Dragon Marked War God - Volume 45 - Chapter 4394

gold/metal Xiaoxiao disregards Klade, rushes to the void summit, a blade sweeps away, burns the heart just like the hot sun, until Klade's chest, Jiang Chen's is auxiliary, making gold/metal go smoothly everywhere deeply and clearly, breaks through enemy lines, valiant! Not-- Does not want-- Klade's desperate angry roaring, reverberates above all Heavens, however his form, has actually fallen to the ground loudly. Jiang Chen shows a faint smile, looked that is deep and clear to the gold/metal, on her face, showed the understanding smile, feels relieved. Pretty good!” Jiang Chen gives the thumbs-up to the gold/metal deeply and clearly. gold/metal Xiaoxiao smiles, drops the long blade of blood, could not actually have supported her severe wound body, a counter blood blowout, nearly falls to the ground, Jiang Chen helped up her quick of eye and hand. gold/metal Xiaoxiao was instantaneously weak in the Jiang Chen's bosom, the cheeks brought to wipe the crimson color, was slightly awkward. Thanks to having you, otherwise, I estimated that as before possibly is not his opponent.” gold/metal Xiaoxiao smiles bitterly saying that complexion pale, very weak. This fellow strength is not indeed weak, initially made him escape one time, these has not left behind the disaster time finally.” Jiang Chen said. Fears Dragon Race expert to continue Klade, we want to be good carefully, moreover four big Dragon Race expert, this gathering in this, this Baizhu peak will raise reign of terror surely, person of dying, may be getting more and more.”

gold/metal Xiaoxiao voice dignified saying, although massacred Klade, but they are not still safe, might have the enemy to run anytime and anywhere, even if will be the golden Dragon Race person, will not necessarily be worth trusting completely, person who the back will hold the knife, will have plenty of such people, in the so difficult environment, obtaining one will mix source bead to be how difficult, will be as for concerning the future potential and position, under absolute seduction, even if will be the person of same clan, likely can also the treachery. However Jiang Chen made gold/metal deep and clear see his luminous spot again, this man, was worth trusting and entrusting. Your cultivation base is extremely unstable, likely wanted breakthrough, moreover received such heavy wound, first rested.” Jiang Chen said. Em.” gold/metal Xiaoxiao the voice is low and deep, just like the mosquito to bite general, deeply inspires, buoys up, starts to cultivate. The Jiang Chen's injury is also heavy, but he actually insisted that must for own Protector, making gold/metal deep and clear be quite affected, the critical moment, Jiang Chen also the person who is worth her trusting. Three days later, gold/metal Xiaoxiao the strength consolidated thoroughly in the star sovereign five heavy days, compared with the beforehand aura also steady congealing reality, the makings of whole person, were become moving. Congratulated.” Jiang Chen said with a smile. Do not tease me, walks, we must find one to mix source bead to be good again.” gold/metal Xiaoxiao always feels to have a deficit Jiang Chen, he goes all out to win the time to himself, but did not say a word to mix the matter of source bead, if oneself obtained mixed source bead, but Jiang Chen has not obtained, she incomparably will definitely rebuke oneself, therefore she must find one to mix source bead for Jiang Chen. Two people in the Baizhu peak, lead the way, searches unceasingly, at the same time must guard against the surroundings cautiously, as long as there is a slight trend, is concerning two people.

„Did I feel very rich mixing source bead aura?” Jiang Chen expression moves, is low and deep was saying. Right? How I could not feel.” gold/metal Xiaoxiao the complexion changes, stares was saying, she won't have the slight feeling, Jiang Chen not to make a mistake? That side, walks!” Jiang Chen pulls up gold/metal Xiaoxiao, rapid running quickly goes, gold/metal Xiaoxiao complexion slightly red, in the heart somewhat touches, but she knows, Jiang Chen as if only regards the good friend her. Less than the time of quarter of an hour, Jiang Chen finally found that place covert mountain bottom cave, the surroundings all are the shrubbery of cover, simply do not have the road, but Jiang Chen eyes like the torch, incomparable clear, he can affirm, that aura certainly from here round, because the source dragon of oneself within the body had the extremely strong feeling, before met in gold/metal Xiaoxiao the hand that to mix the source bead, not feeling like this, but at this moment, the source dragon of Jiang Chen within the body has started to move restlessly, the foresight, this mixed the source bead sufficiently, was absolutely out of the ordinary. „Did you determine?” gold/metal Xiaoxiao surprise looks to Jiang Chen, before eternal Dragon Race Patriarch has said that mixes source bead to have extremely rich source air/Qi to send out, the surrounding area in ten li (0.5 km), can the sensation obtain, the feeling that but gold/metal Xiaoxiao has no now completely, she can only face doubt looks at Jiang Chen. Right, is here.” Jiang Chen corner of the mouth brings back wipes the smile that is not easy to perceive. Jiang Chen pushes through the bush directly, floods into, the complexion becomes incomparably dignified, because he saw a mixing source bead of fist size, is sending out spooky azure light, that flash, making Jiang Chen have a restoring justice feeling, really shocked, this mixes source bead to be possible in the gold/metal deep and clear hand mostly, moreover extremely rich source air/Qi, showy, the breath becomes rapid, source air/Qi terrifying of very implication, the starry sky source stone, still not necessarily has it is so rich even. This......”

gold/metal Xiaoxiao was shocked thoroughly, stands in same place, even could not bear swallow a saliva, such big mixing source bead, the source that contained was mad own was big dozens times to continue, this simply was treasure storehouse! The source air/Qi in source stone, is unable to place on a par by far, this is eternal Dragon Race Patriarch refines, each value thousand gold (daughter), eternal Dragon Race Patriarch can put out such big writing skill, that is also quite terrifying. Now, Jiang Chen obtains this to mix source bead, gold/metal Xiaoxiao looked could not bear be jealous. First! This is fights the first starry sky source stone on behalf of the rank.” gold/metal Xiaoxiao excited saying, even somewhat dances with joy, the Jiang Chen's luck was really good, that gigantic one character, engraved above mixing source bead, incomparable dazzling, incomparable radiance. Jiang Chen expression is constant, although he is also very encouraged, but gold/metal Xiaoxiao has not really looked, Jiang Chen has happy how, probably all these do not happen on him are the same. Jiang Chen mixes source bead to grasp that in the hand, look incomparable dignity, the treasure that but also unusual shock, this eternal Dragon Race takes, really some weight/quantity, this mixes source bead to make own strength promote a scale absolutely. What's wrong? Your was not happy, scared evidently probably? giggle.” gold/metal Xiaoxiao covers the mouth to say tenderly with a smile. Jiang Chen shakes the head. Gentleman is innocent, talent can arouse jealousy, this mixes source bead, perhaps without is so good to protect, will bring in many reactionary reign of terror surely.” Jiang Chen's worried, has according, gold/metal Xiaoxiao is also the whole face anxiety, before she somewhat was actually blind, Jiang Chen said right, this mixes source bead, although is very precious, moreover is in this rank war the maximum treasure.