Dragon Marked War God - Volume 45 - Chapter 4380

Oppression of good terrifying!” „Is this suppression of Dragon Prestige? How could I never feel?” Yes, before then, my Dragon Race has never had, even the oppression of Patriarch, so isn't perhaps big?” Breathes out-- do not talk nonsense.” Fact that I said.” In everyone's heart becomes the incomparable dignity, because they felt that an inexplicable constriction, the fear of that high-rank, making them not dare to breathe the atmosphere, but the instigator, this terrifying aura source, is Jiang Chen! The side passes the look ice-cold, the pupil reduces, Dragon Prestige that the Jiang Chen body sends out, that indescribable sacred oppression, is he has never had, this aura, he has only felt on the body of eternal Dragon Race, even golden Dragon Race Patriarch, still without such powerful Dragon Prestige. gold/metal Xiaoxiao whole face exciting looks at Jiang Chen, the strength of this fellow breakthrough the boundary of star sovereign, simply is good, moreover his aura also becomes incomparable. Congratulations, Jiang Chen, the boundary of your finally breakthrough star sovereign.” gold/metal Xiaoxiao said with a smile. During everyone was still in one type to constrain, that originates the suppression in innermost soul, is anybody is unable to change, no matter the body or the soul, by the suppression, Dragon Prestige, regarding any Monster Beast are quite fearful, particularly the person of same clan, that unequalled impact, making one have timid. Also wants many thanks your highness, without your highness argued strongly based on reason for me, perhaps now I have been harmed by the evildoer.” Jiang Chen indifferently said, resembles to refer, naturally is side Tong.

Others do not dare with Jiang Chen looking at each other, the oppression of that invisible in exist(ence), making them not dare to say one completely, Jiang Chen is similar to their gods general, Dragon Prestige clears away, in the entire Blood Dragon deep pool, keeps silent. Jiang Chen, what meaning your saying to be, is difficult to be inadequate the person of my Dragon Race, but also some people think that the strategic point you are inadequate? Really acts indifferent while actually getting a profitable deal, you not only do not feel grateful, added that my Dragon Race has the crafty generation, today I must teach your surely well, has a look at this evildoer, is actually.” side Tong shouted in a low voice. You are to slandering of my gold Dragon Race, I cannot sit by and do nothing absolutely.” side Tong the words, the character character pearl, everyone is filled with righteous indignation, but they actually do not dare to breathe the atmosphere now. don't said is they, even side Tong, is still clenching teeth to with Jiang Chen fight of one fights, if makes the rampant arrogance of this fellow bigger and bigger, that in golden Dragon Race, which will have the own place of taking shelter in the future? side Tong, your enough! Jiang Chen just the boundary of breakthrough star sovereign, you star sovereign five heavy day of peak, is he possibly your opponent? Were you also concerned about face?” gold/metal Xiaoxiao furious saying, this side passes clearly uses one's office to redress personal grievances, she knows that side Tong likes itself, this fellow has created obstacles for Jiang Chen from the beginning, wants to expel golden Dragon Race Jiang Chen, presses on step by step, so long as seizes any opportunity, fights is not willing to let off. Making impertinent remarks, that is he has only self to blame, but we will pass will not always bully the weak, if he can meet my three moves, I can treat as anything not to happen.” The side passes four eyes contact, stubbornly is staring at Jiang Chen. Good! Since side Commander has the aesthetic pleasure, I accompany you to play to play, but my Jiang Chen has not always insulted golden Dragon Race, I, am always concerned with the matter and not the individual.” Jiang Chen said with a smile. You were insane! He is star sovereign five heavy peak, you at all possibly are not his opponent.”

gold/metal Xiaoxiao knits the brows saying that even if meets his three moves, Jiang Chen the boundary of breakthrough star sovereign, this was just possible? Even the slightest misstep, these three moves might make the Jiang Chen life perish at the scene. What's wrong, doesn't dare? Hides behind the woman, is what heroes?” The side passes indifferently said, corner of the mouth brings to wipe the color of mock. So long as is a man, should be angry absolutely, method of goading somebody into action from ancient to present at any time is very useful. What has not to dare, but if does not have a good luck, is very senseless? If I can catch your three moves? Side does Commander treat as what explanation?” Jiang Chen asked. Meets my three moves? Hahaha, you, if meets my three moves, but can also stand here, then I then am in front of everyone, apologizes to you.” side Tong disdains saying that why must three moves, move of I make you look for the tooth everywhere! Differs five heavy realm, who dares to belittle? Good, a gentleman word, a fast horse whip! Come, making me have a look at golden Dragon Race most outstanding genius, actually strong!” gold/metal Xiaoxiao wants to hold on him, but Jiang Chen does not listen her. „It is not really good admits defeat on own initiative, you think that side Tong is the side reaches the class/flow?” gold/metal Xiaoxiao has bitter and astringent, side Tong presses on step by step, Jiang Chen also for own face, if makes concessions repeatedly, indeed is not the man. Everyone waits, waits, but the Jiang Chen's strength who looks in the eye, wants to catch the side to pass three moves, is completely the wishful thinking, this fighting a hopeless battle approach, making many people snort contemptuously to Jiang Chen, thinks this fellow breakthrough the boundary of star sovereign, has such terrifying Dragon Prestige, surely in the non- pond the thing, now looks like, but is the unable to differentiate good from bad youth, the side Commander words then make him swallow the bait directly, really cannot say that is the martial-looking generation.

Favored, the first move!” The side passes the footsteps to sink, fights with the fists, the terrifying strength, making everyone hold the breath with rapt attention, star sovereign five heavy peak strengths, in young one generation, second to none, side Tong the strength, making everyone love to talk about, Jiang Chen asks for trouble completely. Fights with the fists, Shanhe (mountains and rivers) is thunderous, Jiang Chen actually does not dread, similarly is one to the fist, regrets together with side Tongying, the terrifying strength forms invisible ripples, explodes, Jiang Chen withdrawing several steps, complexion is dignified, but has not had the slight illness. But the side general rule is a face is indifferent, in the heart is astonished however, Jiang Chen can actually catch one move, moreover absolutely does not have the slight damage, indeed was beyond his expectation. „The second move!” side Tong has no hesitation, second move of following, the strength is greatly infinite, compared with won three points a moment ago, his solemn star sovereign five heavy day of couldn't expert, have tidied up one just the fellow of breakthrough star sovereign? The Jiang Chen mark silk has not moved as before, the sinking shoulder squatting knee, calm and composed, gaze of two people gather together again, the feeling of that to oppose each other with equal harshness, looks like the flame to jump shoots general. This first power passed put forth 99% strengths, easily accomplished, the potential must make heavy losses to Jiang Chen, so long as he dares to meet hardly, made his meridians completely broken absolutely. Jiang Chen does not look askance, the double fist standard keeps off, the horizontal blade, angrily roars immediately, crazy Dragon Prestige turns out in full strength, everyone is looking at this, thinks Jiang Chen must defeat without doubt, but Jiang Chen is relying on powerful Dragon Prestige at this moment, blocked side Tong the offensive again, making side Tong also extremely dignified, Dragon Prestige scatters in all directions to open, everyone's subconscious withdrawing. Jiang Chen only withdrew merely three steps, at that moment, side Tong gaze, such as the blade is common. gold/metal Xiaoxiao relaxes, look dignified is looking at Jiang Chen, terrifying that this fellow, it seems like imagines.