Dragon Marked War God - Volume 45 - Chapter 4374

As Vice-Commander of gold/metal Dragon Race protection guard, my responsibility is, your highness should not feel embarrassed me.” The side passes the indifference above complexion, has not reduced, even the gold/metal Dragon Race princess, he absolutely is unambiguous. Your-- went too far, side Tong!” gold/metal Xiaoxiao clenches teeth to say. Makes him come.” Above the summit, in the Zhongshan palace broadcasts a faint sound, gold/metal Xiaoxiao looks with a smile to Jiang Chen, grasps his hand directly, directly soars the Zhongshan palace to go, at that moment, side Tong the complexion becomes uglier. Did their two hold hands unexpectedly? Added that doesn't have the issue? gold/metal Xiaoxiao expensive/noble is the gold/metal Dragon Race princess, does not know that is many of yearn for something even in one's dreams Goddess, is Brat, does not know the immensity of heaven and earth, courts death!” side Tong is looking at the Jiang Chen's back wickedly, Jiang Chen is also innocent, who father zhao annoys, you thinks that I am willing to arrive at your damned places? I also want to go to the revelation star, but the reality does not permit. Gold/Metal miss, I wants to hold you to help me have a look at Teleportation Formation, next time do not work as shield with me, my strength is mean, in your Dragon Race, antagonizes people too, feared how dead does not know.” A Jiang Chen brow wrinkle said, he obviously saw gold/metal Xiaoxiao the intention, being to make that side pass the complexion to be ugly. giggle, misunderstands, under Inner Palace holds your hand, you should be honored are, entire Dragon Race may no one have such treatment.” gold/metal Xiaoxiao the honesty and openness, making Jiang Chen have nothing to say in reply, the careless character, is to make the person not can be angry, Jiang Chen also needs help from gold/metal Xiaoxiao let alone. Calculates that you suppress.” Jiang Chen shrugs to say.

Jiang Chen followed gold/metal Xiaoxiao to enter the Zhongshan palace together, lordly palace, old fragrance ancient color, without magnificently decorated building, but actually covered entirely great changes in the trace of years, is revealing the palatial air/Qi everywhere, above main hall, sits the middle-aged man who had an imposing appearance, was powerful, face Jiang Chen could not completely understand completely, but concluded that his strength, in the star sovereign sevenfold day above, such expert, indeed was he is hard to be a worthy opponent absolutely. The middle-aged man imposing manner is vigorous, formidable domineering, but sees gold/metal Xiaoxiao that moment, is actually favoring of whole face drowns. Royal Father!” gold/metal Xiaoxiao the half step walks up, is drawing Jiang Chen, excited saying. In clan cannot lead any bystander, if he is the spies of other three clans, treats as what handling?” Yes! Your highness rather extremely presumptious, this was the Zhongshan palace, was our gold Dragon Race discussing official business hall.” Patriarch, I suggested to clean up as soon as possible this fellow, to put down the disturbed heart of person of my Dragon Race.” Yes, kills quickly then! My clan, his heart cannot different Patriarch!” Four Great Elder each one are the colors of whole face Yan Jun (severe), regarding Jiang Chen this unexpected visitor, got down unexpectedly directly must kill the command. gold/metal Xiaoxiao the complexion has not changed, sinking sound said: This is my new friend, he called Jiang Chen. If not he, perhaps I could not have gone home.” What's the matter?” A gold/metal cypress look narrows the eyes, looks to Jiang Chen and gold/metal Xiaoxiao, this young people, strength still the boundary of insufficient star sovereign, but has a fearless vigor, actually a little meaning.

Jiang Chen motionless as mountain, has gold/metal Xiaoxiao, he does not believe this crowd of barbaric generations, really dares to kill him, at this time the black king had entered during the cultivation, he can depend upon, only then oneself, but there are to ascend the tall ladder in the hand, even ten this golden Dragon Race Patriarch, is still not necessarily able to do to him at present, but does not arrive at the critical time, Jiang Chen naturally impossible to get angry with him, after all this is on others domain, he does not want to offend Dragon Race, he only wants to leave here as soon as possible, to the revelation star, seeks for Big Yellow they. Fears the Dragon Race person! I in wild mountains and plains lineage/vein, found a Zhongshan breast, Klade that degenerate who fears Dragon Race, leaves ** seizes, almost makes my body dying say/way fall, luckily has Jiang Chen take action, he is my help benefactor.” gold/metal Xiaoxiao stands in front of Jiang Chen's, blocked him, as if protects it in behind. Fears Dragon Race!” A gold/metal cypress deeply frowns, the complexion is gloomy, oneself daughter almost dies outside, fears the Dragon Race person, goes too far simply! This group of bastards, sooner or later, I must defeat the bone to raise the ash them!” A gold/metal cypress sonorous voice, resounds through the Zhongshan palace, four Great Elder also keep silent, does not dare to say one. This matter is important, relates to the gold/metal deep and clear safety in fearing launching an attack of Dragon Race, is the golden Dragon Race reputation and prestige. Improvising on the cameo surprise, since is the deep and clear help benefactor, golden Dragon Race welcome you, but remember, if you have any mind, I will not let off your.” A gold/metal cypress incomparable dignity is overbearing, Jiang Chen maintains composure, he is only a traveler, his gold/metal Bai Gengjia is clear, oneself do not want has the relations with here person and matter, standing and remaining aloof from the thing of no immediate concern to oneself is. „After three days , the Blood Dragon deep pool opens, you must be ready, as the gold/metal Dragon Race person, may probably make others look down on us not.” Knew the Royal Father!” After gold/metal Xiaoxiao did obeisance the Royal Father, then left the Zhongshan palace with Jiang Chen. „The Blood Dragon deep pool is golden Dragon Race ancient, I lead you to go together, what kind of? Really kind, perhaps you can also taking this opportunity breakthrough star sovereign realm.”

gold/metal Xiaoxiao said. Golden Dragon Race ancient, sounds probably a little meaning.” Jiang Chen touches the nose saying that Teleportation Formation that but he most cares about now. Walks, I first lead you to go to the place of teleportation.” gold/metal Xiaoxiao is Lei Li is also in fashion, is unambiguous. Two people arrived in an unvisited barren hill directly, in Dragon Race of fine spring day, found such a place, was unusual. Between two mountains, there is a canyon together, in the canyon, covered entirely the obscure rune mark, surrounding rock exceptionally bright red, but these marks actually as if corroded being able to see original appearance. This is the place of teleportation, since ten thousand years ago formation were destroyed, no one has come to here.” Saying of gold/metal Xiaoxiao sigh, because she also wants to leave here, takes outside world to look, although the Ancient Dragon star is her homeland, may regarding gold/metal Xiaoxiao, then be the good son to remember in the four directions, only Ancient Dragon star, cannot surround this moving restlessly heart, although she knows that Jiang Chen is impossible to initiate the acupuncture to leave here, but she has a hope. Really is Teleportation Formation, what a pity, had been ruined most probably.” In the Jiang Chen look regretted completely, here formation already in the past ten thousand years, the change of corrosion as well as geography appearance of the mountain of years, making initial formation change beyond all recognition, even if can also see some initial appearance, was unable to search.