Dragon Marked War God - Volume 45 - Chapter 4379

Shock of Jiang Chen unceasing returning to normal innermost feelings, has a plan for the present importantly is the boundary of own strength breakthrough star sovereign, otherwise all are the empty talk, even stars astral is fierce, does not help matters, even star essence terrifying, he still can only feel powerless and frustrated again. First the boundary of breakthrough star sovereign said again.” Jiang Chen attacks unceasingly, air/Qi of Light of Stars in dragon source with this Blood Dragon deep pool, employs two methods to achieve one goal, soon, then achieved the star to advocate peak, Jiang Chen saved relative, for is waiting for day, at one fell swoop the boundary of breakthrough star sovereign. Time one minute one second passed, at this moment, everyone has waked, gold/metal Xiaoxiao and side Tonggeng all achieved six dragon veins, in the entire Blood Dragon deep pool, everyone is follows to cheer. My also breakthrough four dragon veins, comfortable.” gā gā gā, I am also, in the future in our gold Dragon Race, I can the resources were also more.” Yeah, what a pity, my these flew back without any results time.” Do not be discouraged, you are four dragon veins, wants breakthrough five dragon veins, where is so easy?” Some people like some people to worry, after all is a higher level dragon veins, will also be getting more and more in the cultivation resources that in entire Dragon Race can obtain, therefore many people are toward this direction diligently, this is they cultivates the only power. Worthily was our gold Dragon Race absolute genius, side Tong unflustered breakthrough six dragon veins, this called the strength.” Yeah, even your highness does not have side Tong is so domineering, this cannot envy, if you have such strength, perhaps can also strive to get the upper hand, shows talent for the first time in our gold Dragon Race.” genius has a distance with us after all, hehe, manages well itself, passes boss with the side, in the future absolutely will be popular drinks spicily.” That also used saying that Your Highness side Tonggen simply was pair of young boys and girls, all was six dragon veins, tut tut, could not envy seriously.”

The increasing number of people, the opposite party passed with gold/metal Xiaoxiao fills admired, in expert of first as golden Dragon Race, the generation of genius, anybody was the intention awes, particularly side Tong, looked like their Big Senior Brother to be the same, even golden Dragon Race might be wielded by side Tong in the future, he position in golden Dragon Race, was relative high. side Tong a face proudly, although gold/metal Xiaoxiao also achieved six dragon veins, but actually wants by far difficultly, her strength and talent, have a disparity of faint trace with after all. How hasn't Jiang Chen waked?” gold/metal Xiaoxiao whole face dignified saying, at this time, except that he thinks, entire golden Dragon Race hundreds of people the cultivation relay from Blood Dragon deep pool have waked, he is swallowing the Blood Dragon deep pool air/Qi of dragon veins only crazily. This fellow......” gold/metal Xiaoxiao helpless shaking the head, gaze is dignified, perhaps he really can in dragon veins with the aid of Blood Dragon deep pool be mad the boundary of breakthrough star sovereign is not possible to know. Everyone has completed to cultivate, hasn't this fellow waked? Our gold Dragon Race Blood Dragon deep pool is not that easy-to-use, humph humph.” Some people spoke the question saying that Jiang Chen was a bystander, now everyone in he, how regardless of not to be justified. „Should the Blood Dragon deep pool air/Qi of dragon veins, all not be swallowed by this fellow completely? This is the thing that our Old Ancestor keeps.” Yes, I looked that should hurry to expel the Blood Dragon deep pool this fellow.” Hehehe, wants to drive out, is not anyone to accomplish, do not forget, but the back of this fellow princess.” Saying that the person of Dragon Race talked, in the eye many were discontented with Jiang Chen's, before Jiang Chen defeated side Da, was to one constraining of their gold Dragon Race, these person of strengths had breakthrough, the arrogance and fighting intent in look, very rich, even there are with side Da relates the good person, has been eager to try, wants to contend with Jiang Chen, recalls face.

Evidently, this fellow really has not worked as himself the bystander, cultivates in my gold Dragon Race, is so unconscious. This Blood Dragon deep pool makes him cultivation, is his enormous good fortune, now also pretends to cultivate unexpectedly, Your highness, perhaps doesn't in the world have such good matter? I felt, he was the time leaves here.” The side passes coldly said. Your this saying what meaning, side Tong? Does he during the cultivation, you baffle to destroy his cultivation? He is I takes to bring, your wish asks him to leave, no way! Only if you first overthrow me.” gold/metal Xiaoxiao sinking sound said. What words that is your highness this spoke? Hahaha, I will not naturally fight you, but this fellow actually cannot continue to cultivate here, flower that even I agree with, then in our Dragon Race others, still not necessarily see, did you say?” The side passes saying with a laugh. Right! Cannot make him continue absolutely to stay here, he takes, but our resources, we will cultivate in the Blood Dragon deep pool in the future, meets the wasted effort surely, the dove occupies the magpie nest, humph humph, this matter cannot happen absolutely.” Right that old king said that this way, will our cultivation resources be squeezed in the future, whom ask to reason things out?” This person is not the person of our gold Dragon Race, does not know that is what background, I am not in any case dry.” The increasing number of people, start to stand in the side that the side passes, because they do not think that oneself cultivation resources, did the bridal clothes for others, Blood Dragon deep pool the air/Qi of itself of dragon veins is their Dragon Race all, at this time made a bystander come, they will the newborn not indignation, make Jiang Chen continue to cultivate at this time? The side passes a few words, they are clearer, must compete for own rights. You also saw, Your highness, this was not my issue, Jiang Chen invaded our gold Dragon Race everyone's interest, I also considered for everyone, did you say?” The side passes expression to be usual, sneers is looking to Jiang Chen, this fellow injured his brothers, wants to show off one's power in their gold Dragon Race, first crossed itself this to close said again, moreover he most hated was others flirts with the eyes with the gold/metal deeply and clearly, in his eyes, gold/metal Xiaoxiao was own, in the future she will certainly become oneself woman, any men gave up any idea of that robbed gold/metal Xiaoxiao from his hand!

This external person, gave up any idea of that bluffs and blusters in their gold Dragon Race. Shuts up to me!” gold/metal Xiaoxiao shouted tenderly. What background no matter Jiang Chen is, he is my gold/metal Xiaoxiao honored guest, is my Dragon Race honored guest, eats meal we to eat to the full? Is this winds of our so-called large clan? Is this you should have the mind that? If so, then as golden Dragon Race, I feels the deep shame.” gold/metal Xiaoxiao the words, making everyone silent, even had nothing to say in reply, right that because she said that was difficult to be inadequate the guest to eat meal, didn't you make one eat to the full the food? This simply was too laughable. The side passes the look to be indifferent, this woman, is really the tooth point mouth advantage. Many thanks your highness.” At this moment, the Jiang Chen's sound reverberation in the Blood Dragon deep pool, everyone's gaze gathers to go to him, in a flash, that terrifying Dragon Prestige, making each people feel that suffocated.