront, after your majesty closes up, she has just like become under one person exist(ence) above ten thousand people, now dispatches to come four mansion one battalion of Palace Master, has the idea. Although four mansion one battalions subordinate in your majesty directly have jurisdiction, in addition no one has the right to transfer, but after all is mother of the country, four mansion one battalion of Palace Master, not does not have a wee bit worries.