Dragon Marked War God - Volume 45 - Chapter 4381

Okay good „The last move, Jiang Chen, suffers to death In side Tongxin furious, both moves cannot Jiang Chen lethal, even the severe wound does not have, how he can willingly look like in golden Dragon Race numerous expert, without doubt is to he biggest question. The young animal of boundary of breakthrough star sovereign, how possibly so will be just strong Although a moment ago side Tong has put forth 99% strengths, but did not have after all whole-heartedly, because of this, Jiang Chen can escape in his eyes, if otherwise take action were killing strike, this fellow escaped absolutely difficultly own evil clutches To stand firm in golden Dragon Race, that must eliminate to keep off in oneself front barrier, this appearing Jiang Chen is own obstacle, if cannot process as soon as possible him, might let him in the future in entire golden Dragon Race is difficult. This fellow and gold/metal Xiaoxiao relates significantly, when he did not have the boundary of breakthrough star sovereign, side Da is not his opponent, whatever if it grows strong, might become his opponent, shuts off the danger in the cradle, is always side Tong the attitudes, he does not permit, cannot accept some people absolutely in golden Dragon Race is stronger than him, wants to seize his position, only if he dies. This first power Commander must act seriously evidently.” That two moves were to just probe a moment ago, the true climax, just performed.” „The side Commander strength no one is clearer than me, must cope with one just the fellow of boundary of breakthrough star sovereign, is completely easy, but looks in the face of your highness, to this Jiang Chen several points of face, but wants to vacillate the side Commander position, humph humph, I can only say him to want.” side Tong strength and position in the golden Dragon Race is recognized, Jiang Chen wants to displace is impossible, he simply does not have this idea let alone, oneself are just a traveler, this side Tong presses on step by step, he is also has no alternative, but. gold/metal Xiaoxiao the eyes are looking at Jiang Chen, palm tight gripping together, no one was more anxious than her at this time, Jiang Chen is own help benefactor, if oneself compelled in him at this time the life and death crisis, gold/metal Xiaoxiao conscience where Jiang Chen expression is solemn, the facial features are usual, at this time he also has a ruthless vigor, just breakthrough the boundary of star sovereign, he also wants to have a look, actually own strength can go to what situation, this side passes problem-making again and again with him, if has shrunk, but also when really feared he is inadequate. Jiang Chen sneers, faces directly side Tong, slightly fearless.

Awaits respectfully momentarily Jiang Chen's brought back side Tong the anger indifferently, confrontation between both, touches again, side Tongshuang holds to unite, is in charge the transformation, the strength gatherings of terrifying, space all around becomes solidifies, looks like light shadow to interlock to fill the air a continuously, is in charge during the fusions, heaven and earth changes color, in the entire canyon, is frightened by the slightest sound. soaring dragon seal side Tong is clenching teeth, the complexion is dignified, this prints him to Jiang Chen destroy surely, concerns own reputation, makes no mistake absolutely, passes this seal, making many people hold breath a cold air/Qi, that destroying the Heavens and exterminating the Earth strength, let the person of presence all for it surprised. Is side Tong trump card, this fellow, but also was concerned about face gold/metal Xiaoxiao is clenching teeth saying that is the agreements of two people, oneself are not good to meddle after all, now looks that Jiang Chen can shoulder this seal, even is not dead estimated that must draw back a skin. Dragon Transformation Jiang Chen drinks one lowly, the body of queue, fluctuates suddenly, terrifying Dragon Prestige , to promote again, the sound of haughty angry roaring, vibrates the mountain valley, half human and half dragon Jiang Chen, the double fist is uneven, the bang in the side passed above that seal, among immediately, in the entire mountain valley was startled mist and dust and yellow sand layer upon layer, the mountain massif as if creakied. This is impossible The side passes stubbornly is staring at Jiang Chen, this half human and half dragon fellow, is actually what background is unable to do to him his soaring dragon seal unexpectedly, was too simply unthinkable. Jiang Chen footsteps retreat, but every step was full of the strength, such as ten thousand years ancient wood is the same, deep takes root underground. In crowd, raised difficult situation, everyone is dumbfounded staring Jiang Chen, the body of queue, was too simply mysterious, Jiang Chen's status, turns into the riddle that a no one knew, even gold/metal Xiaoxiao is the whole face is still stunned, under Jiang Chen's Dragon Transformation, before acts like a different person completely, the strength obtained a big promotion not saying that the most important thing is his Dragon Prestige as if also obtained bigger displaying. This fellow, whose is he is really other three big Dragon Race undercovers

even/including Jinxiao also somewhat hesitated deeply and clearly, but she likes choice to believe Jiang Chen, is not only because he saved himself, what is more important is his sincere eyes, is gold/metal Xiaoxiao is unable to resist. Although side Tong is not willing to acknowledge, but has saying that this he lost time, loses very thoroughly, under three moves, not only without striking to kill Jiang Chen, even Jiang Chen has not been injured, this is how passable „The body of queue, actually you are who side Tongchen the sound said. „Are you person of Dragon Race The side passes interrogation one after another, said the aspirations of countless person. Jiang Chen, is actually whose four big Dragon Race, everyone minds their own business, if he is really expert that other three big Dragon Race come, then its mind may have to make one suspect. Jiang Chen, you are really not the person of Dragon Race gold/metal Xiaoxiao hears say/way. „It is not.” Jiang Chen shakes the head. „It is not the person of Dragon Race, why you can turn into the body of this queue you to enter my gold Dragon Race, intends what for side Tong is aggressive , to continue to lash out at Jiang Chen.

You are what that interrogated my Hahaha, you had this qualifications I whether was the person of Dragon Race, perhaps has not been one's turn you to ask. Three moves have crossed, you had lost, now is solemn a stance of victor to ask me, your facial skin feared that is thicker than ten thousand years of bark Jiang Chen is sneering, in look cold glow glittering, if not for looks in the gold/metal deep and clear face, he will certainly decide the life and death with this side Tong today. side Tong is the whole face is also cloudy, even is somewhat awkward, although he lost, but does not represent him is not the Jiang Chen's opponent, the rampant arrogance of this fellow, lets his incomparable indignation. You , if not dare to acknowledge, can it be that really at heart has ghost Side straight surface Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen, you have the Dragon Race bloodlines, then your dragon veins is several gold/metal Xiaoxiao gets a sudden inspiration, the look narrows the eyes to say. She has been very curious, why on Jiang Chen's has such terrifying Dragon Prestige, perhaps this with his dragon veins, has the important relation. Jiang Chen is in charge own hand above testing the dragon veins Blood Dragon wall, at that moment, nine halos fill the air, the entire Blood Dragon deep pool becomes thoroughly peaceful, sound that a water drop drops, is may hear clearly. In 9-level dragon veins dragon Supreme to be continued https: