Dragon Marked War God - Volume 45 - Chapter 4340

„The White Tiger mansion was destroyed, in my heart incomparable indignation, my disciple also has dies of the person of Qilin mansion much, but for the world, for forest Guo, my white Bijiang wants choice to give up.” The white Bijiang sinking sound said. That is good deed one, everyone brothers, help people overcome their difficulties for your majesty together, the world person for several Palace Master, will also thump the table and shout praise surely.” After the forest, saying with a smile, calm atmosphere, dignified full, model mother world. Since empress empress all has been said that my Mu Tianheng if makes again, appears me not to have the bearing of least bit, my daughter's death, I have remembered, white Bijiang, among us the enmity, calculates in the future. Snort.” Mu Tianheng must bow the head, on the face full is the resentment, but for forest Guo, he actually cannot be penny-wise and pound foolish. Hehe, this was then good, becomes reconciled, the cup liquor releases the past animosity, fine deeds? Come, everyone loves the Sir/minister, this Highness, although extremely potency of alcohol, but must respect your one cup! If no you to do one's best, what Lailin country prosperous prosperous.” After the forest, raises glass, tosses down, four mansion one battalion of Palace Master also nod the head slightly, after apologizing to the forest . When a lively banquet scene, has own axe to grind, raises glass, gaze glittering, man's heart unfathomable. everyone, tonight moonlight intoxicant, then stays this Highness here, early tomorrow morning, the world will be peaceful.” After the forest shows a faint smile, in the look flashes through wipes the cunning color, stood slowly, the graceful atmosphere, has the potential of direction landscape greatly. Empress empress words what meaning?”

Mu Tianheng sinking sound said. Tomorrow starting from, forest Guo will not have four mansion one battalion of exist(ence) again.” After the forest , the sound gradually becomes cold. The people look at each other in blank dismay, in the look covered entirely the gloomy color. Empress empress, your model mother world, entire forest Guo, in your grasping, does not know why we did offend you? Although we are not the royal government management, but actually is also your majesty trusted aide, the empress empress does that did not fear that your majesty does blame?” white Bijiang said in a low voice, the sound incomparable dignity, he had felt exhausted of body, wanted to transfer the source air/Qi, is actually not able to condense, the whole body worn out and aching is incapable. In this liquor poisonous!” Murong Jie glowers, looks after the forest. Now knows, rather some too late a point, but this poison is not fatal, is colorless and tasteless, can only make you gradually lose the battle efficiency.” After the forest, is brightly smiling, if with violently poisonous, four mansion one battalion of these expert, will not necessarily not detect, must therefore make them relax vigilantly, only then this type of soft toxicant can make its alert reduce, then its solving all problems at one fell swoop. You confuse the imperial capital order, during your majesty is closing up, this imperial capital did not have the rule by people to result in you, that also? The head of worldwide chaos, surely is the official turmoil, is not the Heavenly Dynasty manages, you are too presumptious, tenderly was too crazy, without your majesty, really worked as in this imperial capital, can you regardless of the law and of natural morality? this Highness stills the rebellion for the world person, therefore, you must die! For forest Guo, this also has no recourse, even after your majesty goes out, blames, should still certainly forgive the this Highness difficulties.”

After the forest , the look is contemptuous, sweeps. With a wish to incriminate, has no lack of a pretext, it seems like Your Highness Crown Prince said right, this fellow, after simply is not a forest, she is the Feathered Race evildoer/monstrous talent, wants to split up my forest Guo, our Human Race annexation.” The Palace Master profound plan of Black Tortoise mansion clenches the teeth saying that the incomparable hatred, Your Highness Crown Prince said is completely the fact, after forest Guo by this monster, controlled for many years, they knew nothing unexpectedly. Really has not thought that after your monster, uses the so despicable method unexpectedly. Good Your Highness Crown Prince has the foreknowledge, after the monster, today we will eradicate you, eliminates Demon for Lin Guoqing, but also my Pure Land.” Chen Hongmin fiercely said, the double fist grips tightly, five people are the breath are dignified, complexion is sad. Since you had known, that do not blame me not being impolite, does not kill you, in my heart always filled disturbedly, four mansion one battalions, are aloof beyond the imperial authority, you are your majesty board game piece, wants to become outside law the person, that must die! Keeps off before me the person, the result only has one. That unable to differentiate good from bad forest day Qilin, with his stubborn mother, is exactly the same simply, but hasn't died in the this Highness hand finally? He really thinks that can change the course of events? If not for not beat the grass to scare the snake, he this/should has gotten down the hell. However is also good, today this Highness executes you completely, eradicates that not knowing the immensity of heaven and earth mixing boy again, no one can block me, Human Race , will one day fall sooner or later in my hands.” After the forest, eyes like the electricity, hostility is full, that type is extremely arrogant and overbearing, making one be awed at the sight, like Demon Lord that rules the world, cold severe murders, lets four mansion one battalion of Palace Master, is ready in full battle array. Even if Your Highness Crown Prince has dealt, she still slightly fearless, in this imperial palace inner courtyard, is her supreme headquarters, no matter comes many people, her photo kills does not harm, even four mansion one battalion of Palace Master, still absolutely impossible breakthrough her defense. Your five, should not have such result, what a pity under I want to receive you innumerable, you are arrogant proud, impenetrably thickheaded, actually becomes the lackey of forest Tianlin that waste, is really disappointing.” The forest latter face is indifferent, if four mansion one battalions then the thoughts of returning home, she is early impossible to wait is so long, slowly without the movement , because they are controlling forest Guo the half of the country, does not have the absolute assurance, she does not dare to act rashly. Wants their solving all problems at one fell swoop, not to think of that this forest Tianlin also played the plot with oneself, these fellows all were intentionally for it.

Your this Feathered Race evildoer/monstrous talent, do you think everyone like you? Above my Human Race land, you give up any idea of to rebuke Heaven and Earth, forest Guo is the Human Race foundation, you want to go bad my foundation, the result be only dead end, our four mansion one battalions are only loyal to your majesty, is prevents the appearance of person of calamity country, after the monster, suffers to death!” Murong Jie look one cold, gaze narrows the eyes, murderous aura clears away, the war is about to begin. Opposes with this Highness, you court death simply, oh.” After the forest, does intentionally saying of sigh. „After the monster, wants my forest country basis, you have a dream!” forest Tianlin jumps, is leading expert of dozens star main ranks, drops from the clouds, he is prepared early, both sides are acrimonious, has to fight. Also some people bring death unexpectedly, it seems like you are compelling my take action, my clever son, giggle.” After the forest, said with a smile. „After the monster, rests the nonsense! My forest Tianlin necessary beheads to expose to the public you today, revenged for my mother, making Lin Guozhong of dying good, can die content.” forest Tianlin grips tightly the double fist, in gaze is disclosing the anger and killing intent, if not for after this harboring unfathomable motives Feathered Race monster, how his mother possibly died, how the forest country may get sucked into the water and fire.