Dragon Marked War God - Volume 47 - Chapter 4507

Some people go after like ducks to this jade slip, some people do not spare a glance to this jade slip, naturally these are unimportant, Jiang Chen looks forward to these people unable to look at the jade slip way, the Great Emperor personally written letter, even ten hundred million, Jiang Chen must take. , The person of competition were gradually getting fewer and fewer, the price rises dramatically to 80 million, was only left over three people to shout out the price unceasingly, but Jiang Chen also calculated quite calmly, after all the price had not had 100 million, he was insufficient too to be worried. Finally when the price makes a final decision in 9800 ten thousand, finally, another two people also gave up. humph humph, this treasure turned over to my old man, gā gā gā.” In a small theater box, the skinny old man sipped tea gently, old god in saying, if Jiang Chen here, will certainly see, this person is Yang Guolao! 9800 ten thousand! Higher?” Wu Man expression is dignified, she has not thought that during this things that have no intention more than 100 Wanyuan stones to receive, will turn 100 times unexpectedly, did this also pull? However the fact so, some people settle on it, then its value is real exist(ence), particularly made so many years auctions, she has been unalarmed by strange sights, even if some people take chicken feather, still some people will buy, will spend the high price to buy. Hundred million!” Jiang Chen told that maidservant shouted out the price, the maidservant was also dumbfounded looks at Jiang Chen, never expected that this person was really a person of great wealth, did hundred million, call? It seems like the cloud poor business conditions light appearance, but their two also know that Jiang Chen is quite careful to jade slip, that moment that because jade slip comes out, their two saw the Jiang Chen's difference, he likes certainly this jade slip. The Yang Guolao brow tight wrinkle , do some people snatch with him unexpectedly? I have not believed!” 102 million!” Yang Guolao continues to shout out the price. Hundred million ten million.”

Jiang Chen continues to shout out the price. 112 million.” 120 million!” Between both shouted out the price mutually, but each Jiang Chen shouted out the price, will cause one to cheer, because he was really straightforward, increased price 2 million source stones compared with Yang Guolao stingy, obviously was overbearing. Fuck! Paternal grandmother, but also some really people cannot pass with my old man.” Yang Guolao complexion becomes dignified, this jade slip his looks at quite Bufan (extraordinary), therefore wants to pat to find out, he knows that this jade slip big probability is not simple, but actually to have the place of what mystical, but must take the clarity that can look, now was unable to conclude. 122 million!” Yang Guolao is clenching teeth, the complexion becomes extremely dignified. 150 million!” Jiang Chen's shouted out the price, raised in the auction market again. Paternal grandmother, this jade slip such good ratio? As for snatches?” Yes, should not be insane? 150 million pound here, is very easy unable to come ashore.”

Hahaha, is richly difficult to sell me to be glad, what means do you have?” Stimulation, was really exciting, this called the auction.” My blood pressure had come up, I was about unable to bear. gā gā gā.” These audience are excited, 150 million, increases price one time about 30 million, this absolutely is super nouveau riche, otherwise who can have such big writing skill? Is star level expert?” Many people were guessing, if not star level expert, few people so will be filthy rich, such domineering side, this auction is also not the year-end auction, but this jade slip auctions merely, is the occasion unmatched in grandeur. 155 million!” Yang Guolao complexion is very gloomy, evidently this is jade slip really the treasure? Some people had looked, is competing with him? Two hundred million!” When Jiang Chen's shouted out the price resounded again, the entire auditorium stood, majority was excited incomparable, was this too also exciting? The feeling of heartbeat, accelerates unceasingly, although is an observer, but that experiencing personally, a looks at sky-high price something by auction is born time, their moods are also indescribable. Many people sent out to angrily roar, make clear to oneself excited heart, Yang Guolao complexion are breaking down thoroughly. Paternal grandmother, do not let me know that who you are, otherwise the old man I could not forgive you absolutely.”

Yang Guolao sighed, two hundred million, although this jade slip he had big assurance determination to be a treasure, but after all was not the percentage hundred, moreover two hundred million source stones, too many were too many, has reached the limit that he can withstand, that shouting out the price person, increased price directly 50 million, was tells him to leave is besotted. Yang Guolao knows that this person definitely is a non- common boldness person, even if oneself continue to increase price, the big probability is to still bring contempt upon oneself, others increases price one time 50 million, do you increase price 2 million? Was that too also shabby? I drop obediently, was too fierce.” In Wu Man heart is very shocking, silently the nod, two hundred million, this to many are astronomical figures, is possibly hard to attain for a lifetime, times increase price 50 million heroics, the man woman, was thoroughly is crazy. Bids a higher person? 200.01 million times! 200 million twice! 200.03 million times! Congratulates this friend, finalized!” Wu Man gives the final word, Jiang Chen's heart, put finally, this jade slip turned over to itself finally, luckily that person has not continued to bid, but he has prepared for with that person just got down, two hundred million took this jade slip, but also was within Jiang Chen's planned, at least oneself can also accept, but should no one know that this jade slip true value, even the person in galaxy auction market still not necessarily knows, the Great Emperor personally written letter you did take the auction? Aren't you court death? This treasure, was kicked by the donkey except for the head, will otherwise not make public to the world absolutely. Jiang Chen can grab such big bargain, was lucky others cannot judge the quality of goods, the person of being able to judge the quality of goods has not continued to compete with the ability that with oneself. In the theater box of distant place, Lou Dehua also frightens, never expected that this Jiang Chen has the boldness, two hundred million patted this jade slip, oneself also were really look down on he, but oneself daytime gave him the more than 10 hundred million source stones, these two hundred million estimated in his eyes was also the fine rain, irrelevanted radically. The final auction, Jiang Chen has not continued to participate, jade slip that because he always harbors intentions to want, obtained finally, he now is very anxious, wants to piece together together two jade slip, actually will have a look to have what harvest. After the auction ended, after Jiang Chen attained jade slip, directly soars the dwelling to turn over , the Great Emperor personally written letter, must gather immediately, Jiang Chen's heart excited is not good, the galaxy Great Emperor skill, likely completely lies in this, such treasure, even stands in the revelation star territory, is the person as for entire eternal world pyramid peak, feared that will tremble.