Dragon Marked War God - Volume 45 - Chapter 4398

Lost Batian Chen such powerful helping, regarding the calendar spatial wing, simply is the deathblow, although oneself a constant voltage gold/metal Xiaoxiao head, but he continuously after waiting for Batian Chen is tidying up Jiang Chen to aid itself, this he can solve gold/metal Xiaoxiao with ease, the aspect that but two people refuse to compromise now, how long perhaps could not have continued, because of this way, Jiang Chen, once joins, he may be in imminent danger. Your gold Dragon Race young man unexpectedly is never so expected that fierce, my my faulty vision, hehe, the deep and clear miss, I first walked one actually step, another day we met again, Hahaha.” The calendar spatial wing turns around then to walk. However, Jiang Chen has actually been ready, the calendar spatial wing has wanted to walk, no way, installs to compel to run, in the world where has this grade of good deed? Since is the life and death struggle, then must fight a decisive battle surely, you want first to walk one step, has asked us? Rolls to me!” Jiang Chen grasps Heavenly Dragon Sword, drops from the clouds, almost cut under the surface gate of calendar spatial wing, frightened calendar spatial wing hastily retreat, then the surface some gold/metal Xiaoxiao besieged and pursued to block off, even if at once has the Ancient Dragon star quickest speed, the calendar spatial wing was still difficult the achievement. This time, was one's turn you to escape.” gold/metal Xiaoxiao sneers was saying, the death of Batian Chen, she also by shocking scalp tingles, the domineering talent that Jiang Chen shows, even has exceeded itself, expert that Batian Chen this fears Dragon Race, can not hold a candle including oneself, now Jiang Chen killed him, two people resist the calendar spatial wing jointly, the opposite party cannot escape surely. Sometimes discussed well, hehe, this is not good, how saying that we were also the long-standing friendships, the deep and clear miss, how we draw back one today respectively step, if you two really must die to knock with me, did not have the least bit advantage to you, do not forget your strength also to receive a big damage, injured the enemy 1000 to damage 800 business, really cost-effective?” Calendar spatial wing saying with a smile, sizes up the situation he most to excel, at this time Jiang Chen deep and clear was injured with the gold/metal, although their two add not necessarily are the opponents, but fights a decisive battle finally, who will be the winner is uncertain. Your wishful thinking plays well, what a pity, I do not eat this set, even the death, must draw in you to make the pad back, today what if defeated is we, will you also say? humph humph. Shuts off the danger in the cradle, I thought that is safest.” looks at calendar spatial wing that Jiang Chen snorts at contemptuously.

The smile of calendar spatial wing gradually disappears, it seems like that this fellow also is really a youth, actually does not want the life. That looked at you to have this skill, good, today I help you.” Calendar spatial wing coldly said. Jiang Chen, killed him, does not need to keep the hand, such son of a bitch, dies pities insufficient.” gold/metal Xiaoxiao is also to the calendar spatial wing hatred, this fellow also wants to sexually harass itself, simply is unable to differentiate good from bad. Attacks along with the gold/metal deep and clear domineering, Jiang Chen follows, the tacit understanding between both, does not need to talk too much, together facing calendar spatial wing, goal, only then, killed him, they can relieve extra worries. „To kill me, no way! Even if cannot be victorious you, the father will still run!” In the calendar spatial wing heart sneers, but facing Jiang Chen and gold/metal Xiaoxiao the sprint, he decides to give it all, if won, that is two mixes source bead, moreover mixing source bead in Jiang Chen hand, but represents the rank to fight the first symbol, such seduction, regarding the calendar spatial wing, is nothing less than big. Mixing source bead in Jiang Chen hand, being worth the calendar spatial wing taking risk, the woman like clothes, he can not care, then mixing source bead of big stature, who can be aloof? Calendar spatial wing grasps nine chi (0.33 m) Lingyun blade, rises to challenges, by an enemy two, in his heart is fighting intent is also imposing, either escapes distressedly, either bets, soars, Batian Chen died, no one struggled with oneself, is to make the calendar spatial wing have a restoring justice feeling on the contrary. However Jiang Chen and gold/metal Xiaoxiao is also not easy with it generation, although there is a wound in the body, is facing the life and death powerful enemy, domineering and overbearing that they show, does not reduce. Jiang Chen and calendar spatial wing fierce combat, is unceasingly overlapped, gold/metal Xiaoxiao the form is agile, keen incomparable, among three people interlocks unceasingly, the calendar spatial wing felt finally lacking the ability to do what one would like, Jiang Chen and gold/metal Xiaoxiao the dual suppressions, making him not gasp for breath for a short time completely, no wonder Batian Chen died in the Jiang Chen's hand, this fellow looked like indeed has many skills.

Calendar spatial wing complexion pale, is getting more and more passive, the injury also increases, now two people lock him completely, even if there is speed advantage, wants to withdraw as soon as possible, is still the wishful thinking, he must look for the opportunity, in the law of chart withdrawing. The calendar spatial wing retreats in defeat again and again, in his heart is miserable beyond description, this way, oneself may probably die without doubt, therefore he looks for opportunity breakthrough unceasingly, so long as can escape from two people suppressions, then has a slim chance of survival. The original plan failed thoroughly, not only cannot bring her home, but also almost also gives to build oneself, goes for wool and comes back shorn, the desperate heart, arises spontaneously. Jiang Chen and gold/metal Xiaoxiao also causes completely the skills, at this time they cannot casual dropping down, but must cope with the calendar spatial wing, did not pay a real skill , was impossible to detain his, gold/metal Xiaoxiao is some out of breath, the Jiang Chen footsteps were disorderly, but facing this insane wanted the calendar spatial wing that broke through to go to generally, they can only clench teeth to insist, less than at the last minute, did not drop! Good opportunity!” Calendar spatial wing look one bright, in the gold/metal deep and clear with the neutral gear that Jiang Chen relaxes, at this time hurried to soar, wants to flee from here, so long as he can be separated from two people of controls, was the sea extravagant depending on the fish dive, day high Ren Niaofei. Bad!” gold/metal Xiaoxiao the complexion slightly changes, in own offensive cannot link up, but on that flash, seizes an opportunity, the calendar spatial wing is runs away to go, this fellow is known as the entire Ancient Dragon star quickest flying pterodactyl, when once he returns to the sky, then wants to catch him again, but difficult such as to ascend to heaven. The Jiang Chen look narrows the eyes, sees only stream of light to soar to the heavens to fall, at this time, the calendar spatial wing was common just like the rubber ball, was kicked directly, lay in Jiang Chen and gold/metal Xiaoxiao the under foot, suffocated. Em?” Is side Tong!” gold/metal Xiaoxiao look one bright, at this time has not thought that the side passed happen to passed by this place unexpectedly, direct take action, kicked half dead the calendar spatial wing while still alive.

„, We met quickly. Deep and clear, you are all right.” side Tong said with a smile. I am all right, many thanks.” gold/metal Xiaoxiao nods slightly. At this moment, the Jiang Chen's complexion, is actually becomes indifferent. Mixing source bead to me.” side Tong looks to Jiang Chen, this matter Jiang Chen had taken in mixing source bead of calendar spatial wing the hand. Gives you?” A Jiang Chen brow wrinkle, corner of the mouth brings to wipe to sneer, his gaze, has not looked to mixing source bead in own hand, obviously implies another thing, the ambition of this fellow, evidently also big.